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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Continuing from the Afternoon: Part 2 post:

Currently on the live feeds...

7:00pm BBT:
They're still talking, Russ has no joined them.
Currently, they're on the subject of Jessie.

Jeff: "I never understand what powers Jessie had over you (Nat) & Lydia. Did he have a 2 foot c*ck that spins?"

Natalie is denying that she ever flirted with him, ever liked him 'like that', etc. The others aren't buying it (neither am I. She's trying to save face now that she knows her boyfriend is watching her all the time...also the reason why she's not dressing like a guy all of a sudden.)

7:15pm BBT:
Gathering is finally over & so is the inside lockdown. As people were leaving the table, Michele snapped on Natalie when Nat said that "nobody liked Jeff week 1" and she said that's not true.

7:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele goes into the HOH room, banging a pillow on top of her head.

Michele: "I need to vent. Natalie is driving me CRAZY!!! She paints this picture like she never did anything wrong in this game and twists everything like her and her team ("Team Jessie") were these really good people."

Michele said Natalie was totally spinning EVERYTHING and how she talks the loudest. (Could this be the start of a plan on Michele's part to try to get Nat out? Hmm!)

Jeff enters the HOH room.

Jordan/Michele game talk.
Jordan is laying the ground work for when Jeff puts Russ on the block. She is telling Michele that if Russ wins HOH next week, that her (Jordan) and Jeff are going on he block.

Michele: "Mm..I don't think so."
Jordan gives a 'yeah, right.' look to Michele.

Russell enters @ 7:29pm BBT.
Russell: "What's up?"
Michele: "I'm just venting about Natalie."
Russell: "I didn't say anything because there's point in arguing. I was just..dumbfounded (at Natalie's lies)."
Russell: "Since when did she (Nat) want to be Jordan's friend??"

Jordan: "Oh I know. I know."
Russell: "Like Natalie wasn't saying that she wanted you (Jordan) and Jeff out! Whatever!" (Nat said it was only Jessie.)

Russ said he almost blew up at Natalie because of all her lying downstairs but he kept quiet.
Russell: "Blowing up at an 18 year old would have looked really bad!"

Jeff kinda slipped up. Russell was going on about how Natalie lies and...

Jeff: "I know. I know what I got."
*Complete silence*

Talk continues.
Russell: "I don't wanna be anywhere where they (Kev/Nat) are."

Jeff keeps saying how he called Natalie out on her lies downstairs and even called Natalie "Jessie's lap dog". (The way he's making it sound is much worse than what actually happened. He *jokingly* called her a lap dog, not in a "calling out" way as he's now claiming.)

7:48pm BBT:
Michele leaves to go take a nap.
Jeff said he's tired, too. Russ says he'll leave. Jeff says he can stay, he's not gonna nap.

Russell/Jeff talk about Russell's loyalty to Jessie. Russell is explaining why he did things that he did. (They're talking over each other, and's impossible to type & keep up. lol)

**When I was getting a screenshot of Russ/Jeff talking, I got this picture of the feeds switching angles...kinda artsy. ;-)

They're rehashing past arguments & he said/she said stuff.

Things get a little heated...then awkward silence.

Russell: "I dunno. I just gave you the reasons why I did things that I did..."

Meeting over.
Russ/Jeff go downstairs, Jordan stays up in the HOH room listening to music. Jeff checks the storage room for wine and beer..none in there.

8:02pm BBT:
Jeff heads back up to talk to Jordan alone.

Jordan complaining about Michele trying to throw Kevin under the bus by saying that he's a strong competitor.

Jeff: "I think (Russ) knows it's comin'. I was acting cocky."

They both agree that Michele is trying to save Russell from going on the block because that's her "protection" in the game.

Michele enters the HOH room, almost in tears.
She said as she was sleeping in the pool room, Natalie took the covers off of her. Jeff & Jordan are in disbelief.

Jeff: "That doesn't...sound right..??? I'm gonna ask'em what's up."

Jeff goes downstairs & asked Nat/Kevin what's up. They said they were taking blankets and didn't know that Michele was in her bed sleeping and when they saw her, they said "Sorry" and left her blanket on her.

Jeff believes Kevin/Natalie.

