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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Overnighter

Hey BB fans! :D It's Saturday and that means...well..nothing in the BB house. lol :P The Finale 3 will stay there until the Finale on Tuesday night. The feeds have been boring (and so has Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime). Yesterday, the HG's slept until 3pm and then the rest of the day was very uneventful. Natalie did some more cooking (she's been trying to learn how to cook for her man). BB gave them some games to play with, and there was very little game talk. There's nothing game wise to really talk about at this point in the game.

The HG's even commented on how boring it is in the house now & talked about how boring it was during BB9 to watch Ryan & Adam in the house for 5 days by themselves. Sadly, that's the point we're at. Big Brother is just a short 3 days away from being over. :( But don't fret, because BB12 is about 10 months away! lol :P (Lawdy, that's a long time! Ughh.)

Alrighty, I'm gonna go over some things that happened yesterday that are worth mentioning & then I'm gonna let ya'll enjoy your Saturday!

9:40pm BBT:
Red Room

Kev doesn't like constantly reassuring Nat that everything is fine & he's thinking about telling her on Monday. He's scared that if he tells her on Tuesday night, that she'll "cause a terror". If he tells her earlier, he'll have time to calm her down and be like "look, I had no choice."

Jordan: "I think she keeps asking because she kinda knows...don't ya think?"
Kevin: "I think she keeps asking because she knows it's totally up to us now. She has no...nothing!"
Jordan: "Mm hmm."
Kevin: "That means..if you stick (to the plan)...we both won at least $50,000!"
Jordan: "I know! But I'm scared you're gonna flip."
Kevin: "I'm NOT! I'm scared YOU'RE gonna flip."

The both reassure each other that they won't flip and it's a done deal. Natalie's out. They both "know" that Natalie would win over both of them.

Kevin: "I just wanna tell (Natalie),'s logical (to not take you for Final 2)."

9:55pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie threw Kevin under the bus by (lying) to Jordan. She told Jordan that Kevin & Nat haven't talked game since before Thursday and that she hasn't asked Kevin at all about taking her to the Final 2. (We all know she has asked him over & over again.)

Jordan: "He told me that you've been asking him."
Natalie: "He's a liar! That's what he does. He lies."

**Note: Natalie asked Jordan for the hundreth time if she (Jord) was taking her (Nat) to Final 2. Jordan said yes but she's just
playing it off.

1:16am BBT:
Natalie admitted to cheating during the Otev POV Comp by helping Kevin find bananas. Jordan said BB were reviewing tapes to disqualify both of them (Kev/Nat) but that it didn't matter because they lost anyways.

That's it for the Overnighter portion on this post. :)

Also, don't forget, America is the 7th Juror (thanks to Chima getting expelled)! If you still need to vote, here's the link:

America's Vote

Tomorrow (Sunday), us BB fans get to see a Highlights Episode at 8pm EST/7pm Central with "never before seen footage". (But if you're a loyal feeds watcher, you've probably already seen all the footage. :P ) Then on Tuesday, we have the 2 hour finale! :D

Okay guys & dolls, go enjoy your Saturday & if there's anything to post (news on the HG's or anything BB related), I will surely post it!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Announcements

Happy Friday everyone!! :D As of today, there's only 4 days left until Finale night. If nothing changes from last night, then it seems that Natalie's game has ended. Kevin has said not only in his Diary Room sessions for the past 2 weeks that he wants Natalie out, but he also told Jordan last night that he does indeed want her out & has ever since Pandora's Box and that his mind "is made up".

On top of that, every time that Natalie has asked Kevin for reassurance, Kevin would say stuff like "Oh, stop it." and then quickly change the subject to totally avoid her questioning.

In other news...
America is the 7th Juror and it's up to ya'll to vote for who you would like to see win Big Brother 11! :D Have you voted yet?? ;-)

America's Vote

Psst...there's a new poll on right side of the blog!

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Holy Moly!! Jordan won and that proves that this season is indeed not ovahhhh!! ;-) Naturally, Natalie tried to make excuses of why/how she lost to Jordan. (It's a big pill swallow, aye Natalie? You lost to a girl you constantly called a "dumb bitch".)

