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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Wow...I can't even begin to tell you how dizzy I am from watching the feeds the past couple of hours. lol I can't believe there is sooo much game talk, backstabbing, drama, fights, paranoia, and emotional crap this early in the game!!! It's truly mind boggling!!

OKay, so just to bring ya'll up to speed...
(all of this is subject to change at any given moment! lol)

*Natalie & Jessie are "smitten" with each other, or so it seems.
*Natalie told everyone in the house that she's 18 yrs old.
*Natalie told Jessie the truth: that she's not really 18 yrs old.
*Jeff did indeed throw the POV Comp. (now regrets it)
*Jeff & Russell had a big blowout this afternoon.
*Either Chima or Lydia will come off the block (keeps changing).
*Braden will be the replace nom.
*Ronnie told Jordan the plan to evict Braden.
*Jordan told Braden he's gonna be the re-nom.
*Ronnie made Jordan pinky swear she wouldn't tell anyone he told her the plan.

*Braden is pissed.
*Braden is set to get evicted.
*Next week, Laura might be a target.
*Ronnie is making Russell very suspecious of his back & forth between cliques.
*Ronnie is more paranoid than ever.

Did ya get all of that? lol :P

Currently on the live feeds...

7:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie & Chima

Jessie is talking to Chima about who's on "their side" now. (Seems that Chima/Jessie/Russell/Lydia/Ronnie/Michele are working together now.) Jessie really wants to find the "motherf***er" who leaked the plan to evict Braden, to Braden.

Jessie told Chima they're pulling her (Chima) off the block so she can see that they like her enough to pull her off & not Lydia. But then, Jessie said they'd pull Lydia off (to get her to vote for Braden). (????)

8:30pm BBT:
Laura wasn't "feeling good" & went to the bathroom. Production never shut off her mic, you could hear her tooting.

9:07pm BBT
HOH Room

Lydia is saying that she doesn't think that Russell is gonna use the POV on her. Kevin thinks he won't use at all (so he doesn't make enemies). Kevin also goes on to say that Russell told him (Kevin) that he could use the POV to scare Jeff.

(As of 9:25pm BBT, they're still in the HOH room talking.)

Kevin, Lydia & Jordan all still like Jeff. Lydia said that she didn't like him using the word "fa***t" and he appologized to her for saying that word. Kevin then said that Jeff went up to him and also appologized for using the "f" word, and Kevin said it was 'okay' and he forgives him.

Lydia: "He's a good person!"
Kevin: "I don't have any problems with him. I like him. And he's cute!" (lol)

Lydia then suggested that Kevin go tell Jeff that everything is cool between them. Kevin left the HOH room & talked to Jeff in the bathroom. Jeff told him he appreciates Kevin talking to him.

9:41pm BBT:

Michele is dressed up for the evening, for a change of pace. The boys are playing pool & having random chit-chat.

9:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lydia wants Chima OUT! She thinks she's "fu**ed" as long as Chima is in the house. Lydia then tells Casey (as he's on his way out the door after he's done using the bathroom) that Chima told Russell that she was once raped & used it as a sob-story to stay in the game.

Casey, in shock, asked Lydia to repeat what she said again.

Casey: "Wait a minute..come again? That one's new to me.."
(Lydia tells him about Chima being raped.)

Casey: "So? What's that got to do with being here??"
Lydia: "She's using it as a sob story to stay in the game."

Alright ladies & gents, I'm done for the night. My eyes are so heavy that I'm gonna need toothpicks to hold them open if I stay awake any longer. lol :-P I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report!! See ya'll then! G'dnight! :)

(If you're still curious what's going on, you can get the live feeds & watch for yourself! It's been drama-city lately! lol)

Stay tuned...

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Mid-Afternoon in the BB House

At this point, it seems that Lydia will come off the block & Braden will go up as the replacement nom. Who will go home is still anyone's guess. Through all the plotting, scheming, backstabbing, and's very hard to tell what everyones true motives are this week. But as far as Lydia is concerned, it seems that she is safe for this week. :) Ronnie on the hand is freaking out, he's thinking he could go up as the re-nom (even though it's going to be Braden.)

