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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ebay Auctions + More Info!!

Good afternoon, BB fans! :D Today I have a bunch of random things to tell ya'll about. From ebay auctions, to the latest BB11 news. So sit back & enjoy! ;-)

I'll start with Twitter.

Jeff fans, rejoice! He is *finally* on Twitter!!! :D w00t w00t!!

...and so is Natalie!

Oddly enough, so is Lydia's stuffed unicorn, Dae Yum Yum:

Speaking of Lydia, her & Russell went out on (I believe it was) Sunday night on Sept. 27th & they filmed their lil adventure:

And speaking of Russell, him & Michele are doing a live chat tomorrow (Thursday Oct. 1st) at 6pm BBT (9pm EST) on Superpass!

In other Twitter news, Kevin announced that he had dinner with his boyfriends parents. (If I remember correctly, Kevin's boyfriends parents didn't know that their son was gay.) Here's what he said:

Today, Lydia posted via Twitter that herself & Kevo will be hanging out sometime soon:

In non-houseguests news, Julie Chen had her baby boy on Sept. 24th!! They named him Charlie. Congrats, Julie & Les!! :D

Now let's move on to....Ebay!!!

You can now bid on items from the BB11 house! Items include a mens HOH robe, a womens HOH robe, a red buddah, and even the chess board & pieces that was mostly used by Natalie & Jessie.

Check out Big Brother 11 House Items on Ebay

Okie dokie, that's it for now! :D Keep checking back for more info over the next couple of days!!

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jordan & Jeff's Superpass Chat

This past Thursday was Jeff & Jordan's Chat on Superpass (aka the live feeds). If you missed it & you're a feeds subscriber, you can watch the replay! (As I type this, they only have Part 1 of 2 up).

Here are the highlights:

Chelsia from BB9 was the host.

Jeff & Jordan sat a table nearby on stage as Chelsia asked them questions from the fans in the Superpass Chat Room.

They also took questions from the audience about 30 minutes into the interview.

"Have either of you had job offers while in L.A.? Can we see you guys on TV in the future?"

Jeff: "We talked to a lot of people but no offers yet. We'll settle down when we get home and talk to people and see what happens."

*Jordan said that her mom LOVES Jeff.
*Jeff & Jordan, when asked about visiting each other in their hometowns, said that Jeff is gonna visit her real soon (couple of weeks) in Charlotte, NC and then
she'll wait a week and fly to go see him in Chicago.
*Jeff is still smoking, but mostly just when drinks now.
*Jordan is planning to go back to college for Dental Hygiene.

"Are you two in love?"

They both said no but they care for each other a lot & are "together". Taking it one step at a time.

*Jeff said he missed Jordan "alot" while in the Jury House.

Talk then turned to about how Jeff & Jordan just got done taping for the soap opera "The Bold & The Beautiful". Jordan said she was in an 80's prom outfit. Jeff said he kinda looked like a pirate, but it was an 80's look, complete with shiny tight pants and a tight vest. They each only had a couple of lines. It will air Oct. 27th.

*When asked if they would attend Natalie's wedding, Jeff said he has no problems with any HG's (even talks to Russ & said he's "really cool"), and Jeff said he'd go if invited.

*Jordan said she would need a 2 year break before doing all-stars. "It's alot harder than it looks!" Jeff said maybe in 6 months he'd be ready & he'd be honored to even be asked to do it.

*Jordan's going back to work.
*Jeff is also going back to his job as well.

*Jeff thanked the fans (again) for the Coupe D'etat & the $25,000 for America's Favorite. He also said he wouldn't have got as far in the game without the fans.


"What are you gonna do with the money?"

Jordan said she's gonna buy a house for her mom & her brother, and get Bears tickets for Jeff. She then said "Or lasik eye surgery" because his eyes are "really" bad.

Jordan: "Like when we were flying here, I was like 'OOO!! Did you see that Lake down there? And he was like "I can't see!!"
Jeff: "I couldn't see because I was in the other seat & couldn't look out the window!"

(Audience laughs.)

At 1 hour into the interview, they switched things up and played a "Battle of the Sexes" game.

2 males & 2 females from the audience went on stage to join Jeff & Jordan.

Part 1 of the 2 hour Jeff & Jordan chat ended at 1 hour 12 mins. (Jeff was winning at this point.) I haven't see Part 2 yet, but once it's up, I'll let ya'll know! :D

I loved seeing those 2 together again. They are so funny together!!

During the chat session, an audience member asked Jeff to reenact him watering the garden with his shirt off. lol He didn't, and said he'd leave that "up to Jessie" (to show off his chest.)

But I won't let ya'll down! ;-) Here are some of my personal favorite pictures of Jeff:

...and I saved the best for last:

Yummmmm!!! ;-)

Okie dokie, that's it for now!!

Stay tuned...

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