The feeds have been rather interesting to watch ever since tonight's episode ended. Here are some cliffnotes, then I'll dive right on into the Evening Post.

*Natalie told Kevin that she will not give her jury vote to whoever evicts her.
*She told Kevin that her fate is solely in his hands.
*Kevin doesn't want to talk badly about anything/anyone because now America is voting and he doesn't want the feed watchers to see. (Obviously he knows we've been watching, but I think this was his way of shutting Natalie up.)
*Natalie told Kevo that if he takes Jordan, she will win against him.
*As Kevin is in the Diary Room, Natalie told Jordan that Kevo will be up her (Jordans) ass the next few days.
*Jordan told Natalie she'd take her over Kevin to the Final 2. (Lie or truth? Hmm!)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:41pm BBT:
Red Room

Jordan told Natalie that she's taking her to the Final 2 (but I think she's lying to her.)

6:44pm BBT:
Red Room
Jordan/Kevin (Nat is in Diary Room)

Kevin said his mind is MADE UP to get Natalie out and his mind has been made up since Pandora's Box! Kevin spills every scenario that Nat has pissed off Kevin (he sounds very, very serious in wanting Natalie out!!)

**Geez, all 3 of them have been talking at the speed of light tonight!! So hard to transcribe! lol

Jordan went through every single possible vote for herself, Natalie, and Kevin. She shows Kevin that it's better if they (Jordan/Kevo) take each other to the end.

Kevin: "My mind is made up (to take you to the Final 2) and it's been made up for a very long time! Ever since Pandora's box, actually."

6:51pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...

While we wait for the feeds to come back...

It seems that no matter who wins Part 3, Natalie is out of the game! Kevin has made it very clear he will NOT be taking her to the Final 2. Jordan told Kevin that she won't take Natalie to the Final 2 either because she can't win against Natalie because "all of her friends are in the jury house".

I do believe Natalie's game just ended tonight! ;-)

8:12pm BBT:
Trivia still on the feeds!

The HG's are enjoying their Final 3 dinner! :)

(I believe it's Sushi.)

Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! I'm watching BB After Dark (currently Kevin & Nat are talking about past HG's & Jordan is in the Diary Room.) See ya'll back here tomorrow! :D

Stay tuned...

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Thursday Night's Live Show

Good Evening, BB fans! :D Tonight's live show starts at 8pm EST/7pm Central. We'll see Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp where Natalie/Jordan will go head to head! We'll also get to see Jeff entering the Jury House and the reactions from jury house members. Will they be welcoming? Or rude? I'm also curious if Jeff will get to see his goodbye messages on the DVD that he'll play for the Jury House HG's.

Also, we will see former Houseguests on tonight's show:

Evel Dick, Janelle, Mike Boogie, and Danielle Reyes

What will they do or say? Only time will tell! ;-)

The Chat Room will be open at 7:30pm EST, so hop on in! If you're not much of a chatter, then join me in the comment section below.

See ya at 7:30pm EST! :D

**Sidenote: Not sure why, but Kevin, Natalie & Jordan have packed their clothes. Natalie said she wishes production would tell them if they *needed* to pack or not.

Show Notes:
*All Final 3 will make it to Finale Night.
*Part 3 HOH to be played on Finale Night.
*Kevin *honestly* wants Natalie OUT!! He'll take Jordan to the Final 2!

Winner of Part 2 is:


America is the 7th Juror: Cast Your Vote

Click to go to Vote!!

Stay tuned...

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Thursday's Announcements

Hey BB fans! :D It's Thursday & you know what the means...tonight is the *LIVE* show at 8pm EST/7pm Central where we will see Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp.

The Final 3 spent hours last night practicing with the set-up BB gave them:

(FYI: Natalie did horrible! Out of 20 tries, she only got 6 in the hole.)

Moving on...

Seems that the talks of Natalie cheating with the rubberband around her wrist can be put to rest. She was switching hands through-out the HOH Comp, making it impossible to have her wrist strapped to the key. (She would have had to keep slipping the rubber band over hand and she didn't.) It was most likely to keep water from dripping inside her hoodie.

And in other news...

Big Brother has been picked up for another season!!! w00t w00t!!