**Feed watchers, did anybody see this happen?? I don't think it was shown on the feeds...

UPDATE: 1 person said it was live on Camera 1 and that it did happen but it was an accident & Michele over-reacted. I'll check back on the Flashback Feeds later to confirm. It happened between 8:05pm-8:14pm.

8:17pm BBT:
Jeff goes up to the HOH room and tells her that Kev/Nat didn't mean to it, it was an accident. Michele says they keep stealing her stuff.

8:30pm BBT:
Dinning Table
The 3 of them are talking crap about Russell. Natalie said he's "shady" and she doesn't like shady people. They're bonding over their hate for Russell & instantly becoming best friends.

Natalie is saying that Michele is a liar and she can't until HG's are able to see the truth when they get out of the house.

Kevin: "Let's just have a good time, no drama, no need to start things...enjoy the competitions, they keep getting cooler & cooler.."
Jordan: "I know! Like today."

Russell gets called to the Diary Room, so Kev/Nat/Jordo pretend to be playing cards as Russ walks from the backyard, through the kitchen, and into the Diary Room. As soon as he's in the D.R., they start talking game since Michele is upstairs sleeping as well.

8:50pm BBT:
*Natalie promises Jeff she will not put him up next week.
*Kev agrees.
*Kevin says he will put up Natalie and Michelle, getting Michelle out.
*Jeff tells them that if he uses the veto, then he has saved them twice now and that they owe him big time.
*They say that they will get out Michelle next week.
*They say then the Final 4 will be: Jordan/Jeff/Natalie/Kevin

Jeff: "If I save you, and I get put up or backdoored next week, then I am coming back with vengeance!"

Jeff then said he's not 100% sure he's gonna use the POV or not.

9:12pm BBT:
Everybody is in the backyard.
Jordan and her new bestie Natalie are hanging out by the jacuzzi with their legs in the water. Russ still in Diary Room. Michele still upstairs sleeping. Jeff/Kevin playing pool.

**Friendly Reminder: Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime2 has started!

9:18pm BBT:
Jordan called to the Diary Room.
Kevin/Natalie sitting by hot tub w/ legs in the water.

Natalie: "Everytime me & Jordan start to talk, they call her into the diary room."

Russ/Jeff are playing pool now.

**Okie dokie, I'm outta here for the night. :) Wanna watch the house cameras for yourself?? Perfect timing!! There's less than a month left in the season and it's only $15 for 1 month of the feeds. With all the drama that's gonna unfold this week, plus this weeks HOH rumored endurance comp (via the houseguests), it'll totally be worth the $0.50 cents per day to get'em!! Get the feeds while they're hot! ;-) See ya'll tomorrow with the Overnighter!!

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2) + POV Spoiler

At 1:45pm BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means the POV Comp is underway! ;-) As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post who won it. This POV Comp is critical for Russell: he wins it, he stays. He loses, he'll most likely be going to the jury house.

4:21pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Winner of the POV is:


(I think Russell's game just ended. We'll see if Jeff changes his mind though!)

Jordan said she was the 1st one out.

4:39pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan is telling Jeff that she's been praying for her & Jeff to do well and that this "is a sign". She wants Russell out. They are both saying how they saw Russell cheering for Michele to get it and that they think he knows "something is up".

Jordan: "We definitley have to break up him & Michele."
Jeff is on board with the plan.
Jordan: "I think you should take Natalie off (and put Russ up)."
Jeff: "I'm gonna take Kevin off."
Jordan: "Natalie promised that if we take her off the block, that we have her word and she will be loyal to us and won't ever put us up!"
Jeff: "Well, nothing is set in stone yet.." (re: if the POV will be used)
Jeff: "Ya I do."

Jeff is gonna tell Russ that his reason is because of his vote for Jessie to stay and that he can't "swallow that pill".

5:07pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Area

Random chit-chat about what they're making to eat.
Russ is eating.

Natalie is about to eat...after she's done praying.

Jordan just grabbed Jeff's butt, and he did the same to her.
Jeff: "Ya, baby."

5:43pm BBT:
Dinning Room Area
Everyone (except Russ)

Russ in the Workout Room alone. Seems to sleeping (or is he listening to the others in the dinning room?) Natalie is acting way too happy to be on the block & to have not won the POV.
I would assume that it's pretty clear to Russell what's gonna happen.

Nat/Kev/Jeff/Jordo/Michele are talking about movies & tv shows.

