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Friday, June 5, 2009

12 Houseguests, instead of 10? Hmm!!

Okay, I got a little more BB news for ya'll & this one is surely buzzing all over the internet!! :-D

For the past month or so, we were all given the impression by Chen-bot herself (via her Early Show interview with Mike Boogie) that this seasons BB house would be the home to only 10 houseguests. However, that may have changed!

CBS has somewhat re-vamped their Big Brother section of, officially taking down & dismantling what once was the home of season 10. The site no longer says congrats to Dan and the houseguest banner of BB10 has been pulled. In place of the old BB10 houseguest banner, is a NEW houseguest banner that has 12 spots:

Of course, you just never know what CBS and/or Big Brother are up to with what they have been purposely "leaking" out to us all so far, so I'm not going to say 100% that there will be 12 houseguests. You just never know until they release the cast to all of us. Ohhh how I love the suspense! lol ;-) But sadly, only time will tell.

Alright, now that we got all that juicy news out of the way, let's talk about one other thing: as we all know (unless you've been living under a rock lately), BB11 starts July 9th, which means that the HG's will be in the house a week before that, which also means that us fans should find out the cast of BB11 around July 2nd (give or take a couple days.) Again, you just never know with CBS. They like alot of foreplay & dangling a steak in front of a lion. Damn them!! lol ;-)

If anything else happens, I will be sure to post it right here on the blog! :-D Don't forget to bookmark the blog if you haven't done so already (there's a BOOKMARK button on the top left of the blog).

Stay tuned...

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Monday, June 1, 2009

1st BB eviction date + Evel Dick's blog

Okay, this is gonna be a 2 part post. We'll start off with....

In a CBS press release the other day, they announced that the first eviction of Big Brother 11 will occur live on Thursday, July 16th.

Source: CBS Press Express

And the 2nd part of this post is about the recent blog entry from Evel Dick's myspace blog.

Dick talked about how he just found out that Housecalls was canceled, and to put it mildly, he's not happy.

Here's a little snip of his blog about Housecalls:
Well, I got the call that Housecalls is done, CBS couldn't find a sponsor to support the show. They told me that last season, and to be completely honest....I thought they were full of shit. But, I guess they weren't. But that falls into the storyline of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

I mean, how could they have a tough time selling sponsorships for the Big Brother 10 Season? They just came off the worst rated season in the shows history in the winter edition/writers strike season of BB9. But even though it was the worst TV ratings, it was record setting numbers for Housecalls (Thanks to all of you who tuned in...and fuck you who didn't...) They only tell you the ratings for your shifts while you are doing Housecalls, well they only told me my shifts, but did tell me that across the board that they were the biggest ratings... My shifts on Wed/Thurs the ratings trippled, getting us OVER ONE THIRD OF THE TV AUDIENCE going online and watching me make all the producers sweat for their jobs every shift. But whoever was selling the sponsorships that next season for BB10 (which I was told almost didn't happen because of lack of a sponsor as well...) did a piss poor job selling the sponsorship for the show. I mean, worst TV ratings, best Housecalls ratings....That is the selling point right there...."Just wait until we have a regular audience this summer, if they can keep up that percentage, the show will break records for viewers!" Should have been their pitch. But who knows what the hell it was."

He then goes on to talk about Gretchen, host of Housecalls, for a moment:
I have mixed feelings about her, to be honest. I know it had to be hard for her and her ego to sit next to the guy she ripped on every chance she got, the season before. And here I was, talking shit, saying the things she wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole and bringing in the highest ratings HC ever had. She took it in stride for the most part, but there were times when you could cut the air with a knife the tension was so thick. I never went after her or ripped her. I always tried to show respect for her opinions and thoughts. I continually would reach out and tried to make our relationship on and off screen, better... Although I never or I should say, rarely did I ever hear from her out of the studio. But I felt we had a good relationship while we were together. And who knows what the future will hold. And I hope she will be a guest on my webcast this season.

Dick then talks about his webcasts this season on Real Player (also where you can see the cameras in the BB house) & how he's going to have it "more centered around Big Brother this season".

If you wanna read more of Evel Dick's blog post on myspace, then click here and it'll take you right to it! It's too long of a blog post for me to put here on the blog, so I just did the cliffnotes instead. lol ;-)

Alright guys & gals, as soon as more big brother news happens, I'll be sure to let ya know! You know what to do....

Stay tuned...

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Big Brother 11 Commercial

Here's another BB11 commercial for ya'll to see. This one says it's going to be "Better than ever!" and with "bigger secrets". Hmmm!!! ;-) Bigger secrets?!! Ohhh, CBS..why must you tease!!

Do you think this is just a commercial like every other season? Or do you think there's some meaning behind what they're saying (ex: bigger secrets)? Also, did anyone else notice how there's 16 cast spots? Last I heard, there was only going to be 10 HG's. And I remember Allison Grodner saying that she didn't like "too many" houseguests in the house like in BB9 because it was just simply "too much". Too much editing, too many convos to keep track of, and just too much all the way around.

Jeez, my mind is already starting to run wild with thoughts & we still have 5 weeks to go before the premiere! LOL :-P

Stay tuned...

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