CBS Press Express posted a press release stating that BB12 will in fact happen in Summer of 2010! BB fans, rejoice! And of course, I will also be back for the 12th season of Big Brother, blogging away as usual! :D

"Jamie, how can I find you for next season?"

The easiest way to find me is by going to! No matter what BB season it is, typing in " into you address bar will automatically redirect you to wherever I am...season after season! Easy as pie! ;-)


You can go ahead & bookmark the new blog site right now:

Okay guys & dolls, that's it for now. I will meet ya'll back here tonight for the *LIVE* show at 8pm EST!!! See ya then!! :D

Big Brother ratings up 7% from BB10!
Source: Associated Press

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Update + Kevin's "technical" issue (UPDATED!)

Hey guys & dolls!! I just want to give ya'll a quick update on things that happened yesterday (Weds.) inside the BB house! :D

*Natalie said her proposal was "awkard" & "shocking". She didn't know how to react, but was really happy. She wasn't even sure if she was allowed to kiss him or what to say to him.

*Natalie also said that production doesn't want her to win BB11.

And one more thing...

9:57pm BBT:
Kevin gets called into the Diary Room, but his mic isn't shut off. You can hear him walk in the Diary Room, open up a door, and then the beginning of a convo...

Woman: "Hey Kevin!"
Kevin: "Heeey!"
Woman: "The technical issue JUST came up, and..
Kevin: (giggle) "Okay."

*Mic volume fades down & eventually off.*

I'm not sure which "technical issue" the production woman was talking about. It was either the POV Comp last week (Kevo said he saw the questions before anybody else because of a technical error & that gave him extra time to think about the answers), or Tuesday night's endurance comp. (Kevin was turned to the side for most of the comp, when they were told to look "towards the pool" by Mike O. of production.)
There's also been talks about Natalie cheating as well for 2 reasons: (1)She was wearing a wrist band that connected her key to her hand...

...& (2) She was gripping the rope of they key at various times, not the key itself as instructed.

UPDATE: Someone posted this in the comments section & it makes sense. Please read! :)

"Some people have said that nat put the rubberbands around then end of her sleeve in order to keep the water from going down them, which does make sense. Also, if she put something around her key, it wouldn't have been to keep her from falling (because that would work with a rubberband)... I think it would be more so she didn't do something stupid, as in the past, and accidentally let go of her key. However, no one ever saw her remove the band and she did switch hands. Also the fact that her hand was around the rope (a whole different kind of cheating) almost proves there couldn't have been a rubberband, at least not the whole time."

Great point! :)

In other news...
The Final 3 got a practice set-up for Thursday's Live Show Part 2 HOH Comp (which is "physical"). Take a look! :D

It might be a "roll your ball into this circle for this answer" type of physical comp. We'll find out tonight at 8pm during the live show!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday in the BB House (*Updated!!*)

Good morning, BB fans!! :D Julie Chen said that Thursday we will see Part 2 of the Final HOH, which is the Physical Comp. (This is not how all other season have gone, so I'm confused by this.) I'll keep my eyes & ears on the feeds to see what I can pick up from the HG's.

**UPDATE #1:'s description for Thursday's episode is this:
The final Head of Household competition is held between the three remaining houseguests. The winner evicts one person, reducing the number to two finalist.

Michele did her exit interview with Julie & if you would like to see it, here it is!

Watch CBS Videos Online

Also, if you haven't yet voted for America's Favorite Houseguest, here's the link:
Vote for America's Favorite Houseguest

If you have the time, check out this article that Steven (from BB10) wrote. It's worth the read! Warning: Not for Natalie fans. ;-)
The GNat Attack by Steven Daigle

UPDATE #2: The Inside Dish w/ Ross interview with Michele is now up! :D
Ross Interviews Michele

UPDATE #3: CBS made a press release stating that Evel Dick, Janelle, Danielle Reyes, and Mike Boogie will be on Thursday night's live episode!
CBS Press Release

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below (I'll be moderating comments all day).

This season kicked my butt & I'm feeling extra worn-out today, so bear with me. lol :P

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Winner of Part 1 (of 3) Final HOH is...

After 4 hours of the Endurance Comp, we have a winner!!

Winner of Part 1 of the Final HOH is:


*Jordan fell first.
*Kev/Nat made a deal when Jordan was inside showering for Natalie to drop first then Kevin last, and they did.