6:15pm BBT:
Nat/Kev/Jeff/Jordo/Michele still talking about random things at the dinner table.

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House

At 11:50am BBT, Russell told Michele that production told him the POV Comp will be starting around 3pm BBT.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:01pm BBT:
A look around the house...

  • Natalie/Kevin are sleeping in the Red Room.

  • Michele/Jeff are in the HOH room taking a nap.

  • Jordan is in the Diary Room.

  • All 4 feeds are currently on Russell in the Workout Room relaxing/thinking.

  • 12:08pm BBT:
    All feeds still on Russ.

    Kevin is now up.

    12:31pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Jordan is asking Michele what she thinks about this week. She says "Let's stick to the plan. It just matters on who wins POV, right?" Jordan says yes.

    Jordan: "You better not be selling us out to him (Russ)!"
    They talk about Russ being paranoid..still.
    Jeff: "How many times do we gotta suck this guys d*ck before he c*ms? I mean, I put his key first!"

    Jeff: "If you have any Final 2 deals with Russ, you rock that party...and (me & Jordan) will rock ours. It's kinda weird that nothing has been talked about for the last 2 days."
    Michele: "Do we wanna get Russ out this week?"
    Jeff: "Depends on who wins the veto."
    Michele confirms that even if Russ wins HOH & is gunning for Jeff, Michele will not vote Jeff out.

    They are running every possible scenario for Jeff & Jordan to get nominated next week and trying to figure out where Michele is in all of it...which way she would vote, would she side with Russ, or with Jeff/Jordan.

    12:40pm BBT:
    Michele: "Please don't feel threatened by me hanging out with Russell, I have to or else he's freak out."
    Jordan: "I'm just worried that you're running back to him & telling him everything we're saying."

    Michele says that Russ is wondering why Michele hasn't told her anything lately.
    Jeff: "Well you can tell him anything you want, because I haven't told you shit!"

    **The vibe in the HOH room is weird. A lot of paranoia, distrust, and awkward moments.

    Michele tells Jeff/Jordan that they don't need to worry about her..she's still aligned with them.

    Michele: "(Russ) said he doesn't want to come up here because he feels weird in here."
    Jeff: "(He can) come up here & talk to me. Ya know?" (re: Russ)

    Jeff is grilling Michele on every sentence that comes out of her mouth.
    Jordan is mad at Jeff because he's been talking rude to her again today.

    Jordan: "We bickering. We're bickering. I think I'm gonna sleep in the pool room tonight. Give you your space. I think you're getting irritated with me."

    Not too long ago, Russ tried to go up the HOH room & rang the doorbell, but Jordan didn't feel like talking to anybody so she didn't answer the door. Jeff yelled at her saying to at least answer the door and tell people that she doesn't feel like talking. Jordan said she didn't feel like doing that. (Being lazy.)

    Russ comes up to the HOH room. Jeff explains why Jordan didn't answer the door.
    Russell: "I see how we are now, Jordan." (laughs)

    Talk turns to Casey and how he called Ronnie "Dorkapodamus" & his "Schmedium" comment.

    Russell: "He said (to Jessie) "Schmedium shirt wearing..."
    Michele: "What's a schmedium?"
    Russell: "It's a shirt that's between small & medium." (laughing)

    Fishies on the feeds.
    Feeds are back!

    1:00pm BBT:
    Jordan goes up to the HOH room & Jeff didn't answer the door. He was trying to prove a point that it's rude to not answer the door. Jeff opens the door and tells her to come back up & that he was just kidding. She pouts & gets mad, heads him the middle finger on her way down.

    Russell: "Is she pissed?"
    Jeff: "Oh ya, she's pissed ALL the time. I say 1 thing and she gets pissed. We are kinda gettin' on each others nerves. She had 5 days of 'I'm getting my period', and now...shit."

    1:03pm BBT:
    Red Room

    Jordan: "(Russ) is 100% going home!" (...unless he wins the POV.)
    Jordan tells Kev/Nat that Russell is gunning for them (Kev/Nat).
    Natalie: "We just gotta win, Kevo."

    Jordan: "I feel like I'm gonna win!"
    Kevin: "I feel excited."
    Jordan: "Me too! It's like the most important veto..EVER!"
    Natalie: "I feel the same way."
    Kevin: "I hope it's a messy one! Those are fun."