Natalie told Chima that Lydia is coming off the block, and Braden is going up as the re-nom. Chima is nervous but she's not freaking out (...yet.) I could totally see Chima getting backdoored this week...or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. lol ;-)

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let's dig right on into what's been going down & what is currently happening on the live feeds! :-D

4:31pm BBT:
Natalie said that she's ready for another fight, the earlier fight was "fun".

4:38pm BBT:
6 of the HG's are in the backyard, sitting around talking about nothing in particular. Random topics.

4:50pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

5:10pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

5:29pm BBT:
Russell thinks Braden knows he's going up as the POV re-nom (after they take Lydia down). Russell pulls Ronnie into the storage room and asks him if he told Braden about "the plan"...

Russell: "Tell me the truth. Did you tell Braden?"
Ronnie: "Tell him what? About the plan?"
Russell: "Mmm-hmmm."
Ronnie: "No! Hell no!"

Russell thinks Braden knows because he's throwing pillows, acting pissed (instead of cheery like he usually is, and his normal behavior has been anything but as of recently.)

5:36pm BBT:
Looks like Ronnie is gonna get in trouble for dippin' his hands in both cookie jars. His constant floating from team to team is biting him in the ass.

In the storage room, Jessie & Russell talk about how Russell thinks Braden knows he's going up on the block, then they say it could have been from Ronnie because he goes & talks to everyone all the time.

5:39pm BBT:
Storage Room

They're trying to find out who told Braden he's going on the block. Speculation goes from Ronnie (which Chima told them she doesn't think it was him) to thinking it could have been Jordan.

Now Jessie & Ronnie are talking in the Storage Room (sure has been the place to be today for whisper-convos! lol) Ronnie told Jessie that he convinced Jeff & Jordan to throw HOH to him next week. They both have a laugh about it. Jessie is impressed.

5:59pm BBT:
Workout Room

Russell wonders why Chima was defending Ronnie (to him & Jessie) in the Storage Room a little bit ago. Lydia suggests that maybe Ronnie should be the re-nom instead & that he can't be trusted because he (Ronnie) keeps going from person to person w/ info.

6:12pm BBT:
Here's a current look at the live feeds..

Lydia/Russell are still in the Workout Room (some game play, but mostly about themselves).

Jessie/Ronnie in the Storage Room. Jessie talking about he said/she said stuff. Ronnie is too, but nothing of importance (so far).

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House

So after an uneventful morning, I decided to take an hour break to do some offline things. I come back to find out that Russell & Jeff had a HUGE blow-out!!

(Warning: Jeff fans, you're not going to like this.)

Last night, when Jeff & Lydia were talking and Jeff was going off about Russell "puffing out his chest" (acting cocky after winning the POV), he kept calling Russell a "f**king f****t!" I dismissed this the first coupl of times..people can get so heated at times that they say things they don't mean. But he said it about 20+ times since he's been in the house that I personally heard. I don't like that word and I think it's highly disrespectful.

Well, the "f" word was thrown around yet again during today's arguement with Russell (not that I'm a fan of Russell's, either.)

11:29am BBT:
Russell asked a question (didn't hear it), and Jeff said he (Russell) would get "knocked out".

Russ: "Do it!"
Jeff says he knows they can't have violence in the house.

Russ accuses Jeff of floating through the game.

Jeff: "Dude, it's week one? What the hell are you talking about??"

Jeff called Russ an "idiot" and a "dork" and that Russell is making himself look like an idiot.

Jeff tells Russell he would him out if he could.

Next on Jeff's list of fighting with, is Natalie.

Jeff: "I dont want to be on this team anymore, take me off!"

Natalie said he's on her team, Jeff says they have the same shirt but they aren't on the same team. Natalie said that Jeff doesn't talk to her & she started yelling that she only talks to Jessie, not Russell.

Jeff says when he tries to talk to Jess, Natalie speaks for him.

(This continues back & forth.)

Jeff got upset because he says he feels his team has shut him out and he doesn't know why.

Just as Chima walks out, Natalie says they put Chima up because he said so. Jeff flips and says..

Jeff: "I had no part in any decisions and you try to put it all on me!"

Natalie really started yelling at this point about how she only said she wanted one person on the block, and that person was Lydia.

