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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SAG Strike Delayed by 2 Weeks

Today I came across some "Breaking News" on that says the actors strike vote is being delayed by 2 weeks.

SAG president Alan Rosenberg had agreed to delay the vote to "address the unfortunate division and restore consensus. This will provide us with more time to conduct member education and outreach on the referendum before the balloting."

So what does all of that mean? It means that there's too many actors that DON'T want to strike (at least not right now) so SAG is going to hold a meeting to try to get everyone on the same page for a "Yes" vote.

What does this mean for BB11 in Winter? Well, there's a couple of things that don't look so good for us BB fans. (1) The vote will most likely be announced in early February (when BB would have to start), so it might be too late to do a BB11 in Winter on such short notice..unless CBS is fully prepared already! (2) SAG needs 75% of its members to vote "Yes" to strike and it looks like they might have a little bit of trouble getting that many "Yes" votes.

But don't fret, BB fans, there's still hope!!!!

As of December 24th, 2008, Big Brother 11 is *STILL* scheduled as a "Midseason" Fall show, which would be in February.

As always, I will keep ya'll updated on the latest in Big Brother news and gossip!!

Stay tuned...

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