Part 2 is tomorrow (Wednesday) & it's the Physical Comp. Natalie & Jordan will go head-to-head.

Currently on the live feeds...
*Natalie & Kevin just got done with their showers.
*Kevin just got dressed.
*Jordan is eating Cup O' Noodles at the kitchen counter.

Kevin joins Jordan in the kitchen area.
Jordan: "I just wanna go to bed!"
Kevin: "I heard someone say "Hang in there, Jordan!" (He thinks it was Michele.)
Jordan: "I guess they escort you though the back, then?"

BB: "Kevin, please put on your microphone."

Kevin notices that there's only 3 chairs now at the dinner table.

Kevin: *gasp* "3 chairs!"

Kev/Jordo are now talking about Michele's speech.

Kevin said that Michele changed her outfit (from a dress to endurance comp clothes) because she didn't want her husband to think she was a quitter.

Pizza is cooking in the oven as the Final 3 continue to talk.

Kevin: "We made it to the end!"
Jordan: "Yeah, we did make it to the end!"

Natalie tells Jordan about Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp (Physical Comp). Jordan asked if it's like POV comps, and she said not really but it has to deal with questions. (Who was first out, etc etc.)

BB: "Kevin, please go to the Diary Room."

Natalie & Jordan talk about a little bit of everything.

Jordan said she had another hour in here but knew Kevin could go all night.

Jordan: "I still feel like you & him will take each other to the end."
Natalie tells her that she'd take Jordan to the Final 2 over Kevin. Natalie said she's worried that Jordan would take Kevin over Natalie.

Jordan: "Kevin is probably worried, too." (about who they'd both take to the Final 2.)

**Okie dokie, I'm outta here for the night! I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter! Don't forget, tomorrow (Wednesday) is Part 2 of the Final HOH!! See ya'll tomorrow!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Endurance Comp: (Continued...)

Continuing from the previous post...

**Wanna watch the Endurance Comp?
Get the Feeds!!**

Kevin: "That was some COLD ASS RAIN!!!"

8:41pm BBT:
Natalie almost slipped off!

Natalie: "OooOOOO!"

**Friendly Reminder: Big Brother After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central!! :D

The Final 3 are *still* going strong!!

8:53pm BBT:
Natalie almost fell...big time!! Both feet were actually off of the log, but she managed to get back on quickly because she was hanging by her key with both hands.

9:03pm BBT:
All 3 still hanging on...

Natalie checks up on everyone by asking how they're doing.

Jordan/Kevin both say good.

Natalie is telling production to get the log moving again so because it helps her keep the blood circulating. (Just a few mins ago, she told production "OKay, that's enough!" during the snow blizzard.)

They all share a power bar. Kevin puts the remaining back in his pocket.

Kevin: "Saving that for breakfast!"

(He plans on being up there allll night long!)
Natalie: "You guys can just fall! ..and compete tomorrow. I'm not goin' anywhere!"
Kevin: "This is mine, wench."

Kevin said his rain is "ice cold rain". Natalie said "someone" just chucked ice at her. (LOL)

9:21pm BBT:
Natalie just got Jordan's attention and said something, but I couldn't hear it over the wind & rain.

All 3 HG's still standing...

The Final 3 still hanging on tight!!

Natalie is trying to get the others to fall.

Kevin: "I'm going until the sun rises, wench!"
Natalie: "Well, I'm going longer than that, so.."
Kevin: "Well then I'll drop when the sun rises then."

**They've been up there for 3 hours now!

Jordan is complaining to Natalie that she's cold & her hands hurt.
Natalie: (to her fiance) "Hunny, I know you're watching..I love you & miss you!"

10:05pm BBT:
Still holding on strong!

10:06pm BBT:
Leaves & wind are hitting the HG's and flying around like crazy. The log is not moving at the moment. (All a part of the torture! ;-))

10:15pm BBT:

Jordan: "Who wants to play Rock, Paper, Scissors? I'm getting coooooolllllld."
Natalie: "I'm sure there's some nice warm towels over there."

10:18pm BBT:
Natalie is trying to convince Jordan to fall.
Natalie: "There's still 2 more comps left!"