Jeff asked again what he did to be outcasted from eveyone.

Jeff: "It is what it is. I am who I am in this house."

Jeff tells Natalie that she walks around "this shit" (the house) like she owns it. (Side Note: I agree with that.)

Natalie called Jeff out for not "getting blood on his hands" for the nominations. Jeff's response is...

Jeff: "Hows this for blood, I don't like you and I don't like Russ!"

12:54pm BBT:
The HG's are all buzzing about the fights now & going over who said what.

1:25pm BBT
The house is calm again. Talk returns to general chit-chat. All is well in world again. (For now. lol ;-) )

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB House

All the HG's are up & moving about in the house. Some are showering, others brushing their teeth, etc.

10:03am BBT:
Jordan made a huge breakfast for the whole house.
Casey is in the backyard working out.

10:10am BBT:
Jordan & Ronnie are whisper-talking in the Storage Room.

Jordan was telling Ronnie to vote Chima out and that she can't be trusted, etc. After a couple of minutes, they leave the storage room and roam around the house again, doing morning stuff (eating, etc.)

10:39am BBT:
Nothing is really going on. Mindless chatter.

11:09am BBT:
Russell is working out like crazy, Laura is tanning, Lydia & Jordan are in the pool, other HG's are roaming around and just having normal general chatter (Random Fact: Laura poo'ed since she's been in the house. lol) :P

(I think I'm gonna take some time to get some things done offline. I'll keep popping in on the HG's and will let ya know when something worth noting happens. ;-) )

Stay tuned...

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Overnight Report

Goooood morning, everyone! :-D

I'm awake & gathering the O.R., so hang tight & I'll be back with all the juicy details of last nights events. ;-)

(Should be done around 11:45pm EST)

It seems that Michele & Ronnie are working together (secret alliance?) and they talked about making the votes 5 to 5. This would make Jessie have to choose, and that would put a target on his back I'm sure (even in the smallest way). At 2:22am BBT last night, Ronnie & Michele said they would want to gun after Casey after Lydia is gone.

Ronnie (to Michele): If one of us wins HOH next week, we decide who goes up, we're five votes (Ronnie/Michele/Russell/Natalie/Laura), we decide who goes home. If I had my way, next week a pawn strategy is off the table. We want to vote for the house. What I would do honestly is I would put Kevin and Casey up. It makes sense, we can say we voted your teammate out, you're gunning for us.

Michele: M: I just wanted to see if we were the same page Casey, he's a troublemaker. (HUHHH???)

Natalie appears to have a crush on Jessie and is rather jealous of Lydia's friendship with him. She gives her nasty stares, talks behind her back, and last night things blew up between the two girls.

2:29am BBT:
Lydia & Jessie were up in the HOH together and Lydia told him that she can't believe that she's letting "a little 18 year old" run his HOH week for him.

2:34am BBT:
Natalie goes up to the HoH to bust in on Lydia and Jessie. Lydia and Natalie start arguing. Natalie admits to Lydia that she wanted her put up on the block because Natalie heard she was going to come after her.

L to N: "I know you wanted me up, I don't know why! "
N: "I wanted you up because I heard you were after me!"
L: "..And you don't come to talk to me? I tried to build bridges but you don't even look me in the eye. That's disrespect!"
N: "Why don't you tell me this? I apologize if I was being disrespectful. I'm sorry you felt that way."
L: "Who did you hear that from?"
N: "I don't want to start shit."
L: "Who did you hear that from?"
N: "If someone told you someone wanted you out wouldn't you want them up?"
L: "I would go to them!"
N: "I'm not confrontational. Did you say that?"
L: "Yeah because you won't look me in the eye!"
N: "So you admit it?"
L: "Because you're being an ass to me the whole time. Why would I be cool if you talk shit?"
N: "How did I talk shit?"
L: "None of you in the kitchen did not call me hos and sluts?"
N: "I swear on my life I would never say that to anybody. They are mistaken [if they told you that]...If you didn't hear it from my mouth you can't say that I said that."
Jessie: "She didn't You know who said that."
N: "I laughed and I said that I was messed up for laughing. I never talked shit about you, or your friends, or anybody in the house. I wanted you up because you were gunning after me. I never said I wanted anyone of your friends, I only said you. I said Lydia because she's coming after me and I want to beat her to the punch!"

