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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House (Part 2)

Good afternoon/evening, BB fans across the land!! :D Let's get caught up on what we missed since my last post around 4pm BBT.

Earlier in the HOH room, Chima said that she thinks that Jeff has the 'wizard power', and well..I think that settled into Kevin's head a bit because now he's starting to the think the same. Kevin fills Chima in on what's going through his head: that if Jeff does have the Coup d'etat, that Jeff might use it to save Russell, then put up Jessie & Natalie.

Chima then says that she wants to have a meeting with herself, Kevin, Lydia, Natalie & Jessie.

In other news...

At 5:35pm BBT out by the backyard patio, Kevin asked Jeff, "hypothetically", if he DID have the Coup d'etat, would he use it or not.

Jeff: "Depends. Why? Are you trying to tell me something?" (They both laughed.)

Jeff then says that he's not sure because he's been trying to steer clear of trouble in the house. Kevin then told Jeff that he looked stress, and Jeff said it's because he doesn't know what's gonna happen this week.

As Michele ran around the backyard doing some cardio, Jeff half-jokingly told her to not go back & tell 'them' "I heard Jeff say...". Michele was irritated at this comment & said she doesn't care what they're talking about. She also tells Jeff that she needs to talk to him later.

Also, Natalie/Jessie think that Jeff has the wizard power & they've been discussing it for some time tonight.

Currently on the feeds...

6:00pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie is pretty sure that (1) Jeff has the Coup d'etat, (2) That he's gonna use to put Jessie up, (3) The he is going home.

But he also knows it's the smart thing to do for his own game play.

Jessie: "It's the smart thing for him to do. (to use the CDT) He's only pissing you (Natalie) off."
Natalie: "He's pissing Chima off!"
Jessie: "Ya, but Chima isn't playing for HOH!"
Natalie: "He's pissing Kevin off, he's pissing Michele off..."
Jessie: "But Michele's not going to put him up."

Talk moves on to if Natalie wins HOH. Natalie said that she will nominate Lydia and Michele if she wins, with Jeff or Jordan as a replacement nom.

Jessie then tells Natalie, assuming that he's still there next week & won HOH, that he'd put up Jeff & Michele. Jessie also mentions that he wants to get in Jeff's ear and tell him that Russell is gunning for him (Jeff).

7:11pm BBT:

Jordan is on the elipitical.
Jeff is smoking (about to play a game of pool w/ Russ.)
Michele is lounging in the hammock.

Everyone is very quiet.

7:13pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Jessie is eating...he should be done in about an hour. lol :P (He's a very, very slow eater.)
Jessie & Natalie are whisper-talking. Jordan just walked in, so it stopped for now.
Chima is cleaning the counters.

7:20pm BBT:

Natalie asked how her talk with Jeff went. (I don't think they showed that on the feeds because I never saw them talking.) Michele said that she (Michele) needs to stop paying attention to things she hears. Subject switches to tomorrow...Movie Day. Natalie says she hopes she gets a lot of candy. (Natalie loves candy.)

7:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

Chima: "It’s important that we let Lydia know we are voting Russell out."
Natalie said that she will go up to Lydia and let her know that, all arguments aside, she is voting Russell out.

Chima again states that she wants Russell out. (Alot of this convo has already been had time & time again.)

Chima thinks that BB is making it "very obvious" that Jeff has the power, because they call him in "4 times more often than anybody else lately."

Chima: "Do you think he (russell) knows Jeff has it?
Jessie: "Oh, ya!"
Jessie tells them how Russell pulled him into the Storage Room earlier & told Jessie to try to get Chima to get Jeff on the block. Chima thinks Russell wants Jeff up so he will have to use the power. Chima says she's keeping the noms the same. Lydia vs Russell.

Chima got yelled at by BB for singing & talking about production.
Chima: (to BB) "I'm not singing! I'm in the HOH. Get it right, dumbasses."
Natalie: (to BB) "Where's the apology?"

