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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Okay, so let's recap before the Evening Post begins..
*Chima is gone.
*The Double Eviction will not take place.
*Instead, the HG's had another HOH Comp today.
*The Winner of the HOH Comp was Jordan.
*There was a huge blowout between 'Team Jeff' & Lydia, after Lydia started fighting with Michele.

Alrighty, let's dive right on in!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:02pm BBT:
Kevin/Michele had a breif talk, where Kevin said him & Jeff are gonna be the "water to Lydia's fire."

Then we get fishies for a moment. (They've been on/off all night..this is NOT normal, for those who are new to the feeds.)

6:07pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Natalie has a new game plan. No, she's not gonna win POV or an HOH comp, she's gonna set her goals on getting Jeff to blow up so he gets himself evicted.

Natalie: "Jeff said that he has a REALLY bad temper, like really bad! Lydia, you should piss him off so bad that he blows up. He said he was gonna light our beds on fire. Burn my motherf*ckin' bed, I don't care. F*ckin' terrorist."

***Is it just me? Or does Natalie sound like a mini-Chima?

6:53pm BBT:
The feeds have been on & off, so it's been kinda hard to get a grasp on whats going on the past 45 mins.

Jordan said she wants to put up Nat/Lydia, with Natalie being her target. Lydia is horrible at comps and they'll just tune her out for another week.

7:06pm BBT:
A look around the house...

Michele/Jeff/Jordan are making something to eat in the kitchen.

Natalie/Kevin/Lydia are in the main bathroom discussing what will air on which episodes.

Lydia: "They'll probably show this (today) tomorrow for Sunday's episode, along with Chima leaving."

Jordan just told Kevin that there's food for everyone.
Kevin: "For everybody?"
Jordan: "Mm hm."

**Hey BB control room, lay off the fishies button will ya? lol :P

7:15pm BBT:

Natalie just joined Jordan in the kitchen.

Natalie: "I can't wait until my phone call on Tuesday from my pops! I hope my boyfriend is on there, too." (I do, too! lol)

Jeff is outside tending to the grill.

7:39pm BBT:

Lydia got her unitard!! Hahahahaha!!

Lydia: "This is some shit to sell on ebay."

Everybody is eating. Natalie said that she's not going outside to eat with Jordan/Jeff/Michele because she's never ate outside with them before, so she's not going to do it now. Kevin thinks it might be a good thing to interact with them. Lydia said she's not going outside & she tells Natalie she better stay inside with her.

7:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
'Team Jeff' (minus Russell)

Russell is laying down in the pool room. Michele told him there are steaks that Jeff cooked, but he politely declined.

Jordan: "Those steaks were good. I'm so glad we got a grill!"
Jordan is talking about how she can't wait to get her HOH room so she can listen to a CD.

Jordan thanked Jeff for 'letting' her have HOH this week, and mentions that he has a trip to go on & can still win HOH next week.

Jordan: "They made it fair for EVERYONE to have a good shot. And they had awesome prizes!"
Jeff: "Dude, I wanna go to Hawaii!"
Jordan: "You know, if you need someone to go with you..." (laughing)

Jordan continues...
Jordan: "But no boogerin'!" (aka sex)
Jeff: "What?"
Jordan: "You can't just DO IT to do it, because you're horny. Ya gotta wait until the right moment."
Jeff: "And being in Hawaii isnt' the right moment? I'd do whoever took me to Hawaii!"

8:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Michele gives Jordan advice on not talking game to Russell. They both know they need to get rid of him, but not this week.
Michele: "If he tries to get information from you, just switch the conversation to something personal." (basically, don't talk game with him.)

Talk turns to Kevin. Jordan is scared of who Kevin would put up if he won HOH.
Jordan: "We could put Kevin/Russell next to each other and tell Russell we're voting for him but.." (they're talking about in the near future, not this week.)

Jeff comes out.

