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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vegas Party Bash + more!!

Last night @ 7pm BBT, the Wrap Party in Vegas was shown on the live feeds! Did you miss it? Don't worry. The picture quality was so bad that it's not even worth viewing if it does indeed get archived. People tried to fix the lighting but it was just simply to darn dark.

Thankfully, Steven from BB10 was on twitter uploading some pics he took with his cell phone. lol :) Yayyy!!

Here are some pics, courtesy of Steven of BB10 on Twitter

(That's Keesha/Howie/Jordan)

And here's an intersting tweet from Steven...

This next pic is of Jordan & Jeff, courtesy of BigBrotherLeak on Twitter:

Some notes worthy of mentioning last night from the Wrap Party in Vegas:
*Sheila (BB9) gave Crazy James (BB9) a lap dance. lol
*Jordan talked into the live cam & thanked everyone for voting for her. :)
*Jeff talked into the camera & said hi and thanked everyone as well.

In other BB11 news, Kevin gave an interview to! If you would like to read it, click here!! :)

Alrighty ladies & gents, that's it for now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Videos, info, & more BB11 goodies! ;-)

I took yesterday off to have an R&R day to myself. After the long season, I totally needed it! lol :P But I'm back to bring you some more BB11 goodies! :D Are ya ready??!

We'll start with...

The winner of BB11 Jordan getting interviewed by Ross Mathews:

Next up, The Bonnie Hunt show! Jeff was supposed to do the show alone (obviously this was before Jordan won BB11 lol) so the two of them went on the show together. Here's a 38 second clip courtesy of!

It was taped 1 day after the Finale, so they haven't had much time to discuss the whole Hawaii Trip thing, but it still sounds like Jordan is a on a "short list" of people to take. :P

Jordan's Backyard Interview is now up, so if you haven't seen it, check it out!

Here's Kevin's Backyard Interview:

Jordan & Jeff on the Early Show w/ Julie Chen:

Alrighty ya'll, I'll bring you more info as it comes in!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backyard Interviews + MORE!!!

Good morning, BB fans!! :D I hope ya'll are ready to see some videos because I got plenty of them for you to enjoy! ;-)

We'll first start with Julie Chen interviewing Jordan, the winner of Big Brother Season 11:

Watch CBS Videos Online

Next we'll move on to the Backyard Interviews!!
Since I know there's a ton of Jeff fans (I mean, come on...he did win favorite houseguest! ;-) ), I'll start with him:




If you would like to see Backyard Interviews from Braden, Laura, Ronnie, Lydia, and Jessie, then click here to view the CBS Youtube Channel!! (Also click that link if you would like to watch Jordan being crowned the winner of BB11.)

**Did you miss last night's show all together & would like to watch it? Click Here to watch the 2 hour BB11 Finale!!

More videos to come as they become available! :D

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thank you!!!!

Guys & girls, this is for you:

This season has been BY FAR the best Big Brother season for me as far as blogging goes. The fan base here on the blog is truly amazing and is the best that is out none!!! Your posts have made me laugh, made me think, made me see all kinds of different points of views. Everyone who has posted has added their flair to this blog and made it what it was, and without all of ya'll, this blog would be nothing! From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU for being with me this season and I can't wait to see ya'll again next season! :D

To those who donated to the blog this season and/or any other season, you have helped keep this blog up & running and I am truly greatful for each and every one of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! As Jeff would say, "I appresh." :)

Those who signed up for the feeds through the blog, THANK YOU!! You also helped this blog to continue running for yet another season and I thank you for that!

Every.single.person on this blog has made it what it was: The most FUN BB blog out there!!!!!!!

I will be blogging for Big Brother 12 next summer and the easiest way to find me is by going to (or checking back here and I'll have the link posted). I hope I see all of ya'll back here next summer for another fantastic season! :D

Over the next week, I will be posting interview videos, info, and EVERYTHING BB11 related so PLEASE keep checking back here!!!

Again, THANK YOU for the best season yet here on the blog!


PS: I will have videos up tomorrow morning! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Big Brother 11: Finale Night

We made it, BB fans! Tonight is the Big Brother 11 Finale! Who will make it to Final 2? Who will win BB11? We will see tonight at 9pm EST/8pm Central! :D

There was game talk last night but it's such a guessing game at this point of who-will-really-take-who to the end. There's too many promises and not enough seats for all of those promises, should it should be interesting to watch everything unfold. ;-) Though it is important to note that Kevin did tell Jordan this last night...