    They think the POV comp will happen either at 2pm or 3pm today. (It's currently 1:09pm BBT).

    Jordan: "Alright, I'm gonna go sleep."
    Jordan walks into the pool room to lay down.
    Kevin/Natalie are talking about non-game stuff.

    Fishies on the feeds since 1:15pm BBT.

    Feeds back!

    1:30pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Random chit-chat. No game talk. The boys are talking about sports at the moment.

    1:34pm BBT:
    Red Room

    They're going over dates of events in the BB house for future HOH comps.

    Random Question for you BB fans: How many of you Jeff/Jordan fans are starting to lean towards other players now? Leave a comment in the comment section, I'm curious to hear ya'lls opinions.

    1:45pm BBT:
    Nat/Kev talk continued...

    Natalie: "You know it does not matter who is on the block (this week), it matters who wins POV."
    Kevin: "Yep."

    Fishies on the feeds...

    1:50pm BBT:
    Trivia on the feeds! POV Comp?

    Stay tuned...

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    The Overnighter (Cliffnotes Edition)

    Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! :D Running a little late today due to offline errands I had to run. Today is the POV Comp and soon after, the scheming will continue! ;-)

    Since I'm running behind, and the HG's are up, I'm going to do a Cliffnotes version of the Overnighter. This will get us all caught up to speed & in minimal time.

    Alright, let's get to it!!

    *Jeff entertained the thought of KEEPING Russell last night. (Those watching BB After Dark probably caught this last night on the show.) He also went through every possible scenario possible & is trying hard to find out which one benefits him the most to keep him off the block next week.

    *Jeff got mad (again) at Jordan and snapped on her because Jordan is always telling him to go talk to people about certain things. His response was: "You go f*ckin' talk to them! I'm sick of being the only one to talk to people! You f*ckin' do it!" A minute later, they were both laughing when they connected eyes did a "I'm falling in love" laugh. Later on in the night, he said he was sorry for snapping at her.

    *Jeff said the HOH bed smelled like body odor because of Michele (who has not showered in 2 days) took a nap up in the HOH room yesterday.

    *Late last night, Jordan told Jeff she's not sure she can really trust Natalie & would be able to trust her more if Kevin was in the jury house.

    *Russell: "I HAVE TO win the POV tomorrow." (says this to Michele)
    *Jeff told Jordan that Natalie is the "weakest player" and they need to keep her around & knock Kevin out before her.

    *Jeff/Jordan questioned if Michele was truly 'with them' or not.
    Jordan: "Do you think Michele is still with us?"
    Jeff: "I don't know."
    Jeff: "We haven't talked to her in a while."
    Jordan: "She's been kinda distant."
    Jeff: "If she f*cking stays distant, then the decision is easy...I'm breaking them up."

    *Jordan/Jeff sex talk:
    Jordan: "Would you have sex in the HOH if someone else was with you?"
    Jeff: "No! what am I, a porn star?"
    Talk continues...
    Jeff: "We're going to a hotel as soon as we leave here!"
    Jordan: "Nooooooooooooo, Jefff!! Well I could make out with you!"
    Jeff: "Are you serious?
    Jordan: "Are you?"
    Jeff: "I am if you are!"
    Jordan: "You're a great guy, Jeff."
    Jeff: "So does that mean we can fool around?"
    Jordan: JEFFFF!!" NO fooling around!"

    *At 1:42am BBT, the kissed each other goodnight. Jeff said he felt some tongue.

    Okay, that's it for the Overnighter, starting a new post for the afternoon! ;-)

    Stay tuned...

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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Evening in the BB House (+Noms Spoiler)

    At 5:46pm BBT, the live feeds came back. Still not sure who won, so hang tight...

    Nominated for Eviction is:

    Natalie & Kevin

    Currently on the live feeds...

    Everyone is in the kitchen. Russell is making churros for everyone.

    Natalie/Jordan are sitting at the kitchen counter. Kevin is roaming in the kitchen.

    House is on inside lockdown.

    Natalie: "Please don't evict me!" (semi-joking voice)

    6:08pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Michele is shaving her legs in the bathroom, as Jeff plays solitaire & listens to his Bob Marley CD on the bed.

    Meanwhile downstairs...