8:18pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele just confirmed that Nominations are Monday.
Michele: "At least we'll have Sunday off. We'll have a whole day of nothing but getting some sun."
Jeff: "We will?"
Michele: "Ya, because nominations aren't until Monday."
Jeff: "That's why they call it SUNday."

Jordan comes outside and says "He's gonna turn on us." (Talking about Russell.)
Russ has been in a funky mood about the terrorist comments. Jordan/Jeff think it's weird that after all this time, it's just now 'getting to him'.

8:42pm BBT:
Jordan comes out to the backyard after being in the Diary Room...

Jordan: "Who wants to see my HOH room?!!"
Jeff: "We do!!"

(Kev/Lyd/Nat are all laying down in the Red Room with the lights off. Wonder if BB will make them see her HOH room or not.)

Jordan just read her letter from home, but the audio on the feeds was out so I didn't hear it. :( But it made Jordan cry.

Jeff: "Go fix your eye makeup, Tammy Faye." (lol)

***Alrighty, ya'll..I'm outta here for the night!! As always, I will be back in the morning with the Overnighter! :-D G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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The HOH Comp has begun!

At 2:03pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia. It's time for the *NEW* HOH Comp to begin!!!

Everybody, except Michele, are able to compete in today's HOH Comp. If you're wondering why Michele is no longer the HOH, why Natalie is off the block, and why they're playing for a new HOH, the answer is simple...after Chima got evicted/quit last night, BB decided to start the week over & the double eviction will not be taking place as originally planned.

4:40pm BBT:
Live feeds are back!!!

While we wait...
There's a big question surrounding Chima's departure from the BB house. The HG's (as of just 30 mins ago) are claiming that Chima chose to leave..she quit. This has been repeated over & over again. However, Entertainment Weekly has a statement from CBS stating that she was evicted for not following the rules. The good news is CBS states that this will be addressed in an upcoming episode.

"An official statement from CBS seems to confirm that Chima failed to comply with BB mandates: “Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.”"
(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

The *NEW* HOH is:


(Well Jeff/Jordan fans, they'll finally have their time alone for some more kisses & cuddling! ;-) )

Looks like Lydia has won the Unitard. lol :D (She's been saying that she wanted to win that.)

The HOH Comp had 6 prizes:
HOH key, Unitard, Trip to Hawaii, $5,000, A Spa Day, and a phone call from home.
Sounds like the golfing game from last night was used for the HOH Comp.

4:47pm BBT:
Russell: "This was the one (HOH) we needed
Jordan and Mich agree. Jordan said them showing her how to do the golf last night really helped her win.

Now talking about how they will have the numbers...if the others had won, it would have gone back to 3-3.

Michele got hurt & she's surprised at such an easy game, that she could have got hurt from it. lol

Lydia is not wearing her red unitard. Tsk Tsk!!

Lydia & Michele are fighting.
Lydia opened up the door to the Workout Room and slammed it against the wall.
Michele: "Wear your f*ckin' unitard, bitch!"
Lydia was screaming something about Michele being crazy/psycho.
Jordan: "Don't start nothin' with her.

Lydia just dumped out all of Michele's beer.
Lydia: "Vote me out! You keep me here, I'm going after your f*ckin' shit."

Lydia is going CRAZYYYYY!!!!

Jeff: "What's wrong with you? Are you drunk?"

Lydia: "F*ck you, Michele! You bipolar bitch!!"

Jeff just went off on Natalie!!

Jeff: "You want me to make shit in here uncomfortable? I'LL MAKE SHIT IN HERE REAL F*CKIN' UNCOMFORTABLE! I'm tired of biting my f*cking tongue in here! I'm tired of turning the other cheek!!!"

Michele: "Natalie, you're a little f*ckin' sidekick in the house, you're always encouraging shit."
Natalie: "You're a hypocrite, Michele! Shut the f*ck up!!"

5:24pm BBT:
Natalie/Michele are in a HEATED argument!!!

Natalie is saying that Michele's not gonna win the game, and that Natalie is gunning for her. She just called Michele crazy.