More talk of the wizard power, movies, then 'meeting' is over.
Oh wait...Jessie went back up. lol

Jessie is freaking out that he's going up & going home. Talk then turns to random outside-the-bb-house chatter.

Alright, I'm switching feeds. lol :P

8:30pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Jeff is telling Jordan about the "Full House" (sitcom) epsiode where DJ (a character on the show) over-workouts & passes out at the gym. He adds that they always ended every episode with a hug. lol

Jeff said he loves to fall asleep to old tv shows like "Full House" and "Threes Company".

8:40pm BBT:
Jordan (in her clothes) and Jeff are now in he jacuzzi.

Russell is still on the BY couch. All 3 of them are talking about random stuff.

Jordan likes what she sees. lol ;-)

Feeds auto-switch back to the HOH room.

Kevin is saying this earlier convo with Jeff makes him think he might NOT have it.

Kevin: "Either he's a REALLLLLY good actor, or.."

Jessie stands up & says "Well, I don't have it!" (everybody laughs)

Jessie: "America voted my ass out last year, ok? You think they'd give me some magical f*ckin' powers?" (lol)

If you have the feeds or showtime, turn it on..Jessie is being hilarious (yes, Jessie! lol)

**It's 12am EST..annnnnnd I'm outta here! ;-) Gonna watch the live feeds for a little bit longer & then switch to BB After Dark on SHO2. See ya'll in the morning!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (+POV Spoiler)

As of 1:46pm BBT, the live feeds are still on Trivia! The POV Comp is still taking place. Who will win the POV? Who do you want to win the POV? As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the spoiler below! :D

The Winner of the POV is:


2:06pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Natalie does not look happy.

Michele told Lydia she did REALLY good...but no confirmation on who won yet.

BB: "Russell, please put on your microphone."
Russell: "F*ck off!"
Jeff told Russell not to worry.

(Okay, so it wasn't Russell. I don't think it's Natalie by the way she's acting, Michele told Lydia she did a good job...I'm guessing it's Lydia but not 100% sure yet!)

It wasn't Jeff, Russ, Natalie...that's 100% confirmed so far.
So it's either Chima, Kevin, or Lydia.

Kevin won it!!! 100% CONFIRMED!!

Kevin said he has to talk to Chima because Chima said that if he took Lydia off, she'd put HIM up next week.
Lydia: "She's not gonna be HOH next week!"

Kevin said he wants Lydia to go with him up to the HOH room to have a meeting with Chima.

2:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin tells Chima that he wants to honor her wishes as HOH and NOT use the POV. Lydia said she's fine with that, because she knows Russell is the one going home.

Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power.

Lydia said that she KNOWS & trusts Chima when she says that Russell is going home. So in return, Lydia said that if she wins HOH next week, that Chima is safe.

**So basically...Chima is telling Lydia to stay on the block as a pawn, and Lydia says okay, and offeres Chima saftey. Wow. lol

Chima: "I want a woman to win this game!" (She doesn't include Kevin & even says "sorry, this might be a little backhanded".)

Switching feeds to Storage Room...

2:48pm BBT:
Storage Room

Russell told Jessie to tell people that he (Russell) is the "lone wolf" and he's on his own to try to get votes for him to stay. Jessies says he'll see what he can do.

Russell leaves.
Jessie: (talking to himself) "Sorry dude, you screwed me over twice...and you expect me to go to bat for you? I don't think so." (talking about Russell).

Jessie leaves and goes into the Workout Room.

2:57pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie: "All we can do is ride it out & hope for the best."
Natalie brings up the thing from last night: that Jessie should have never told Lydia.
Natale: "I'm not teling you everything anymore. You don't need to know everything."
Natalie can't says she can't trust Jessie anymore.
Jessie: "I'm sorry you feel that way. I understand. If that's what you wanna do, then..okay."

..and it's nap time in the BB house. lol :P

3:14pm BBT:
Everybody is laying down.
Jessie/Natalie in the green room.
Kevin/Lydia in the Red Room (talking to Russell at the moment).
Michele is napping in the Pool Room (I believe Jeff/Jordan are also in there.)
Chima is up, but getting dressed from her recent shower.