    6:08pm BBT:

    Non-game talk. They're talking about food.
    Inside lockdown is over.

    Jeff is now downstairs. Jeff/Kevin putting steaks on the grill.

    6:16pm BBT:
    Backyard Couches

    Not much talking is going on.

    6:23pm BBT:
    Jordan just confirmed that Nat/Kev are on the block

    6:39pm BBT:

    Natalie said she's trying to be positive but it's hard because this is her 4th time on the block, and she's scared that Russ will win the POV and one of them (Kev/Nat) will get evicted. Jordan said she feels bad because Kevin is so sad. Jordan then bad mouths Russell again by saying how paranoid he is.

    All HG's are working together to prepare tonight's dinner. Steak & salad, and Jordan baked muffins.

    7:08pm BBT:
    Backyard Couches

    Jeff has been talking about him going to Europe and all his adventures over there. He said he had to sleep on a beach in Europe because he couldn't find a hotel over there due to some major festival going on.

    BB: "Russell, please go to the diary room."

    Jeff continues his stories.

    Sidenote: At this point, Jeff still plans on backdooring Russell. Tomorrow's POV Comp will determine if that option will even be available this week or not. If Russ wins the POV tomorrow, then Kevin or Natalie will be going to the jury house next.

    Inside the house, Natalie/Kevin/Jordan have been talking in the kitchen/dinning room area. Natalie is telling Jordan that she's always been gunning for Michele & Lydia. Jordan said her target was always Jessie. Kevin told Jordan that if the plan works (and Russell goes this week), then he appreciates being safe this week. Also, Kevin told Jordan that he was never gunning for her or Jeff, it's always been Russell.

    7:21pm BBT:
    Backyard Couches
    Jeff/Michele...then Jordan & Russ join.

    Michele just told Jeff that he's "sitting there looking cute" & laughing at all his jokes. Jordan comes out a minute later and Michele's smile disappears instantly.

    Russ joins them after his long Diary Room session.

    Jordan: "Gosh, I'm so moody (on my period)."
    Jeff: "I can tell."
    Jeff tells her maybe she should take some asprin for her cramps. A couple minutes later, she heads inside.

    8:04pm BBT:
    Nothing much has been going on. No game talk. Random chatter.
    Natalie is in the hot tub, Jeff is smoking by the backyard couches, Michele has her legs in the hot tub. They're all talking about their biggest fears. Jeff said he tries not to live life in fear, that's no way to live. Natalie said hers are bugs.

    Natalie: "If somebody offered to pay me $1 million dollars to eat a beetle, I wouldn't."

    Jeff is now in the hot tub as well.

    Kevin just told a story about a praying mantis that was in his car & he made his boyfriend leave work to drive the car home because Kev refused to drive it since he didn't know where the mantis was. lol Still random chit-chat.

    8:44pm BBT:
    Random chit-chat continues. Jeff said that he will feel wierd if he's ever asked for his autograph. Jordan is now outside as well after eating a muffin.

    ...and with that, I'm outty. lol :P Don't forget, Showtime After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central!! :D See ya'll back here in the morning with the Overnighter & hopefully some interesting game talk recaps! ;-) If you don't have Showtime but still wanna watch the house cameras & see what's going on, then check out the live feeds!! It's $15 for 1 month and with only 4 weeks left, it's totally worth it!!

    Stay tuned...

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    Afternoon in the BB House

    Holy Moly! Sorry guys & dolls, as I was waiting for the HG's to wake up, I dozed off on the couch. I knew getting only 4 hours of sleep was gonna catch up to me sometime today. Ughhh. :( The good news is that we barely missed anything! :D Yayyy!!! There was a lot of laying around inside & outside the house, and not that much game talk.

    Let's get caught up to speed:
    *Russell woke up grumpy from sleeping in the Have Not's room. (This is his first time being a Have Not.)

    *Jeff told Kevin/Natalie that he wants to backdoor Russ this week, but that they (Kev/Nat) are going up. Jeff told them that one of them (Kev/Nat) needs to win the Veto.

    *At 2:15pm BBT, Kev/Nat played pool & Nat said she has a feeling one of them are going home this week. Natalie figures it out that he's not gonna put up Russ & piss him off unless he has to.