Russell finally speaks.
Russell: "Let's have fun..let's just play the game. Let's just at LEAST enjoy this experience!

Natalie is saying she "lays low" and doesn't start drama. Russell is calling her out on being a constant instigator in the house.

5:31pm BBT:
Russell brings up being called a racial slur, being called a 'terrorist' by Chima..then we get fishies on the feeds.

**I have a feeling the feeds are gonna be on fire all night! Lydia wants to go to the jury house to be with Jessie & I think she's gonna try everything possible to get Jordan to gun after her.

5:40pm BBT:
Workout Room

Feeds came back for a hot minute, then returned to fishies. But before they did, Jeff was saying...
Jeff: "Throw my clothes on my bed, that's fine. But..."

5:47pm BBT:

The feeds keep cutting in/out.

Stay tuned...

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Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Wow, whatta night!!!! I can't believe Chima quit! Now the question is...what happens from here as far as the POV & Nominations go? Natalie is still on the block, the HG's are supposed to have the POV Comp'll be interesting to find out what's gonna happen from this point on for this week. Don't forget, this week was also supposed to be a double eviction week, but who knows if that will remain or not. (If you wanna see what went down before/after Chima quit, watch the Flashback Feeds starting at 12:15am-3pm.)

Either way, Chima's leaving just screwed Natalie/Lydia/Kevin even more. One of them will go home, leaving 2 of them left, and 4 on Team Jeff. Guys & gals...let the games begin! It's gonna be a whole new game from this point on!

At 9:10am BBT, BB woke the HG's up.

9:59am BBT:
Lydia & Michele had a talk this morning. Lydia told Michele that she was surprised that she wasn't nominated this week. Michele said that putting Chima up was a power move & it's sad that she took it so badly considering that she had a chance to fight for the POV still.

As of 10am, Chima's picture on the wall is still in color. Russell was laying down in his bed in the Pool Room smiling from ear to ear. He's obviously a very happy camper this morning.

10:08am BBT:
Lydia whispered that if Chima was her & Natalie's friend, she would've stayed and played in the POV Comp. Lydia thinks that BB is gonna make Chima look like an idiot on tv.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:03am BBT:
Kevin is in the kitchen, cutting some fruit.

11:04am BBT:
Michele is in the HOH room making bracelets with the kit that BB gave them 2 nights ago.

11:14am BBT:
All HG's are sleeping, except Michele/Kevin.

Take a look at Chima's picture..still in color. (I highlighted it a bit.)

11:38am BBT:
A look at the pool room where Jeff/Jordan are sleeping.

11:40am BBT:
Kevin/Michele were talking in the kitchen.
Michele is condfused on what they're doing today because normally they'd pick POV players in the morning.


11:41am BBT:
We got trivia on the feeds!!

11:49am BBT:
Feeds are back.

11:51am BBT:

Kevin: "In my mind, I thought that she was as solid as a rock...there were very big pieces of her that were very vunerable. I feel like I blocked some sort of communication skill, like nothigng I could do could get to her, maybe I should've cried or something,"

Michele: "I don't think that would've worked."

12:02pm BBT:
All 4 feeds back on Jordan/Jeff sleeping.
(I guess nothing happened during Trivia.)

**As soon as there is something to report, I'll report it. The HG's were up until the early hours of the morning, so I'm guessing it'll be a little bit longer before they get moving for the day.

12:30pm BBT:
Feeds switch to trivia again!

1:09pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

For some reason, Team Jeff is kinda freakin' out a little bit.

And Lydia/Natalie are happy looking.

Okay, it sounds like Michele's HOH is now over, and they're gonna do another HOH comp today & basically start the week all over again.

Russell tells Michele "Everything will be okay."

Chima's picture is finally greyed out!!

Michele says it's not fair that she can't compete for HOH again today, and that Chima complained so much to be able to play for HOH again if/when the Coup d'etat was used.