Talk turns to Jeff and how he's been outcasted.

Lydia says that they alienate Jeff. Jessie and Natalie say he alienates himself.

They talk/argue for awhile longer.
Jessie threw out all kinds of possible things that Lydia could want (take her down, put someone else up...join their alliance to make it a 6 person alliance of Jessie/Natalie/Russell/Jeff/Lydia/Jordan) but Lydia didn't say what she wanted.

3:01am BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie to Lydia: "I could be going home next week! I could be out! But I will be fighting like hell to stay, and fighting to win things just like I fought to try to win the POV. So if you're on my side (aka alliance), then you know you're going to have me..a fighter..on your side! Why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?"

Lydia leaves the room after the lenghtly convo is done, Jessie & Natalie talk for a minute, then Russell joins them in the HOH room.

The convo is super long and super detailed, so I'm just going to get to the bottom line..Russell is going to use the POV to save Lydia. But, that can change any moment as we all sadly know. (NOTE: If you wanna watch the convo between Russell/Natalie/Jessie, go to 4am on the flashback schedule on the live feeds.)

Natalie: (to Jessie) "If [Lydia] screws me [after we take her off the block], it will be hell!"

Alright, bb fans..that's it for the Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Friday, July 10, 2009

POV Comp (Spoiler) + Evening in the BB House

At 8:52pm BBT, the feeds came back!

Russell Won the POV!!

Chima doesn't look scared at all, looks rather happy actually.

It sounds like the POV Comp was centered around the BB Dictionary (I knew it!! lol) The comp had to do with finding letters to spell something out.

Jessie/Russell/Natalie/Laura all think that Jeff threw the comp (hmm interesting!)

(Keep refreshing as I gather more info...)

9:03pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie & Russell enter the HOH room and did a chest-bump in excitement. Laura & Natalie also entered the HOH room. They all show their excitement.

Ronnie is now also up in the HOH room..showing his excitment as well.
Chima is being her catty self...

Chima: "[Lydia's] life was on the line, and she couldn't even spell out a f**king word!"

..she then starts talking about how she wanted to get a boob job. (This could explain the jealousy between Chima & Jordan...Jordan just got a boob job a couple/few weeks ago & she loves showing them off in sexy outfits.)

9:24pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
(Everybody but Ronnie/Jessie/Laura, they're up in the HOH room.)

Russell has been acting cocky since the feeds came back on, and it looks like Jeff has noticed because he just totally went off about him (to Jordan). She asked him what he thought about his whole team being upstairs in the HOH room without him. Jeff proceeded to tell her how he felt by swearing alot.

(Oh, and if your interested, Russell totally showed his 'frank & beans' on Camera 1 around 10:28pm BBT (you can use the live feeds flashback for that one.)

10:08pm BBT:
Someone is taking a shower in the HOH bathrom..Laura?
Jessie & Russell are now chit-chatting in the HOH room.

Everyone else is downstairs in the kitchen area still. They all had alcohol tonight again, so they're enjoying that and a little bit of fun conversation.

10:20pm BBT:
Jeff & Lydia in the Workout Room

Jeff is going off...every other word is 'f**k'. He's not happy with the way Russell is walking around "puffing out his chest" (aka acting cocky) and that his group pretty much abandoned him for no reason. Lydia says that she was nominated for no reason either..they both don't understand why people don't like them. (Ironically, I think they're two of the most liked HG's by the viewing public.)

They both also think that Russell won't use the POV to save Lydia nor Chima.

10:27pm BBT:
Jeff & Lydia are trying to figure out how many votes Lydia needs & currently has. They figure out that Lydia needs 6 votes to stay. Jeff says that Lydia definitely has Jeff/Jordan/Braden/Casey....and hopefully Kevin (they think Ronnie might be possible, but I personally doubt it.) They also throw around the idea of getting Michele's vote.

10:37pm BBT:

Lydia & Jeff's convo is over.
As soon as Ronnie saw Lydia leaving the workout room, he gave her a hug & she whispered something to him (I think something about 'I wanna talk to you later' about getting a vote from him.)

