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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans! :D The contest is now over, and WOW..I gotta say, I never expected sooooo many entries! I spent the past few hours going through the hundreds of emails and I read each & every one of them!!! The love & support of the blog was AMAZING & I am totally greatful and humbled by each & every one of you!! I emailed alot of you back, but for those of you who included a 'thank you' message in your email, I want to say THANK YOU right back! You guys & gals really make this blog what it is!! :-D Look to see if you're the winner tomorrow morning in the Overnight Report!!!

In the past few hours, here's what happened on the feeds:
*Jeff/Jordan had alot of down-time (as others napped) and they talked on the backyard couch.

They talked about everything from 'Which celeb would you go on a date with?' to 'What do you look for in a guy/girl?'. Bonding Q & A. ;-)

*At 8:47pm BBT, Jessie/Nat/Chima were busy scheming against Russell's plan of getting Ronnie out.
*At 9:17pm BBT, Natalie went into the pool room (where Ronnie is still hiding out) and told him that they're trying to get him (Ronnie) to stay, but he's the only one who can Michele over. Ronnie told her that he's been trying & that he told Michele that she'd be in a 5 person alliance.
*The HG's received alcohol courtesy of BB. (Beer & Wine)
*Jordan told Jeff she thinks it's funny that Lydia thought they were "making out" earlier, but that they didn't do anything....yet. ;-)

Now let's get back to the feeds! (If you have Showtime, turn on SHO2 because BB: After Dark has already started! :D )

Currently on the feeds...

9:33pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Everyone except Ronnie/Jordan/Jessie/Russell

Talk is random. Everything from wanting a Big Brother version of "Hollywood Squares", to Michael Jackson having unreleased songs prior to this death. And is it me? Or does Natalie look more & more 'busted' (as Kevin would say) with each passing day?


Moving on...
9:35pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Jordan lovers, rejoice! She's taking a bubble bath. lol

Ronnie just ventured from the pool room to the kitchen, where Jessie washing dishes.

9:55pm BBT:
HG's still outside chatting.
Jessie chased Michele out of the kitchen because he was gonna throw squid on her. lol

Jeff is looking hot as usual.

Russell brought up the whole Jordan/Jeff "making out" thing from earlier (Lydia screamed "They're making out!!" when they weren't.)

Jeff: "I didn't (make out with her)."
Russell: "Whatever!"
Jeff: "I didn't!"

Light convo continues about various topics.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm done for the day! ;-) I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report. See ya then! :D G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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As I mentioned yesterday, the blog has passed the 2 Million Visits mark! Wooo Hooo!!! :-D In celebration of such a huge milestone, I'm having a quick contest that will give me the opportunity to give back to the blog fans & supporters! So, I'm going to be doing 2 seperate contests: 1 for everyone, and 1 for those who have donated to the blog. This is my way of giving back to ya'll!! :D

Okay, here's all the details:

Contest 1: (Everyone) *3 Winners*
1) This one is inspired by Jordan (during her Have Not's picking the other night). Pick a number between 1 and 500.
2) Email your guess to (**CONTEST HAS EXPIRED!**) & put your guess in the SUBJECT LINE!! (This will make it much, much easier for me to read all the emails. lol)

Contest 2: (Those who donated to the blog) *1 Winner*
I'm going to randomly pick a name of everyone who has donated to the blog this season!!

Each winner (4 in total) will recieve a surprise gift from me, sent straight to their doorstep! ;-)

Hurry!! The contest ends TONIGHT at 12am EST!!! Good luck, everyone!!

(I'll announce the winners tomorrow morning in the Overnight Report!)

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2) + POV Winner

At 2:55pm BBT, the feeds came back and it's official...

Winner of the POV is:


Currently on the feeds...

Ronnie: "I'd rather have you decide what you want to do with it, than Kevin. If you decide to save me...I'll do anything to stay!"
Michele: "We'll talk about it later."

Michele has been headstrong on getting out Ronnie, so I doubt that she's gonna save Ronnie.