(**I actually agree with Michele on this one. She had to do nom's & piss off HG's like Nat/Lydia, and now it can come back to bite her in the ass today if 'Team Jeff' doesn't win HOH.)

The HOH Comp happens in about an hour (2:30pm'ish). They're still building the comp outside.

1:24pm BBT:
Kitchen Counter

Russ & Michele state (again) that they are in a Final 2 agreement. They also talk about Chima quitting and it was her choice.

Russell confirms that there will NOT be a double eviction this week. Russ is happy that there won't be a double eviction, no surprises.

Russell: "This is best case scenario."
Russell hugs Michele. Russell is in total fighting mode (for the HOH comp.)

1:32pm BBT:
Pool Room

Michele just gave Jeff a cross that she made with the bracelet kit this morning.

Jeff: "Awwww!! You cutie! Thank you!"

Jordan is getting ready.

Jordan: "What should I wear??"
Jeff: "Just wear nipple pasties."

Jordan is also ready to kick some butt.

Jordan: "I'm ready!"

1:43pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! HOH Comp starting??

1:49pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

In the red room, Natalie & Kevin are going over dates of events in the BB house.
In the pool room, 'Team Jeff' are trying to stay calm & thinking what the HOH comp might be. They dont' think it could be a physical comp because BB doesn't have the time to set something like that up.

Music comes on...
Jeff: "Let's do it!"
Jordan: "YES!"

It's time for the new HOH Comp!!!

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Before I even START the Overnighter, I want to make an announcement...

Chima Quit Big Brother Last Night!!!

Chima is no longer part of the show, and further more, she is *NOT* a part of the jury!!! I'll be back with MUCH MORE info, so hang tight!!!! (Yayyy for the Flashback Feeds so I can see everything that happened! lol)

**I was up reporting until 10pm BBT last night, so if you haven't yet read the evening post, I urge you to read it! :)

11:52pm BBT:
Earlier in the day, Lydia threatened to put red M&M's in Michele's drink because she is allergic to red dye, DR just asked Nat if she did it. (She didn't.) ***That's nice. Try to poison a HG. Wow.

12:21am BBT:
Chima hid Russell's hat in the Have Not's room.

12:29am BBT:Chima said to not refer to her as the 5th HOH of BB.
She said "Refer to me as the 6th nominee to be evicted. Thanks to production"
She then gives the finger to the camera.

1:13am BBT:
Feeds go to fishies!!

2:43am BBT:
Feeds come back briefly, Natalie is talking Allison Grodner (apparantly she was in the house last night.)

2:51am BBT:
This is when the feed watchers realize that Chima is GONE!!

2:54am BBT:
Jeff said "they" [producers] mentioned someone else on the block, so he hopes its a double eviction week.

2:52am BBT:
Jeff: "I wonder what will happen tomorrow."
Russell: "They'll make it fun, to liven things up."
Jeff: "Put someone else on the block. Make it a double eviction."

Jordan complimented Chima's skin and how young it looked.
Jordan: "She didn't even have like any wrinkles! I always thought she looked 25 (years old)."
Russell: "Nooo...she looks older than that."

They say they want Natalie out to change Lydia's mood.

Russ: We will have to replace the juror
Michele: No we dont
Russ: We'll have America vote

Russell confirms that Chima will *NOT* be in the jury house. Possible that America will be the needed jury vote.

Jeff: "And then there were seven."
Jeff walks over to the Memory Wall.
Jeff: "Are they gonna make her picture black & white, or..?"

3:43am BBT:
Michele said that Natalie is now her target.
Russell & Michele then made a Final 2 deal with each other.

4:02am BBT:
Jeff & Jordan talk about Chima.

Jeff: "I think she needs to talk. I think she needs some help for real. She's got a lot of anger."
Jordan: "She's pretty."
Jeff: "No she's not. The ugly inside makes her ugly outside."
Jordan: "Maybe she's bipolar. Maybe she'll get help."
Jeff: "She has to want it, though."
Jordan: "I feel sorry for her."

4:08am BBT:
Jeff confirmed that Chima "quit", not booted.