10:46pm BBT:
Lydia/Kevin/Ronnie/Braden are upstairs by the chess board. Lydia is already working on more votes and seems to be going well (so far). Ronnie's loyalty is VERY hard to read...he seems interested in keeping Lydia, but he's been really involved with the other side of the house.

11:01pm BBT:
Chima & Natalie are in the red room. They both said that Russell won't use the POV (just as Lydia & Jeff thought, too).

Alright guys & gals, I'm off to bed! The HG's are currently just mingling. Nothing of importanace is happening at the moment. I think everyone is enjoying their buzz from drinking. lol ;-)

I'll be back in the morning with the overnight report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Early Evening in the BB House

Earlier today, the HG's got a "Big Brother Dictionary" (not sure the full meaning behind it just yet), but Ronnie & Chima have been studying that thing as much as possible! (Could it be POV Comp related? Hmm!)

7:01pm BBT:
POV Comp has started!!!

Just got this on the live feeds...

If you find yourself asking "What the f&%k does that mean??!", you're not alone. lol :-P

The reason I find that message so weird is because (1) BB knows that anything us feed watchers see, we tell other there's no "secrets". (2) ...unless they plan on not turning the live feeds back on until Sunday night, which would be totally unheard of & very stupid on BB's part, we'll know the "secret" as soon as the feeds come back on.

Let's wait & see!! :-D

7:24pm BBT:
Feeds switched from that message (see above pic), to trivia...which means it's gonna be a while before the feeds come back on (I'm guessing 1-3 hours, depending on what kind of POV Comp they're doing).

8:45pm BBT:
Still Trivia.... (We are now at 1 hour 45 mins of waiting for the feeds to come back on.)

**NOTE: Big Brother After Dark on Sho2 starts at 12am EST (9pm BBT)! We should be able to see what's going then. :)

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (Updated)

The POV players have been picked (see post below), and the POV Comp should be sometime very soon.

At 12:20pm BBT, some game talk was had in the HOH between Ronnie/Natalie/Chima on the live feeds. They're talking if so-and-so wins the POV, then they could put up so-and-so, etc etc. They're running through all kinds of scenarios. They're even talking about what they could do for next week.

Natalie is kinda irritating. She's very...firm in her ways, I guess is the best way to describe her. She's very "No..we're doing this. No, you're going to do that." That is REALLY going to bite her in the butt later on (maybe even sooner than later.)

12:29pm BBT:
Now they're talking about how they can get rid of more than half of the house. lol Wow.

"If I win HOH, you can use my shower..I don't care!"-Natalie

Clearly, these 3 are in an alliance. (Ronnie/Chima/Natalie)

12:35pm BBT:
They are all anti-Lydia. Chima just called Lydia a "bitch". Ronnie sounds like a high school girl...talking so much shit on Lydia. "And yesterday, she was like...and I couldn't believe it!" (it's rather funny. lol)

12:46pm BBT:
Chima went to the bathroom. Ronnie/Natalie talked aboout how Jeff "needs to go next" (assuming Lydia is already out of the game.) Natalie then leaves the HOH room and goes downstairs to join everybody in the kitchen area. Ronnie/Chima are still in HOH.

1:31pm BBT:
Lydia & Jordan are in the pool room talking about who they can/can't trust. They go through scenarios of "what ifs" (too many to list).

Updated @ 3:48pm BBT:
There hasn't been anything really worth talking about that happened in the house since my last update. The HG's are just talking mindless chatter. It's really hard to see what is truly going on with everyone...I don't know who is fooling who, who are in an alliance together (truly), and things like that. I can't wait to see the Diary Room sessions on Sunday's episode so that we all can have a little bit more insight!

Still waiting on the POV Comp to start (any hour now!) After that, things are bound to get really interesting on the feeds!

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB House

All the HG's are up & mingling (as best as mingling can get first thing in the morning. lol)

Here's a look at what is currently on the live feeds:

10:06am BBT:

Gawd...the loud cackling of Chimas "laugh" makes me wanna put in ear plugs! Ughh! lol

10:15am BBT:
Everyone is in good spirits. Eating breakfast, talking, getting ready for the day in the bathroom, etc.