3:00pm BBT:
Michele is about to take a shower.
Natalie is taking a cold shower (that she swore she'd never take.)

Russell just yelled at Ronnie, "You're getting the f**k out of here!! Pack your bags!!"

3:34pm BBT:
Jordan was wearing the leaf garland on head from the POV comp & Jeff called her a "sex goddess". lol Jordan said "Ughh don't say that!".

Then fishies on the feeds...

3:50pm BBT:
Jeff & Jordan are cuddling & napping.

3:51pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell is complaining about Chima always telling him what he should do, hanging on him, etc.

Russell: "Dude..I get it! You're lonely. You have a crush on me. But leave me the f**k alone! Stop f**king telling me who I can or cannot talk to! Her loud mouth..ugh...she irritates me!"

Russell then tells Jessie that Michele is on their side (to get Ronnie out) and that her winning the POV is gonna force her to "show her hand" (where her loyalty is in the game).

Jessie starts talking about how Kevin was "pounding grapes" (eating them) outside (he's a Have Not this week and is on slop). Then we get fishies on the feeds for a minute.

Russell just said tha Jeff/Jordan "made out" a little bit ago. (I didn't see it anywhere on the feeds.) Russ also said he thinks "they" are drunk (Jeff/Jordan). Apparently HG's that didn't compete in the POV comp had wine.

4:10pm BBT:
Dinning Table

Ronnie said it was a Stay/Fold POV Comp.

Chima/Kevin talk about how Michele is a strong competitor (they're basically making her target for later in the future.)

Chima: "She's not playin' around! She's the POV princess."
Kevin: "And she was the last girl in the HOH comp."
Chima: "Mm hmm."

4:12pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie is telling Natalie about his convo with Russ & how Russ was going off about being sick & tired of Chima. He tells Nat to not say anything about it to anybody, she says she won't.

4:16pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Ronnie is telling Chima that it benefits 'Team Jessie' for him to stay & that he never lied to her (Chima). Chima says that she tried to talk to Russell (last night) but it's not working. Talk turns the "mystery power". Chima can't wait to find out who has it & it's used (if it ever is).

As of 4:24pm BBT, they're still talking in the bathroom. Ronnie is basically saying the same shit over & over again, using different words. lol He's also talking about who to take out, and when.

4:26pm BBT:
Jeff & Jordan are still sleeping off the wine.
Ronnie is now reading his bible.
Michele, Natalie, Russell, Jessie are all napping.
Not sure where everyone else is (the feeds are on Jessie/Nat sleeping & Ronnie reading the bible).

5:00pm BBT:
Jeff/Michele (alone)

Michele says she wants Ronnie out, hands down. It seems that Michele wants to partner up with Jeff to the end (I don't see that happening for a couple of reasons...1) Jordan being his partner in crime ...(2) Michele is shifty.

Jordan comes out.

Jeff: "Whats up, Cookie Dough!"
Jordan: "Nuttin'." (eating)

Jordan tells Michele that Lydia told her that Natalie said she wanted to get her (Jordan), Michele, and Lydia out of the house.

Jordan says that she has a "good feeling" about next week, she even told Jeff that.

Jeff: "Ronnie is going home...unless that power thingy comes into play."

5:45pm BBT:
Michele goes to the Diary Room.
Jordan/Jeff are left outside.

Jeff: "What do you think? Michele said she wants to be with us (Jeff/Jordan)."
Jeff tells Jordan she's gonna win either POV or HOH "when the time comes".

Talk turns to alliances.
Jeff: "I don't trust Lydia & Kevin, but if we have Michele, then we control the house." (..assuming they have Kevin/Lydia).

Jeff said earlier that he thinks Russell wants out of Team Jessie but can't right now, but that might change soon.

Jeff & Jordan say that if they win HOH, they're putting Nat/Jessie up, and Chima will be next. They both hope that either of them (Jeff/Jordan) get the 'magic power'.

(Still need to vote? Click here!!)