4:12am BBT:Jordan and Jeff talk about Russell and when they should get him out. Jeff said that he would like to wait one more week then see if Russell can go then. They both know he was the shady vote for Jessie to stay, and they wonder why he admitted it to Michele but not them (Jeff/Jordan).

Jordan said Russell/Michele are out talking in the kitchen. She says that Russ is working Michele really hard, and maybe they are making a Final 2 deal. Jeff says if they are, then hopefully Michele will tell Jordan later. Jordan said she will ask her (Michele) what they talked about. Michele comes in. They invite her to talk. She goes upstairs to change while Jeff goes to the bathroom.

4:20am BBT:
Natalie said that Chima didn't want to go home or she would have packed her bags. Lydia said "Naw, she wanted to be dramatic, she was satisfied with things."

4:18am BBT:
Lydia: "I can't believe she (Chima) threw that microphone in the jacuzzi".
Natalie: "That was huge."

4:21am BBT:
Natalie: "They cut the live feeds obviously, when Allison (Grodner, BB producer)...."

4:31am BBT:They mention how it's 4:30am & Jeff said he doesn't think they will have a POV comp today (Saturday) because BB would have told them to go to bed sooner the night before.

5:02am BBT:

All HG's sleeping.

Okay, let me get some breakfast in my belly, I'll add a couple of pics, then start the morning post!!

Stay tuned...

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House (+ NOMS)

At 5:11pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia! It's time for Michele to pick her nominations & then do the Nomination Ceremony.

Who will Michele put up? Looks like it's gonna be Chima/Natalie! As soon as the fees come back, I'll let ya'll know!! :D

6:52pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

6:52pm BBT:
HOH Room
'Team Jeff'

Jeff is saying that he'd rather be in County Jail than to be in the Jury House with Natalie/Jessie/Lydia/Chima. lol

Nominated for Eviction are:

Natalie & Chima

Natalie: "Chima is a big threat to them!"

What's left of 'Team Jessie' is not lookin' so happy right now.

7:05pm BBT:
All feeds are on the HOH Room where Russ/Jordan/Jeff/Michele are.
They're tossing hacky-sack around the room & having a good time.

They're talking about non-game stuff at the moment.
Natalie apparently told Michele after the Nomination Ceremony that she's in trouble with God, Karma, etc etc. for nominating her. (lol)

Chima said that if she doesn't win POV, she's gone.
Chima also said that she hate Russell/Michele equally now.
Natalie said her targets are now Jeff & Michele.
Lydia said her targets are Jeff/Russell.

7:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
'Team Jeff' are still up in the HOH room, sharing funny stories.
Jordan was Prom Queen.

Jordan is saying that she LOVES Renny (from BB10) and she thinks Memphis seems like a cool, laid back kind of guy. She goes on to talk about Renny's sleep walking & how she ate almond joys in the middle of the night one time and the next morning she found almond joy wrappers in her bed. lol

7:46pm BBT:
Jeff & Jordan leave the HOH room to go lay down in the pool room. (Russ is still in the HOH room, napping on Michele's bed.) Kevin warns Jordan on their way to the pool room that he had "no part of what just happened". Jeff's clothes were taken out of drawers and dumped on his bed by either Chima/Nat/Lydia.

Jeff: "Don't touch my shit." (to Natalie)
Natalie: "You talking to me?"
Jeff: "You know who I'm talkin' to!"
Natalie: "I dunno what you're talking about."
Jeff leaves. Natalie gives an evil smirk after he shuts the door.

Everybody is laying down, as Natalie continues to read the BB rule book.

8:29pm BBT:
Red Room
Lydia/Natalie (Chima is sleeping.)

Natalie said she's 3/4 of the way down reading the BB rule book (she didn't say why she's reading it, though.) Natalie said she's gonna fight hard for the POV tomorrow.

Jeff passes through, gives Natalie a look, and walks into the pool room.
Natalie: "All we have to do is win HOH next week, then they're f*cked! Because the numbers would be 3/3."