10:24am BBT:
Time to pick players for the POV Comp! (Feeds go to standby mode...)

10:34am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Playing in the veto comp is Jessie, Chima, Lydia, Natalie, Jeff, and Russell.

10:49am BBT:
"Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door." (All HG's are now in the backyard..tanning, talking, etc.)

10:52am BBT
Fishies! (aka standby mode)

11:00am BBT:
Feeds are back. Russel & Lydia are in the pool talking. To quiet to hear at times, espeically with Chima's very loud laugh-cackle ever 5 seconds in the background.

Chima talking about how she doesnt expect anyone who wins the POV to take her off the blck because that could mess with their own clique being put up. Chima then says that she picked Natalie only because she wanted to play in the comp, not that she expected her to win for her.

Natalie says if she does get POV and uses it on Chima, then Chima will owe her one. (Wow, that's pretty ballsy. lol)

11:16am BBT:
Everyone is still in the backyard, just chit-chatting.

Russell & Lydia are still in the pool (still can't hear anything due to Chima's laughing all the time.)

11:23am BBT:
Jordan just confessd that she "usually pees in pools" but won't do it in the BB pool beacuse "big brother probably put something in it to detect it." ( gross!)

BB Voice: "Did you know that there are over 300 species of turtle living today?"

12:04pm BBT:
Inside Lockdown Begins.

(Keep refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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Overnight Report

Goooood morning, BB fans! :-D I'm awake, had breakfast, and now I'm ready to do the overnight report for ya'll.

Lydia & Chima are on the block (nominated for eviction) and Lydia is scared out of her mind & with good appears that Chima has the votes to stay at this point. She spent a good part of last night using her best flirting skills on the guys..and even Natalie by making a "I wanna see you naked in the hot tub" comment to her. She laid on the flirting a little too thick, in my opinion and it's probably gonna bite her on the ass.

At one point last night, around 11pm BBT, Lydia turned her charm on to full throttle and laid it on Jessie. They held hands, hugged, gave each other goo-goo eyes, etc. It was see. lol I think if it was anybody else but Jessie, they would have seen right through Lydia's tactics. But..again, it's Jessie and I think he fell for it. lol :-P

11:20pm BBT:
Lydia cried about being on the block, Jessie/Ronnie/Russell each hugged her. Jessie & Lydia then went to the workout room togther. Lydia says she wants to (basically) team up with Jessie. They both pinky swear not to put each other up. (First alliance of BB11?? Or fake? Hmm!)

11:40pm BBT:
In an effort to get Jessie to look at Chima as the better one to get out of the house, she tells him that Chima said she was about to walk out of the door because she's on slop and in the cold bedroom. Jessie's ears perked up a bit. That caught his a attention a bit.

12:00am BBT:
Kevin makes a move. Kevin tried to tell Jessie he should look to the "Oddballs" for an alliance outside his clique. Jessie tells Kevin he thinks he's gone if the Athletes don't win HOH next week. Kevin told Jessie that he needs somebody besides the Athletes and he should look toward teaming up with Kevin/Casey/Lydia for a 4 person alliance. Jessie says he had to make a decision, and the Offbeat clique did do well in the food competition.

It's pretty clear at this point that Natalie is the one gunning for Lydia for eviction. Lydia thinks it's because Natalie likes Jessie is getting jealous.

Lydia & Jordan are definitely best friends in the house.

12:10am BBT:
Jessie announced that this season, HOH's will be twittering. Follow the HOH twitter updates @!

1:11am BBT:
Jeff, Jordan, and Lydia chatting in the bathroom.

Jeff: I've gotta get closer to Jessie.
Lydia says she's going to cuddle with Jessie and says that Jordan is going to cuddle with Jeff and they'll all wake up early and get back to their own beds before anybody knows what's going on.

Jeff: Ok....
Jeff says he needs to get closer to Jess.
Lydia: Yes you do! I want to see Natalie and Laura out. They are good game players. They are super conniving.
Jeff: I can get on Jessie's good side. He seems like a good guy I just never really talked to him.