All 4 feeds on Russell/Kevin/Lydia laying down in the Red Room talking.

3:27pm BBT:
Red Room
Russell is laying down with his eyes open... it kevin.

Jeff just now got done with this Diary Room session (was a long one, no doubt BB was asking wizard power questions to him)

BB: "Kevin, please go to the Diary Room."
Jeff tells Russell that he'll "shoot some stick" (play pool) with him after he takes a nap.

Jordan/Michele/Jeff are laying down in the pool room.

3:40pm BBT:
Everyone, but Chima, is sleeping. I'm gonna use this downtime to take a break to make & eat dinner. I'll be back later with an Afternoon: Part 2 post! :)

Stay tuned...

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Late Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Today is the POV Comp & boy oh boy, are the HG's gonna be battling it out BIG TIME!!

POV Players were already picked:

*Jeff (choosen by Russell)

Natalie told Jessie that if Russ comes off the block from Jeff winning the POV, then Jordan's going up. Chima doesn't think he'll try to win the POV if Jeff does in fact have the Coup d'etat.

Lydia told Kevin that if she wins HOH next week, she's gonna put up Chima/Natalie. Kevin suggested that Lydia keep that just between them (Lyd/Kev), because if word got around, it could bite her in the ass.

Russell told Jeff that by picking him (Jeff) to play in the POV Comp today, that it was a big slap in the face to Jessie.

Jessie is PISSED that he can't play in the POV, and he knows he is royaly f*cked right now. Playing in the POV was his ONLY shot. I think it's pretty safe to say 'bye bye Jessie' at this long as the votes are in place, that is.

Currently on the feeds...

11:20am BBT:
All around the house.

Chima is fussing in the kitchen.

Natalie just took a shower.

Russell is laying down.

Kevin & Lydia are sleeping in the Workout Room.

11:27am BBT:

Chima: "The problem (with everybody sleeping during the day) is that we're all night owls. Then we get woken up so damn early in the morning. No wonder why everybody sleeps during the day. All the good shit happens at night!" (laughs)

Jordan/Jeff are still sleeping..Michele is up.

BB just woke EVERYBODY up and told them to get their butts ready for the POV Comp. They all go to the living room, waiting to be called into the Diary Room one by one for their pre-comp messages.

Jeff is sluggish. Lydia comes out into the living room shivering...
Lydia: "Can't we turn off the freakin' A/C in here?!!"
Kevin also looks cold & is drinking a protein shake.
Natalie is in the living room as well.

Jeff: "You're all dolled up for the POV comp!"
Natalie: "Me? I'm not dolled up.."
Jeff: "You changing clothes is being dolled up." (lol)

At 11:41am BBT, we have TRIVIA on the feeds!! :-D

1:45pm BBT:

Still trivia on the feeds!!

Pss..if you already read the Overnighter, read the first part again. I forgot to add the very first paragraph (ya'll must think I was off my rocker this morning! hahaha!) It's been added! :D

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon, everybody! :D The Overnighter is gonna be delayed, thanks to the hubby having his co-workers over before a company golf outing that I as not aware of until they showed up. lol Kinda hard to do the overnighter with 4 men laughing/talking loud/playing poker nearby. :P

I'm gonna try my best to get what I can before they leave (in about 20 mins), but please be patient..I'm trying my best.

**Due to my time being very limited this morning, there's not gonna be any time stamps or pictures. Just the breakdown. I had to go through 8 hours of transcripts to get the Overnighter, and these are the meaty parts.

Michele told Natalie that Lydia wanted Jeff out of the house, while Lydia was in her mute phase (which BB later on told Lydia she "can't play the game like that".) Natalie then told Jessie. This pissed Natalie off something awful because now her name is thrown out there & it could come back to haunt her.

**Sidenote: Later on, Michele makes it clear to Natalie/Chima/Kevin that she is in fact NOT gunning for Jeff.

Lydia told Jeff what Michele said & that it couldn't have possibly happened at the time Michele claims she heard Lydia say that, since she (Lydia) wasn't even speaking during the time.