10:22pm BBT:
Kevin is shivering as ice-cold rain comes down.
Natalie is looking rather cold as well. She just did a session of heavy breathing.

JORDAN FELL @ 10:26pm BBT!!!

The log, which was in a stop position, started back up & caught Jordan off guard.

Kevin: "It's down to me & you, wench."
Natalie: "I can go all night!"

Kevin started to eat more of his power bar.

10:29pm BBT:
Kevin almost fell when BB started the log back up again.

Jordan is inside at the moment.

10:30pm BBT:
Natalie & Kevin make a deal. Natalie will drop in 10 minutes, but there's doubt between the both of them. They're bickering back & forth.

Natalie: "We need to do it before she comes back out." (The log isn't moving.)

Natalie: "All I gotta do is beat her tomorrow, and then it's done! $50,000 for sure! And you know "they" are gonna try to get in your head!" (They=Production)
Kevin: "They already tried and it didn't work with Michele."

Kevin reminds Natalie how much time is left before she's supposed to drop.

Kevin: "6 minutes, bitch!" (laughs)
Natalie: "If Russ and Jeff were here (for this comp)..."
Kevin: "I still have another 2 hours left in me."

**FYI: Jordan is still inside, taking a shower.

10:47pm BBT:
It's been 10 minutes and Natalie still hasn't dropped yet. Kevin almost fell.

10:51pm BBT:
Natalie dropped on purpose.

Kevin walked off a minute later. lol

All are inside now.
Natalie: "This biz-natch beat me."

Stay tuned...

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Endurance Comp:

Okay ladies & gents, this is it!! :D It's time for the Final HOH Comp Part 1 Endurance Comp!!!

**Wanna watch the Endurance Comp?
Get the Feeds!!**

7:26pm BBT:
All 3 are still hanging on!!!

Natalie: "Well, I won't throw up this time (like I did in the Graduation Day HOH comp)."

Wind, rain and leaves start to fall...

All 3 are still going strong!!

7:36pm BBT:
Natalie: "How ya doin' Jordo?"
Jordan: "Good."
Natalie: "Kevin?"
Kevin: "Good."
Natalie: "Good, because so am I."

**If you just got the Live Feeds tonight, stick on Camera 1. They tend to show a little bit of everything so that you don't have to keep switching camera views. :)

Natalie is telling Jordan how Michele will be "soooo happy" to hang out with Jeff without Jordan around while in the Jury House.

Jordan: "You're such an instigator."
Natalie: "It's true! The girl's a BITCH!"

7:42pm BBT:
All 3 still hanging on with no signs of getting tired! The log just STOPPED in mid-turn!

Kevin: "OHHHH my god!"
Natalie: "Good one, Big Brother!!! That almost got me!"

Water starts to pour down on them.

The water stops. Kevin thinks it broke because of a clicking noise it made. (It didn't.)

7:46pm BBT:
The log starts moving...BACKWARDS!! Jordan is having a little bit of a hard time with it.

Jordan: "Are we allowed to turn the other way?"
Mike O. (Production): "Gotta face the pool side."

7:49pm BBT:
All 3 looking strong at this point. The log is still slowly moving backwards & water is off & on every few minutes.

7:54pm BBT:
Lots of wind, rain, & leaves as the log rolls foward now at a moderate pace.

7:58pm BBT:
Natalie: "What the hell is that white stuff? Snow?"
Jordan: "Yeah."
Natalie: "Snow is next."

Natalie's had a few sneezes in the past 5 minutes. She's sniffling every 5-10 seconds.

As Natalie is sniffling & looking cold...

...Jordan is smiling. lol

Natalie: "It'!! It's f*ckin' ice! And snow!"

Kevin: "Winter SUCKS!"

...and the raining starts back up & the log moves BACKWARDS again!

Natalie made a comment 2 minutes ago that this comp was "easy". Now BB is making it hard by making the log spin really fast...then STOP...then go the other wind & rain!!!!

Natalie still looks like she's the one hurting the most at this point.

The log keeps moving back & forth..back & forth....then it STOPS!

Kevin: "Please tell me it broke!"
Natalie: "Kevin! It didn't break."

Log moves again then stops. (Just to prove that it didn't break. lol)

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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