(Remember, there's a double elimination on Thurs. that they don't know about.)

They talk about the POV tomorrow. They think that Jordan/Jeff/Michele/Russ/Kevin won't use it if they win it.

Lydia tells Natalie that if she wins it, she'll use it to save one of them.
Lydia: "I don't care if Kevin goes up as a pawn!"
Natalie: But it doesnt matter who wins POV, one of us is still going home." ("us" being either Chimas/Nat.)

***Kevin, abandon ship NOW!! lol

Lydia & Natalie just took the chess board & pieces so that they can make an events calendar of when things happened in the BB house so far.

9:00pm BBT:
Jeff is in the kitchen. He is no longer on slop as of right now!
Jeff: *sigh* "Ahhhhhhh fu*k. me."

Jeff is ready to chow-down & wastes no time gettin' his grub on. :-P

9:12pm BBT:
Lydia walked out of the Red Room, then returns and Natalie asked her if Jeff was eating. Lydia said yes. Natalie says it's not 9 o'clock, it's only like 8:45. (Natalie is wrong, though. It was 9:04 when he started to eat.) Lydia goes to spy on Jeff, who is eating food. She strolls through house, with no talking between the two (Lyd/Jeff).

9:24pm BBT:
Jeff is happily enjoying round 2 of non-slop food.
Michele just walked in the kitchen, all smiles.

Jeff: "This is my 2nd round of chinese food. I'm gettin' full."
Michele goes up to the HOH room, where Russ is passed out on her bed, to get her mic.

Feeds auto-switch to Lydia/Natalie in the red room, chewing on candy.
The house is still on inside lockdown as production builds the set for tomorrows POV Comp outside.

9:30pm BBT:
BB: "Jeff, please go to the Diary Room."

Natalie: "Ya Jeff, go to the diary you can give you another poo poo de'crap power to f*ck us over with."

9:33pm BBT:
Michelle goes into the pool room (passing the red room to get there) and Natalie said...

Natalie: "She's a bitch. She's a f***ing psycho."

9:34pm BBT:
Michele is on the living room couch eating.
Jeff comes out of the Diary Room.

Jeff: "I'm the wizard!"
They both laugh & head into the kitchen to eat at the counter.

9:38pm BBT:
The lockdown is over & the POV Comp set up is's a golfing game!

Natalie: "Oh crap, Russell is good at this shit."
The instructions say to hit the balls around the snail.

Natalie (to Lydia who's doing laundry): "Go wake up Chima. We're the ones that need to f*ckin' practice."

Michele (to Russ): "You any good at miniture golf?"
Russell: "Me? Ya. I'm real good."
Michele smiles.
Michele: "Okay. Good."

9:50pm BBT:
Jordan just wakes up & sees the golf set up.
Jordan: "Aww MAN! I'm terrible at golf."

Kevin is at the kitchen counter.
Kevin (to Jordan): "Did they do anything to your clothes?"
Jordan: "They put Jeff's clothes on his bed. He was pissed."

Jeff comes in.
Kevin: (to Jeff) "I had nothing to do with that. They put my shit in your drawers. So I took my stuff back out."

Russell grabs food to grill, and heads outside.

9:55pm BBT:
Kevin goes & gets Chima up. He tells her to go outside & practice for the POV tomorrow.

BB: "Chima, please put on your microphone."
Chima flips off BB with both hands & doesn't obey. She goes & practices the golf game without her mic.

10:02pm BBT:
Chima threw her mic into the hot tub after Kevin went to get it for her.


Natalie said that they're not letting 'them' practice at all.
Natalie: "They need to f*ckin' practice. F*ck'em! I'll be out here all night till 5 in the morning if I have to, to make sure that they don't practice!"

Okie dokie, guys &'s almost 1:00am where I am, so I'm gonna watch the rest of BB After Dark & the feeds for a little bit longer before I go to bed. See ya'll back here in the morning! G'dnight!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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