Kevin: "If you take me (to Final 2), it won't change what I'm gonna do...I'm gonna take you regardless if you tell me yes or no."

So it sounds like Kevin is still 100% on board with getting Natalie out. I'm not sure where Jordan's head it at, though.

The Chat Room will be open tonight for those that have a lot to say about tonight's live show, and the comment section will surely be buzzing as well!!

Meet me back here on the blog tonight at 8:30pm EST to kick the Finale Party off! :D

Well feed watchers, that's it! No more *live* action on the feeds! They got turned off at 2:20pm BBT.

But don't forget that after the Live Show, you can watch the backyard interviews on the feeds!!

Want a preview of tonight's Episode? Here's a teaser from! (Thanks Ashley for the heads up! ;-) )

UPDATED @ 8:49pm EST:
The chat room isn't working well tonight, please use the comment section instead! :)

8:41pm BBT:
Next up, the HOH Comp!
*If Kevin wins, he's taking Jordan to Final 2.
*If Jordan wins, she's taking Natalie to Final 2.

Winner of Part 3 of the Final HOH is:


Evicted from BB is:


The Jury Votes:
*America voted for...JORDAN.
*Jessie voted for..JORDAN.
*Lydia voted for..JORDAN.
*Russell voted for..NATALIE.
*Jeff voted for..JORDAN.
*Michele voted for...JORDAN.
*Kevin voted for...NATALIE.

With a vote of 5-2...

Winner of Big Brother Season 11 is:



The Winner of the Favorite HG is:


Stay tuned...

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Chima not invited to Finale (Updated)

Not that this is any surprise, but there's an article out that is saying that Chima is not invited to the Big Brother 11 Finale. It's a pretty well known fact that if you quit BB, you are pretty much dead to them for going against your signed contract.

Here's the article:

"Chima (shee-MAH') Simone isn't invited to the Big Brother reunion.

A spokeswoman for the CBS reality show said the entire cast of the 11th season will reunite on Tuesday's two-hour finale except for Simone, the freelance journalist who was expelled from the Big Brother house last month after refusing direct orders from producers to wear a microphone then tossing it into the backyard's whirlpool spa.

Because Simone was booted and will not be part of the jury that selects the show's $500,000 grand prize winner, viewers have been asked to cast the possibly tie-breaking seventh jury vote between the remaining three contestants: graphic designer Kevin Campbell, waitress Jordan Lloyd and tae kwon do champion Natalie Martinez."

Source: USA Today

According to Chima, BB wanted to do a tape interview, to which she declined. I'll let her words do the talking:

Source: Chima's Twitter

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Gooood morning, BB fans! :D I'm up super early today and I'm gonna do a short Overnighter that will include when Kevin told Natalie that (in so many words) he's not taking her to the Final 2 spot.

4:20pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Kevin (alone)

Kevin was talking to himself, making sure that he's right about taking Jordo to the end with him (if he wins Part 3 of the Final HOH Comp during tomorrow's finale.)

Kevin: "Pretty much, I have no shot between these two girls. If I do take Natalie, Jeff/Jordan would (vote for) Natalie, Jessie,, there it is." (He came to the conclusion that he can't win against Natalie).

Natalie comes outside.

Kevin: "I feel like I don't have a shot between both of you girls. Ya know?"
Natalie: "What?"
Kevin: "I don't."
Natalie: "How do you not have a shot against me? How do you not think that you have a 50/50 shot with me?"

Kevin starts to discuss votes with Natalie, and Natalie keeps making a case against his thoughts about so-and-so would vote this way, that way, etc etc. Kevin kept telling Natalie that she's got Jeff's vote. 100%. Natalie disagrees and her voice starts to raise.

Talk turns to Russell's vote. Kevin doesn't think he has it, Natalie thinks he does.

Natalie: "You have Russell's vote for sure!"

Natalie: "And you have Lydia, and you have Michele."

They, again, go back & forth on who has who's vote. Talk turns to America's vote.

Natalie: "When it comes to America's vote, nobody is more screwed than me!" (**True.)

Natalie: "My boyfriend reads the blogs & he KNOWS I have a LOT of haters!" (Hi Jason! lol)

Natalie tells Kevo that he's "trippin". The back/forth on votes continues, with voices raising.

**This is the point where it's clear that Kevin is planting the seeds to Natalie that she's not going to Final 2. This is also the point where Natalie starts to get scared that Kevin won't be taking her to Final 2.