Jeff is making fun of Jessie, saying his jokes are lame & aren't even funny. And he hates how he's always flexing his muscles.

Jeff: "That dude has the personality of an orange road cone." (lol)

J & J going through every HG, wondering which one America would pick.

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (POV Players Picked!)

As I mentioned in the Overnight Report, I'm skipping the Morning post and heading straight into the Afternoon post.

The POV players have been picked.

POV Players Are:

Let me turn on the feeds & I'll get this post going! ;-)

12:16pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie just said a prayer before eating his slop (not sure I ever mentioned this, but Jessie prays before every meal and he's even wore t-shirts saying "I'm Not Lucky..I'm Saved". I'm guessing he's a born-again Christian.)

Russell asked when the night time POV Comp will happen, nobody knows.
Russell: "They do have those, right?"
Michele: "Ya, sometimes."

...and then...

12:22pm BBT:
The HG's are playing in the POV Comp!!

Ummmm..okay..the feeds are back. LOLL Not sure what happened...give me a minute to see what the HG's were doing.

The camera man is doing close-ups of Jessie, who does not look happy at all. Not a word being said.

12:39pm BBT:

They're talking about how Ronnie always "blows up" the toliet & makes a HUGE mess all the time without cleaning it up.

Russell: "Ronnie blows that shit up. Michele clogs it up."
They both laugh.

12:42pm BBT:
Red Room

Jeff is straddling Jordan, as she puts her hand up his shorts on his thigh.

They then get under the covers to flirt/talk game.

5 minutes later...
Chima, the host of the Veto Comp, came out of the diary room dressed up like a roman goddess and screams "IT'S TIME FOR THE VETO COMPEITION!!!"

AND IT'S TIME FOR THE VETO COMP!!!! (This time, I have proof! lol)

12:54pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...

The comp should take anywhere from at least 1 hour, to 3 hours.

(Keep Refreshing Every Once in a While)

Stay tuned...

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Overnight Report Quickie

Hey everyone!! Sorry for being so late, my laptop totally crashed on me early this morning and I just NOW got it back up & running!! (Damn viruses!!!)

Anyways, since I'm so far behind, I'm gonna do an Overnight Report Quickie. Here it goes!!

It came to light last night that Natalie...yes orchestrating a 'Get Lydia Out' plan with Chima & Jessie. Chima claims (to Russell) that she's voting Ronnie out, but she might stick with Nat/Jess for the numbers. So who knows where Chima's head is at right now. Time will tell!

This is what Natalie/Chima/Jessie's plans are:

Plan A: Do what Russell wants & hope that Ronnie wins POV in the meantime.
Plan B: They plan to keep making Russell believe they're on board with evicting Ronnie until after the PoV Ceremony when Russell's HOH powers are gone. Then they'll try to get Michele to also vote Lydia out. If they don't get Michele (or if Michele lies & says she'll evict Lydia but doesn't), then Natalie/Jessie/Chima will be the only 3 votes and will they'll be targeted next week because it'll be so obvious.

11:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Chima expressed, very strongly, that she wants Lydia gone. Russell said that Ronnie is the biggest threat and "he has lied like 7 times to me already!", he can't be trusted, and he needs to go. Chima pushes the issue, over & over again. Russ gets pissed, Chima calms him down, only to re-spark the fire again...she pushes for Lydia to go & tries to get him to see her point of view.

Ronnie tried to smooth things over with Michele for a while last night, but I don't think it's gonna work. Michele has said in Diary Room sessions, and also to Russell last night, that she wants him out. I'm 99% sure she's still in that mind set.

And (sadly), this concludes your Overnight Report. lol :P I'm skipping the Morning post and diving straight into the Afternoon Post! :)

Stay tuned...

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Early Evening (+ Nominations Spoiler)

At 5:17pm BBT, the feeds went to's Nomination time!! Russell is most likely to put up Ronnie (his target) & Lydia, unless he had a last minute change of heart/mind.