Lydia confronted Michele about it (after Jordan suggested she ask Michele directly), Michele ADMITS she said it, but changes her story a bit...Michele said she must have heard it 'the other day', instead of last night.

As Michele & Russell played pool, Russell re-hashed the whole Chima/Russell/Michele fight in the HOH the other day. (The fight that caused the huge blowout between Russ/Chima.) Michele goes back on her stories, denies some of Russell's claims, while others she admits to. The convo turned into a word game at one point. Michele said that it's been brought up "500 times", Russell said that's not true, Michele said "Fine, then it was like 10-15 times, whatever! I'm not keeping tally."

Jeff comes out and is laying on one of the backyard loungers listening. He never said a word.

Michele eventually gets pissed & says "F*ck you!" to Russell and walks inside the house. She goes straight up to the HOH room where Chima/Natalie were. Michele, pissed off, starts venting her anger & telling the girls what just happened between her & Russ. Natalie takes the opportunity to go off about Jessie and how she's "done" with him (because he won't stop talking to Lydia.)

Jeff goes back to the Pool Room & tells Jordan (who was sleeping) what just happened.

Jeff: "Michele is acting crazy."

Back up in the HOH room...

Kevin joins Natalie/Chima/Michele. Kevin said he thinks Jeff or Jordan have the 'wizard power'.

Chima mentions that if Jess does have the Coup d'etat, and uses, then all hell is gonna break loose on live tv. (Ohhh!! That should be fun to watch!! lol ;-) )

12:37pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff is inching his way closer to exposing himself as the holder of the Coup d'etat.

Jeff: "If I make a decision, it’s gonna affect you too. Are you ok with that?"
Jordan: "Ya. What are you talking about?"
Jeff: "Nothing, just in general."
Jordan: "I’ve been with you from the beginning. We have to make a move, let’s do it."

Sidenote: This basically means that he's gonna use his 'wizard power' to overthrow at least one of the nom's. And from he's been saying the past 2 days, he's going to put up Jessie.


Russell calls Michele "crazy" to her face, Michele said she's not crazy..she's just an easy person to attack. Russell then makes fun of Michele to Jessie and they both have a laugh.

That's it for the Overnighter!!

Okay, since the morning in the BB house has passed, I'm gonna dive right on into the Afternoon post! :D

Stay tuned...

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2)

At 4:04pm BBT, the feeds came back. The HG's had their Have/Have Not's Food Comp which was also a luxury comp.

This Weeks Have Not's are:


The Have Not's can eat limes & liver.
Russell won $10,000 during the comp.
The 'Haves' for the week get to watch a movie.

Russell knows he's gonna be nominated today (Nominations should be soon!). Russell found out that Jessie knew he (Russ) was one of Chima's noms and never told Russell, so he feels like Jessie betrayed him.

As Jeff was in the Have Not's (cold steel) room, Russell went in there & made an alliance with not only Jeff, but with Jordan as well. He wants to "pick off [Team Jessie] one by one." It's clear to him that he's not wanted. This is the end of the Russell/Jessie alliance.

Currently on the feeds...

5:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Chima asked Jordan to vote out Russell, and Jordan said okay & that she will vote with the house & because Chima isn't putting her (Jordan) up.

Natalie & Jessie just told Jordan that Russell always calls Jordan "dumb" behind her back. Jordan said she thought it was Jessie. (Jessie DOES call her dumb.)

5:30pm BBT:
Pool Table

Jeff is telling Russell to be nice to Chima because he's gonna need the votes. (Jeff is really playing off his wizard powers very well!)

Jeff then asked Russell if he had the choice, would he vote out Jessie.

Jeff: "If Jessie and Natalie were to go up, you would evict Jessie right?" Russell: "Yeah, for sure!"
Talk continues, Russell is feeling like he has one foot out the door already.
Jeff: "You just have to have hope that things will change."