    *At 2:25pm BBT, Jeff joined Kev/Nat outside and they expressed other options to him & Jeff said he's open to other options. Kevin threw Michele under the bus by saying he overheard her say she wants him (Jeff) out. Natalie told Jeff that if Russ was Final 2, he'd win. Jeff said he'd talk to Jordan and see if they could possibly switch things up.

    Currently on the live feeds...

    3:00pm BBT:
    Red Room

    Kevin & Natalie are still worried about being nominated today. (Nominations will be taking place in a couple of hours.) Kevin said if Jeff was smart, he'd get rid of Russell this week because he's a tough competitor.
    They then lay down.

    3:07pm BBT:
    HOH Room
    Michele is laying down in the HOH bed.

    3:09pm BBT:
    All 4 feeds are on Kevin/Natalie sleeping.

    3:31pm BBT:
    Workout Room

    Jeff is telling Jordan that he's thinking of another plan. He's thinking of putting up Michele/Russell, with Russ as the target.

    Jeff: "They said to change our Final 4 deal and go with them. But of course they're gonna say that, ya know?"
    Jordan: "I think it'd better to stick with Russell and Michele. This could be a poker face (on Natalie/Kevin's part). I want Russ out now because the next HOH Comp will be endurance."
    Jeff: "But if I put up Kevin & Natalie, they're gonna be pissed."

    They're talking about different scenarios of who goes up & and who would benefit J/J to go home this week.

    Jordan thinks it might be better to keep Russell another week, and get rid of Kevin or Natalie. Jordan is pushing for Natalie to go home. Jeff still wants to backdoor Russell.

    Jordan: "I wanna trust Natalie, but...we gotta look out for me & you."

    Jordan: "I think you should just put up Natalie & Kevin and just see what happens with the POV. Do you think Nat/Kev would come after you for putting them up?"

    They're going round & round.
    Jeff: "Two people have to go up! We have to..have HOH next week. You or Michele."
    Jeff said he can't put up Russ because if Russ stays, he's gonna gun after Jeff hardcore.
    Jordan: "Then put up Kevin & Natalie."

    Natalie enters the convo.

    Jeff is telling Natalie that he doesn't wanna put Russell up becuse even if he lies & tells Russ he's a pawn, he's not going to believe him and he'll play even *that* much harder in the POV.
    Jeff: "I know it sucks. Believe, I know!" (re: being on the block)

    Natalie doesn't look like she believes them, but she's playing it off well. Jeff tells Natalie that if he (Jeff) or Jordan wins the POV, she'll come off the block.

    Natalie reminds them that Russ would be playing in this weeks HOH comp that could very well be an endurance comp.
    Natalie: "Remember, this week might be endurance."
    Jeff: "And I can't play."

    Meeting is over @ 4:01pm BBT.

    4:03pm BBT:
    Backyard Couches

    Natalie tells Kevin about her convo with Jeff/Jordan.

    Natalie: "They said that if Russ plays in the POV and he's on the block, he's going to go balls to the wall & really fight! This way, he won't fight that hard for it (by not being on the block.)"
    Kevin: "Did you ask if we both stay up, who is the target?"
    Natalie: "No. There's no need to make a situation even more uncomfortable right now. We gotta split them up (Michele/Jeff/Jordan/Russ)."

    4:23pm BBT:
    Workout Room

    Looks like the plan is the same: put up Kevin/Natalie, with backdooring Russell as their goal this week. If Russ wins POV, then they'll send home Natalie or Kevin. After talking in circles, they start to take a nap..but Jordan looks like she's still thinking alot because her eyes keep opening every couple of minutes.

    Meanwhile, outside...
    Natalie is by herself. Kevin was called into the Diary Room. Jeff said that Kevin is the last to get called into the D.R. before the Nomination Ceremony begins.

    Kevin is out of the Diary & is back outside.
    Natalie says she feels good about this week, even though they're gonna be on the block.

    4:39pm BBT:
    Kevin/Natalie discuss that they have to win HOH next week so that they can get Jeff out.

    Jeff gets called into the Diary Room. House goes on outside lockdown. Nominations are about to begin!

    4:43pm BBT:
    Feeds cut to Control Room where I saw a guy (Jeff or production) in the HOH room getting the bag of house keys for the nomination wheel.

    5:38pm BBT:
    Trivia still on the feeds...

    Stay tuned...

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