As soon as the feeds come back (around 6pm BBT), I'll let ya'll know who was actually nominated!! :-D

6:27pm BBT:

Nominated for Eviction are:


(Confirmed by their missing keys on the memory board.)

Ronnie is alone...

...while everyone else (minus Lydia & Kevin) is in the kitchen area. Everybody is laughing, talking, and happy.

6:35pm BBT:

Red Room

Kevin is telling Lydia to not worry because he's pretty sure Ronnie is the target and unless Jessie f's her in the a$$, she's fine.

Kevin: "Don't you feel the least bit safe? Up against Ronnie? I mean..come on."
Lydia: "You never feel safe (when you're nominated)."

6:42pm BBT:
Pool Room

Ronnie is filing his nails.

Sidenote: I wanna know what was said during the nominataions!! The suspense is gonna kill me. lol :P

6:45pm BBT:
Dinning Table
Kevin (to Russell): "Amazing speech, by the way."
Russell: "Thank you!"
Kevin: "Did you see [Ronnie's] lips get tighter..and tighter..and curl up?"
Russell laughs.

7:10pm BBT:
All HG's (minus Ronnie who was just called into the Diary Room) are in the kitchen..making food & talking. Lydia just joined them all a minute ago.

It's like the whole house is finally working a "family", if you will. Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell are cooking together, for everyone to eat (minus the Have Not's, of course).

7:30pm BBT:

Red Room

They got in a little flirting time real quick. ;-)

7:35pm BBT:


Jordan is in her bed, resting.
Ronnie is still in the pool room alone.
Jessie/Nat guessed it..laying down. lol They're in the Workout Room talking.

7:51pm BBT:
They both started to fall asleep in the Workout Room.

BB: (to Jess/Nat) "Hey guys, can't sleep in the..." (..feeds go to standby mode). lol :P

8:08pm BBT:
All are eating/finished eating & talking.

They're teasing Lydia (playfully) saying that they think she has the americas vote because she's "really happy for being on the block!"

Jeff: "Did you get it? Am I in trouble? Do you want milk & cookies? A massage?"

Everyone laughs.

Lydia: "Let's just say that the deal you made this week might have been for nothing."
Jeff: "Who, me?"
Lydia: "Uh huh."
Jeff: "You didn't get it. Because you'd be getting in trouble if you did."
Lydia: "I didn't say anything!"
Jeff: "You're not allowed to smile like that! Do you have it? It's your hair. America loves you for your hair. Well, what place did I come in (in the poll)?" (Jeff is being really funny! lol)

Sidenote: Voting doesn't end until 11:59PM PT Tuesday, August 4, 2009. ;-) Still need to vote? CLICK HERE!!

Russ & Chima have a little flirty hug in the living room as they passed each other.

Russell: "What's that look for?"
Chima: "Nothing..." (giggles)
Russell: "Givin' me all these sexy looks.." (they both walk away in opposite directions.)

8:24pm BBT:
Living Room

Lydia: "If you guys vote me out over Ronnie..I'll hate you all. Just sayin'."
Chima: "Girl, you're okay. Trust me."
Kevin: "Ya, you kidding?! Please."

8:34pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell tells Lydia that she's 100% safe this week and that everyone wants Ronnie out. If they're lying to Russell, then they're going against "the alliance" and will be putting a huge target on thier back(s).

9:17pm BBT:
I'm gonna call it a night & go watch BB After Dark. See ya'll back here in the morning with the overnight report!! G'dnight, everyone! :D (Also, there's gonna be a contest tomorrow..or two! ;-) )

Stay tuned...

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Aftrnoon in the BB House (Part 2)

The other post was getting a little too full, so I'm starting a Part 2 afternoon post. lol ;-)

Currently on the feeds...

2:05pm BBT:

As soon as Michele left the HOH room, she went outside...and Ronnie wasted no time telling Michele that he talked bad about her to Russ but only to cover up their "alliance". Michele played it off like it was okay.