5:50pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds!! (Nominations taking place.)

7:01pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Russell & Lydia

7:15pm BBT:
Workout Room

Earlier, Jessie told Jordan that Russell said she was 'dumb'.
As Jeff & Jordan were talking in the workout room, Jordan tells Jeff what Jessie said to her.

Jeff then asked Jordan....
Jeff: "Who would you rather vote out? Russell or Jessie?"
Jordan: "Jessie!"

Jordan said that Russell needs to win the POV to save himself, and if Jeff is picked for the POV Comp and wins, then pulls Russell down, then he's gonna have a huge target on his back. Jeff is getting crabby (I can't help but to wonder if he has a plan in his head already & doesn't wanna think/talk about other plans.)

Jeff: "If one of the 'them' win the POV, I'm gonna go up, so I'm gonna play to win it (if I'm picked)."

Jordan: "If Russell stays, he could easily go back to [Team Jessie]."
Jeff: "You're right!"
Jordan: "JEFF!!!"
Jeff: "What??!! You're right!!"
(Jeff is realllly crabby. lol)
Jordan: "If you see me talk to [Team Jessie], it's only to make it better for us in the game."
Jeff: "Well, who are you with (in the game)?"
Jordan: "YOU!"
Jeff: "Okay, then."

Jeff tells Jordan to casually ask Michele who she would up...Jessie or Nat. Jordan said she wants to wait till later to ask her.

Sidenote: Jeff is getting rounding up the votes!! Russell & Jordan said they'd vote Jessie out, now he wants to know what Michele would do.

8:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

Despite dreading going up to the HOH room to talk to Chima, he gets the motovation to go up and see what's going on.

After several minutes of talking about Jeremy Piven being in the BB house, Chima gets right to the point.

Chima: "Will you vote for Russell to leave?"
Jeff: "Ya, sure!"
Chima: "I know you're friends with him, and yes part of my decision to put him up is personal, but he's also spreading lies around the house."
Jeff: "Ya."
Jeff is being friendly/funny/chatty with Chima & Jessie. All of them are having a good time talking about the Food Comp (which might as well be spanish to me since I have no clue what they're talking about. lol :P)

8:44pm BBT:
Jessie/Natalie are playing a game of chess.
Chima/Jeff still remain in the HOH room.

Chima tells Jeff that him & Jordan should date when they get out of the game.
Jeff: "We'll see!"
Chima: "You guys are just cute!"
Jeff: "And on that note, I'm outta here."
They both laugh.
Jeff gets called into the Diary Room.

Jessie, and eventually Natalie, enter the HOH room.

Jessie: "Jeff just got called into the Diary Room."
Chima: "So?"
Jessie: "I think he has the wizard power. And you just told him told him & everybody else that you want Russell OUT this week."
Natalie: "Jessie is paranoid that Russell will come down and he'll (Jessie) go up."

Chima: "Jessie, you're fine! The power of positiveness!"
Natalie: "You think Jeff would wanna f*ck shit up like that (by changing the noms)?"
Jessie: "Until I win POV, I'm F*CKED!"
Natalie & Chima are laughing and telling him he's paranoid.
Jessie & Natalie leave the HOH room & go back to playing chess while still talking about Jeff possibly having the 'wizard power'.

**Okie dokie, I'm outta here for the night! You know the routine...gonna watch BB After Dark until I pass out. See ya'll back here in the morning!!

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (Updated!!)

Okay guys & dolls, I'm back! :D At 12:30pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means the Food Comp (Have/Have Not's) has begun!!

While I was away, here is what happened...

11:14am BBT:
HOH Room
Chima asked Michele if she were to put up Russell, would there be enough votes to get him out. Michele never answers the questions, instead she said the house is worried about the wizard power & who will be nom'ed.

Chima: "Jeff and Jordan are the least of my concerns. My main concern is Russell. Do I put him up and try to get him out? My fear is that if I put him up and he takes himself off, then he'll come after me."