(Seems that Lydia/Jordan/Jeff are a team...maybe not an alliance, but they have each others' backs.)

1:41 AM BBT
HOH Room

Jessie: "What am I supposed to do?!" (about Lydia staying or going). He looked confused.

There was so much game talk last night, it'll make ya dizzy! lol The hardest part is not knowing who is lying to who (since we haven't seen any Diary Room sessions yet..that'll be on Sunday). So until then, who knows who is backstabbing who. The only things clear is that Jordan/Lydia are playing together in the game & Lydia is playing Jessie like a violin. lol Other than that, who knows!

Today is the POV Comp!! It'll probably take place in the early afternoon (BBT). Of course I'll keep ya'll posted. Alright, let me start a new post for this morning in the BB house!

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Live Feeds are LIVE!!!! (Updated)

At exactly 12:00am EST, the live feeds went live!!

Give me a minute to get my bearings on what's going on and to get some screenshots up. ;-)

Chima is being catty because Jordan & Lydia are dressed up in lingerie for the live feed watchers & Showtime After Dark crowd.

"I'm not trying to be a bitch, but..who does that?"-Chima (about Jordan & Lydia wearing lingerie.)

Russell can't stop looking at himself in each & every mirror. :P

Jordan keeps showing off her pink underwear (guys, you're welcome. lol)

Casey seems to enjoy the show!

Lydia & Chima have been nominated for eviction.

She was talking to Jeff outside, Jeff said that she "has the votes". (It's kind of hard to keep up with everything right now, bear with me.)

Okay...first impressions of the HG's:
I can't stand Chima (catty, diva'ish, annoying laugh & voice)..Russell loves himself too much, Braden as well. Jordan is being kind of "look at me! look at me!" but it might her game play and not her personality.

I like Lydia, Kevin is surprisingly ALOT calmer than I thought he would be. Laura is very low-key. Jessie is still Jessie, but a year more mature. Casey is funny (I like him!) and Jeff is quiet but nice.

Chima is on slop.

Lydia, Ronnie, Casey, Jordan, Michele, and Jeff are outside wondering if they'll get alcohol.

Jessie & Russell are talking about body building in the kitchen. Convo switched...Jessie talked about how this is a new game (BB11) for him and he's ready, etc.

1:10am EST:
Jessie & Braden have a quick chat...

Jessie: "Who you voting for?
Braden: "To vote out? Between Lydia & Chima?"
Jessie: *nods*
Braden: "I'd like to have Lydia stay around...she has a great spirit. She's very smart."

It seems that...
Lydia/Jordan/Jeff are good friends.
Braden & Jessie seem fond of each other.
Chima doesn't like Jordan & Lydia very much.
Jessie doesn't like Natalie.

1:23am EST:
Jordan & Lydia were talking on the outside couch & Jordan said that she thinks Laura/Natalie/Russell/Michele are together.

The HG's are now mingling & drinking their alcohol.

1:36 am EST:
Jessie assured Chima she's safe while they're in the bathroom together. "No worries, no worries."

(Not sure if he's lying to her or not, though.)

Okay guys & gals, that's it for me...I'm off to bed! Been a long, long day. :P I'll get ya'll caught up to speed in the morning on all the latest game talk! ;-) Also, tomorrow is the POV Comp! I'm really hoping that Lydia wins it so that she's safe and Chima will still have a chance to go home (I can't stand her laugh! lol) Alright, goodnight ya'll!!

Stay tuned...

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Just saw a commercial that...

(Since the West Coasters haven't yet seen the 1st episode, I can't name names but...)

I just saw a commercial about 25 mins after BB ended and it showed that ALOT of the HG's didn't like the "new" HG. This is gonna be very interesting on the live feeds!!! ;-)

Speaking of...
If you don't have the live feeds yet, don't worry! You can still get'em! Get the feeds right here!

As soon as the feeds go live (around 12am EST), I will post screenshots & what is currently happening! :-D (This would also be the perfect time to bookmark the blog if you haven't yet done so!)

Stay tuned...

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Big Brother 11: Episode 1 (WARNING: Spoilers!)