2:12pm BBT:


Jordan & Jeff are being their cute lil selves as usual. :) Sharing an ice cream sandwhich.

Michele is nearby putting on tanning lotion, asking Jeff if the plan is to backdoor Ronnie this week. Jeff plays dumb & says...
Jeff: "Who knows? Shit, that was the plan last week & look what happened!"

2:19pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Ronnie tells Chima that if Russell plans on putting him (Ron) up, it could bite him in the ass because the votes would be 4-3 for him to stay & that Jessie would put him up next week out of revenge.

2:25pm BBT:

Jeff is swimming, Michele is poolside.

Convo is random...about how they both didn't have any plans coming into the house, to Jeff saying he likes having Jordan in the house because he has her to vent to.

2:34pm BBT:

HOH Room

Russell is telling Jordan that Ronnie needs to go this week because if he gets to the jury house, then Jordan/Russell/Jeff/Michele have no chance at winning.

Jordan: "Ya!! That's true! This scares me! Ya, he's gotta go!"

2:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell pretty much said that she's going up on the block, but he REALLY wants Ronnie out. Lydia said that somehow, he'll end up staying.

Russell: "I want Ronnie gone."
Lydia: If you want my vote to get rid of him, I'll give it to you, but you can't put me up because then I wouldn't be able to vote him out. Just put up 2 people you wouldn't mind seeing going home."

Lydia then throws Jessie & Nat under the bus, saying they kept Ronnie & got rid of Casey instead because Ronnie is a "yes man", and Casey would have never been that guy. She says that Natalie is star-struck & Jessie loves the attention from her. Russell agrees. Lydia says that she has no deals with anyone in the house. She can't win shit, she gets hurt during comps...but she can cook & clean. (lol)

Lydia then talks about how she almost shaved the sides of her head yesterday, despite BB saying no.

Lydia: "I was about to, but then a stern voice said 'Put.Them.Down.'"
Russell: "Who?"
Fishies on the feeds!! (lol) It was production that told Lydia to put the clippers down.

Feeds come back, and Russell asked Lydia if she wants Ronnie gone, she says yes. They both start talking about what if Ronnie is americas choice.

3:40pm BBT:
Lydia leaves.
Russell remains in HOH, starring at the other HG's roaming in the kitchen area.

3:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Here comes Team Jessie, to make sure they're safe this week. Russell said that Lydia said Jessie wants Russell out. Chima & Natalie start calling Lydia a bitch, etc. Natalie says she's not gonna pretend to be her friend no more.

Chima: "I'm not talkin' to that bitch no more!"
Natalie starts her 'barking' (as I'm calling it now).

Jessie (to Natalie): "Just chill!"

Talk turns to the HOH comp.
Chima: "That bitch (Lydia) said 'F**k this, I'm out.' and dropped!"
Jessie tells everyone to not let Lydia "drive a wedge" in Team Jessie right now. (The more intense Natalie is, the more Jessie looks super irritated.)

Chima leaves to go to the diary room.

Ughh...Ronnie is back up in the HOH now. That's my cue. I'm taking a break to eat dinner with the hubby. lol :P

Be back @ 4:30pm BBT!! :)


4:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

All 4 are still talking. Current topic is them gaining weight in the house.

Sidenote: Nominations should be starting very soon!!

Jessie tells Russell to put up Lydia/Kevin.
Natalie told Jessie to not talk to Lydia anymore, and if he does, she'll be mad.

4:53pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Nom's should be any minute now because Russell was called to the Diary Room.
Kevin/Lydia are talking on the back couches. Lydia thinks it'll be her & Ronnie nom'ed today. Kevin tells Lydia that "they" are trying to them (Lydia/Kevin) apart.

Lydia comments on how "busted" Natalie looks today, even more so because she refuses to take a shower all week (she has to take cold showers all week since she's a Have Not) and she didn't get much sleep last night in the cold steel room.

Jordan joins them & asks them whats going on. They say Ronnie is throwing them (Lyd/Kev) under the bus.

Stay tuned...

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