Natalie enters. Chima tells her she's unsure to put up Russell, Natalie says that Russ/Lydia are in bed together downstairs, that's enough for Chima..

Chima: "Well then, I guess I have my nominations."

Chima, now knowing that she's putting Lydia/Russell up, strikes a deal with Michele.
Chima: "If I leave you off the block, can you promise me 100% that next week you will leave both myself and Natalie off the block."
Michele: "Yes. I can promise you both that."

Chima talks to Michele/Natalie about Russell being a strong POV player & she considers Jordan as a possible pawn (she'd gun after Lydia) if Russell were to win it. (POV)

Natalie: (to Michele) "Whatever happens, are you going to vote the way Chima wants you to vote?"
Michele: "Yes."

Chima wants all girls at the end of the game (minus Lydia).

Natalie went and filled Jessie in on all the details.
Natalie/Jessie ask Chima to consider gunning for Lydia, instead of Russell, and get back 'NBK' (Natural Born Killers..aka Team Jessie). Chima doesn't like the idea & passes on it. Jessie submits & is greatful that at least he's not being nom'ed.

Chima, who said eariler to Michele that she's curious to why Jeff/Jordan haven't been up in the HOH to talk to her, told Jeff that she'd like to speak with him & Jordan after the food comp is over. Jeff said okay.

***Sidenote: Last night, when Natalie was talking to Jeff outside, Natalie asked him if he would go up & speak to Chima. Jeff said no because he doesn't do that with anyone that's been HOH (so far) and it would make Chima question why he's starting now.

As of 1:19pm BBT, the Food Comp is still underway!!
While we're waiting...

The video of Ross Mathews interviewing Ronnie is finaalllly up! Ch..che..check it out! ;-) Ross Mathews Interviews Ronnie!!

1:34pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Kitchen Area

All of them are talking about how the actor Jeremy Piven was in the BB house!! (That's why we had trivia.)

(The Have/Have Nots Comp was not held yet.)

2;14pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...
(Have/Have Nots Comp has started)

3:26pm BBT:
Feeds still on Trivia...

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 9:30am BBT. Everybody but Jessie/Russell are up & roaming the house. Like I said in the overnighter, I have a doctors appt. @ 12pm BBT, so I'm gonna be offline between approx. 10:30am BBT-2pm BBT, but don't worry, I'll get us all caught up on the happenings in the BB house as soon as I get back home! ;-)

Today, the HG's will compete in the Have/Have Not's Food Comp & then Nominations (which really won't matter since Jeff can/probably will overthrow them anyways.) Next week, Jeff/Jordan will be able to play for HOH, plus Chima won't be able to play, AND a member of 'Team Jessie' will be Jeff/Jordan some pretty good odds at winning! Okay, let's see what the HG's are up to...

Currently on the feeds...

9:50am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jeff just put in his contacts...

...Jordan is complaining about her boobs hurting her today. (her implants.)

Michele is taking a shower.

9:55am BBT:
Michele done with shower, now Lydia is in the shower.

Jeff just made a bagel with cream cheese & is eating it at the table.

**Sidenote: I'll post the interview with Ross Mathews as soon as it's uploaded. Ross said on Twitter (about an hour ago) that it's taking a looong time to upload, so be patient. :)

10:16am BBT:
All feeds on Lydia making breakfast.
Kevin joins her.

Kevin: "That's so weird that the (food comp) is so early today! Probably because of nominations."
Lydia: "Yep."

10:27am BBT:
Michele roams through the kitchen area as Kevin is eating his breakfast.
Kevin: "How did you sleep?"
Michele: "Surprisingly good!"
Kevin: "Now that Ronnie is gone?"
Michele: "Ya."

**Alrighty, ya'll..I gotta get outta here for my Dr.'s appointment. I'll be back around 2pm BBT! The HG's should start their Have/Have Not's comp soon and will probably last for an hour or two, then Nominations later this afternoon. I doubt we'll miss much in the next few hours. I'll be back with the Afternoon post around 2pm BBT, so look for it around then!! :D

Stay tuned...

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