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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Brother News from 'Evel Dick' of BB8

Hey everybody & Happy mid-March! We have about 4 months to go until BB11 starts, but we only have a short 3 months until the party starts right here on the Big Brother 11 Blog! As a reminder, I will be posting the cast of BB11, rumors, news, and juicy gossip..starting in June! We're almost there, BB fans! Hang tight! ;-)

In need of some BB related news? 'Evel Dick' of Big Brother Season 8 (see pic below..)

...posted a couple new blogs on his myspace blog about a few things that might be going on this year.

*'Evel Dick' is now official with Real Player & will continue to do webcasts on RealPlayer (where the BB live feeds are) like he did this past season.

*Real Player Superpass (aka the live feeds) are working on giving Evel Dick his own page with in the Real Player, with it's own tab.

*Dick threw an idea out to the 'big wig' of Real Player and suggested that 1 time per year (in the Winter or Spring) to replay an older BB season along with that seasons live feeds and all the previously aired CBS episodes. Dick's part would be to do a call-in show for the Live Eviction show and everyone could talk and bullshit about that season.

*Real Player has an 'Evel Dick' YouTube account now:
(Watch videos such as Renny as the "Grand Marshall" of a Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans..will be uploaded shortly.)

And last, but MY FAVORITE piece of info Evel Dick wrote about, was...

"I thought it would be cool that since Big Brother is about the only show that doesn't do a reunion show after the fact, is to do a reunion show. And we decided the first one (which very well could be the last one, if I can pull it off to start with) is Big Brother 8. So, if it does happen, it will be immediately following this summer's BB11, in mid-late-ish Sept. in Las Vegas Nevada. And I will try to do it somewhere where we can have an audience, very small audience..... but, I don't want to get ahead of myself here.

I think it would be a pretty fun thing to do and I think it will be a fun thing to watch as well. And there will be a few that will be tough to get to do it, sooooo if I could get YOUR help in convincing some of the BB8 HG's (Jen) to do it, it would be (Eric) appreciated.... So, send them myspace notes or if you have their emails or phone numbers, hit them up and let them know that you would like to see them do it.

I would LOVE to see reunion shows & would love it even more to see the FULL cast of BB8 do a reunion show!! I hope Eric & Jen decide to do it. As if you need a reminder of why Jen & Dick don't get along...

I'm glad that E.D. is keeping us fans up-to-date with BB related news and that he's still getting involved in BB related work. It seems that everybody else just leaves the show and that's it (except for a few that host on Housecalls on during the season).

Alrighty guys & gals, as always I will keep ya'll updated on the latest!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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