Kevin: "I feel like I'm playing for 2nd place. There's no scenario with Jordan either, where I would win (against her)."

The convo gets a little heated when Natalie starts firing off names of HG's in the Jury House that aren't Natalie's "friend".

Kevin: "You have your whole f*cking clique in there!"

Natalie fights him on this but eventually gives up.

Natalie: "Whatever, Kevin."

Kevin: "I have 1 f*cking friend in there. Lydia. And she won't influence any other votes for me."

Natalie: "What are you trying to say? That you're going back on the (F2) plan we had?"
Kevin: "I'm not insinuating anything, I'm just talking outloud!" (..and planting the seed.)

Natalie gets up and starts raising her voice at Kevin.

Natalie: "You're talking out of your ass right now, Kevin!"

Natalie: "You're trippin'! You're straight talking out of your ass, dude!"
Kevin: "Why are YOU allowed to trip, but I'm not?!"

(Natalie is inching her way towards the sliding glass door).

Nat/Kev are clearly upset & their voices keep raising.

Jordan comes outside now. (She was in the Diary Room.) A minute later, she goes back inside.

Natalie is going off on Kevin about how he's "trippin" and needs to "get back to reality" about the votes.

Natalie goes inside, 2 seconds later...

BB: "Houseguests this is a lockdown. Please go outside."

Kevin starts laughing as Natalie is inside letting out a LOUD scream of frustration inside the house.

Natalie goes back outside & Kevin laughs even harder. Natalie is giggling as well. She tells Kevin that she's "so mad" and when she gets that mad, she usually "goes to jail".

Natalie keeps asking Kevin to play pool with her, he keeps saying no.

12:10am BBT:
Kevin told Jordan & Natalie that he has pectoral implants because he has born with a mild form of Poland Syndrome. (This is why he doesn't show his chest on the feeds.) He is very self conscious. He didn't want to tell anyone earlier. He didn't even tell BB.

Okay guys & dolls, that's it for the Overnighter! :D

Today on the feeds, Kevin will most likely tell Natalie that he is for sure not taking her to the end...unless he changed his mind since last night. It actually would be a very smart move for him to take Natalie over Jordan, but he doesn't know that the whole jury house pretty much hates Natalie. He thinks because her "clique" is in there, she's got the game won. And he thinks that Jordan will have the votes over him (Jeff/Michele/America/possibly Russell). So basically, he feels like he's playing for 2nd place, but the odds look better to him to take Jordo to the end.

Tomorrow is the Finale! Can you believe it? *sigh* The time is quickly approaching when one season ends, and another one will begin (in 10 months. lol) :P

I'll post a mini-update later on, so check back then! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night Show on CBS

Happy Sunday, BB fans!! :D Tonight's show is at 8pm EST/7pm Central & it's going to be a Highlights Episode with "never before seen footage" (according to Julie Chen).

Meet me back here at the blog to mingle in the chat room as we watch the show! :D I'll also be moderating comments for those of you who aren't much for chatting.

In other news...
Jeff fans, rejoice! You will see him again very shortly! :D He'll be on the Bonnie Hunt show on Sept. 18th (this Friday), so check your local listings!

The Bonnie Hunt Show

Alright ya'll, see ya back here on the blog tonight around 7:30pm EST!!

**At 4:30pm BBT, Kevo told Nat that he's not taking her to Final 2! If you have the feeds, spark'em up! (I'm sure Natalie isn't done being pissed just yet. lol) She's acting very happy/friendly, almost too friendly, which leads me to believe that she probably has something up her sleeve and she has 1 1/2 days to use her trick. We'll see what she does! ;-)

Wow...can ya'll believe that there's only 2 days left of BB11? It's been a very interesting summer of crazy, fun, wild, smart, not-so-smart (lol), witty houseguests! We've seen tears...we've heard laughs...we've seen begging & pleading, and promises get broken. It's been very, very interesting!! Tonight's episode made me re-live the whole season in 1 hour and kinda makes me sad that BB11 is coming to end. But, like I announced the other day, BB12 will be happening next Summer! :D w00t w00t!!!

Speaking of BB12, wanna apply to be a BB12 housguest? :D
Click here to go to & download the application!

Alrighty guys & dolls, I'll be back tomorrow to recap everything that went down between Kevin & Natalie. ;-) See ya'll then!!!

Stay tuned...

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