**West Coasters: This blog post contains spoilers! If you don't wanna know what happened, then come back later!**

Good evening, BB fans! :-D I will be posting highlights (more like cliffnotes) from tonights 1st BB11 episode right here in this post, so keep refreshing once the show starts!

The chat room is open, so go ahead & pop on in! No registration needed. Just click & chat away. ;-)

Episode 1 Highlights:

Show starts @ 8:00pm/EST
Julie starts off talking about the cliques. Now a quick house tour of the house.
**Side Note: What the hell is Julie wearing??? lol :-P

Showing the HG's getting their BB keys. Getting to know the HG's a bit. I already don't like Braden. lol I really like Jeff and Lydia so far.

HG's are going into the house in groups of 4's. Ronnie was WAYYYY excited! lol It was cool to see him so a kid in the candy store. :) (Side Note: I think Lydia & Jeff would look adorable together!!!)

Jeff is sleeping in the pool room with 3 girls. 2 girls are sharing 1 bed (the house didn't have enough beds). Oh gawd...Chima is already annoying me. Her laugh..her laugh..ughh. Hope my opinion changes. :P

Natalie LIED about her age..she said she's 18 years old (she's 24 yrs old). Kevin (in the Diary Room) said he can totally tell she's not 18. lol

All the ladies love Jeff and think he's super hot. hahaha!! :-D I agree! ;-) Jordan reminds me of Jessica from BB8. Braden hit on Lydia during the 'get to know each other' session in the living room.

"Coming up, we're going to send in a 13th houseguest and it's someone you already know!" -Julie Chen


Julie told them they're gonna be in cliques. HG's are speculating where they might be & where they want to be, and also what would put them in those groups (ex: played football, etc)

Kevin: "My blood pressure is going up, Julie!"

4 people behind a screen (former HG's, I'm guessing) were just shown. Julie said "Which one of these people will be the 13th houseguest?" (One of them TOTALLY looked like Jessie..very muscular!)


Back @ 8:27pm EST

The HG's go into the backyard..there's a game set up. They're going to learn what "clique" they fall into. (It's a "locker room" set)

Side Note: Natalie is digging herself a hole...she keeps down-playing why she might be in the athletic group.

Julie is telling them that this is the first HOH of BB11!!

8:30pm EST:
It's an endurance comp called "The Wedgie". lol They need to hold onto their dangling toilet seat.

"Noone in the backyard will be the HOH." (HG's are confused)

They just showed the 4 former HG's behind the screen again..I can tell ya that Jessica from BB8 is probably one of them and Jessie is DEFINITLEY the one of the end! He just flexed his muscles. lol


The 4 Former HG's are...

*Cowboy from BB5
*Jessica from BB8
*Brian BB10
*Jessie BB10

(Jessie is still egotistical. lol)

"Whichever clique wins the HOH that you belong to, will mean that you will become the first HOH!" -Julie (ex: if the athletes win, Jessie would be HOH.)

Hahahahaha!!! The wedgie comp is hilarious!! :-D The HG's all said it hurt like hell. lol Basically, the heavier the HG, the more painful it is (especially for the guys for obvious reasons. lol) First person to drop is Michelle (Brains Clique). Then Ronnie (also Brains). Chima is the last Brains clique HG left...everyone else is still holding on.

"Time for the super wedgie!" - Julie Chen (too detailed for me to type out...)

Lydia dropped out. Then Jordan. Then Kevin. This leaves Casey the only Off-beat left. Jeff drops. Time for another super wedgie!! Chima dropped!..this mans Brian from BB10 is out. Brian says goodbye & leaves. Casey drops. This means Cowboy from BB5 is out.

It's now up to Jessie & Jessica's cliques.

**COMMERCIAL @ 8:47pm EST**

8:51pm EST
Laura drops..later says in the diary room she did it on purpose so that there wouldn't be a target on her back this early in the game (good thinking!)

Braden drops...which means...


Sunday night @ 8pm EST is the next episode. (Lydia, Chima, and Casey didn't look happy about Jessie coming into the house. Kevin looked scared. lol)

End of Episode.

(The live feeds will most likely go live after it airs on the West Coast..hang tight, guys!)

Okay....what are your thoughts on Jessie being the HOH?

Stay tuned...

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