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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Okay, so Kevin won the POV and it looks like Michele is going home, but she's not done just yet! ;-)

At 5:20pm BBT, Michele & Kevin were talking and Michele told him if he picked her (Michele) over Jordan, then Nat would be an extra vote for him in the Jury House. Michele also said that she won't take it personally if he votes her out, but he could either win $500,000 or not. Kevin said he knows & he's not playing for 2nd place, and also that there's time to think about things.

But we also can't forget that it's Kevin's plan to make Jordan & Michele sweat during the next few days by telling them he's undecided.

Currently on the live feeds...

5:40pm BBT:

Michele said that she's not crying today or freaking out, so that means she'll probably be in bed all day tomorrow and want to be left alone.

Michele/Jordan just promised each other their Jury Vote if they get to the end.

7:00pm BBT:
Nothing much has been going on. Kevin told Nat that he'll tell Jordan tomorrow that she's safe, but won't tell Michele she's going home because they still want her to sweat it out. (According to Kevin, she's 100% going home, no doubt about it.)

The Final 4 talked about how many days are left in the game (10) and how quickly the season is coming to an end.

And here's a pic of Kevin's crack. (Yep, I'm bored. lol :P)

8:14pm BBT:
Okie dokie guys & dolls, I'm outta here. Nothing really worth mentioning has been going on. I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter (why do I have a feeling it's gonna be a short Overnighter tomorrow? lol :P) I'll be online until BB After Dark on Showtime2 is over, so feel free to still leave comments! :D See ya'll in the comment section!

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (+POV Comp)

At 12:14pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means the POV Comp has started! :D Who will win the Power of Veto? Stick around & find out! ;-)

*If Kevin wins, Michele most likely goes.
*If Michele wins, Kevin most likely goes.
*If Jordan wins, Kevin most likely goes.

2:15pm BBT:
Trivia still on the feeds...

Feeds came back @ 2:25pm BBT!

Winner of the POV is:


Natalie: "Dude, me and you, Final 2!"

**Natalie, you gotta win the Final 3 HOH Comps first. Don't jump the gun there, pitbull.

Kevin is very happy that he just made Final 3. Looks like Michele is going home. Natalie told Kevin to befriend Jordan for next week.

Natalie now saying that she's gonna have to tell Jordan "By default, you're going on the block, and Kevin will be evicting my way because I want vengeance."

Kevin: "How do I know you're not taking Jordan to the end? How can YOU reassure me?!"
Natalie: "I put it on my EVERYTHING!"
Kevin: "What's everything?"
Natalie: "The engagement."
Kevin: "That shit could be made up!"
Natalie: "It's not! Julie will have to ask me about that shit! Me and you, Final 2. That's it! We're goin' to the end together. Final 2! I just got $50 G's!!"


Switching feeds to....

2:38pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan: "I suck at this game. I can't win anything! If I could just win something...I'm the worst player in Big Brother history."

They're talking about the POV Comp.

Michele: "Well, vengeance is theirs."
Jordan: "Why oh why."

Feeds auto-switch to...

HOH Room

Kevin: "We need to get Jordan out as soon as possible (in the Final 3 HOH)."

They keep comparing themselves to Dan & Memphis of last year. Kevin keeps calling Michele "the bitch". (ex: "The bitch needs to come to me.")

Natalie plans on "c*ckblocking" Michele from talking to Kevin so there's no way for her to campaign to stay.

They move downstairs to the Red Room.

Kevin: "That was set up for Michele to win! She was done in like, 5 minutes!"

Kevin told Natalie that he has to make a fake Final 2 deal with Jordan "just in case" and Natalie says she agrees "100%".

Talk/gloating/celebrating continues.

Kevin said if he wins BB, he'll propose to his boyfriend. Natalie says she already has a "wedding to plan for" and it's a "dream come true".

**For those of you who are "done" with this season, make sure to come back next season & join me for BB12! ;-) Easiest way to find me is by typing in!

Jordan is now talking to Kevo/Nat in the Red Room about the POV Comp.

3:24pm BBT:
Jordan keeps saying how "embarrassed" she is (at doing so poorly at the POV Comp) and how "humiliated" she is.

Natalie just told Kevin, in front of Jordan, that he'd be stupid to not get rid of Michele because she can beat him in the Final 3 mental challenge. (She basically just told Kevin to take Jordan because she's not smart.) Jordan looked really sad & the camera man zoomed in on her.

Stay tuned...

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Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's woke up around 10am BBT. The only thing worth mentioning that happened between then & now is that Kevin told Michele that Natalie is no longer "on his side" and that she wouldn't have a problem with getting her out in the Final 3. He then asked Michele who she'd get rid of (between him & Jordo) if she won POV. She said she'd wait to see who the POV.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:36am BBT:
Workout Room

Michele is stretching for today's POV comp, which they think will start shortly at 12pm BBT.

BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."

Sidenote: The POV Comp is today, but the Veto Ceremony/Eviction/Part 1 of Final HOH is all live on Tuesday. Just wanted to clarify. :)

11:47am BBT:
HOH Room

They're going over events dates/numbers/facts. They think today's POV Comp is gonna be a question comp since they never went on lockdown last night (which is what they normally do for phsyical POV comps.)

11:55am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Natalie asked Jordan if she can do her hair for her, Jordan says yes. Natalie then tells Jordan that she really likes wearing a tampon (instead of a pad).

Their mics then get turned off or something, because audio was impossible to hear for about a minute, but as they were slowly turned up (I'm guessing by production), I could hear them talking about Kevin "trying to cover up his tracks".

12:04pm BBT:
BB: "Natalie, please go to the Diary Room."

Natalie doesn't think it's time for the POV comp just yet, but if it is, we'll find out very shortly!

Michele & Jordan have a quick meeting in the bathroom...

...but due to Michele's mic constantly rubbing on her jacket, I couldn't make out anything except the word "motovation". A minute later, BB told her to move her mic up higher.

Upstairs in the HOH room, Kevin is still studying event dates, etc.

12:14pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! It's time for the POV Comp! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! :D It's Saturday in the BB house and that means only 1 thing: the POV Comp is today! If Kevin doesn't win, he's pretty much a goner. If Michele wins, Kevin is DEFINITELY a goner. If Kevin wins, Michele is going home. Either way, Jordo looks like she's totally safe this week.

I'm already half way done with the Overnighter, so let me get some screencaps to go with it and I'll post it right here! ;-)

*Kevin told Michele & Jordan that if Julie Chen doesn't ask Natalie about "the proposal" by Thursday, then they'll know "something is up" (about the proposal being fake).

*At 10pm BBT, Kevin was talking to himself in the backyard.

Kevin: "I'm so screwed right now. I am so screwed."

*11:42pm BBT, Kevin told Michele/Jordan everything that Natalie is doing.

He tells them that Natalie is trying to get him out this week, but there won't be any blood on her hands for the eviction (if he goes). He also said that Natalie didn't even try to win the 'The Smores the Merrier' HOH Comp after she saw he (Kevo) was in the lead. The reason for Nat throwing the comp was so that Kevin could win HOH and get even more 'blood on his hands', as opposed to her. Kevin then threw Natalie under the bus BIG TIME by telling Jordan and Michele that there is NO WAY they could win against her in the Final 2. (He's planting the seed for them to get Natalie out next.)

Kevin also said that she has a "mystery power" that she can use at the end of the game. He plants the seed of paranoia into Jordan & Michele's head that it could be anything, including a Final 2 reversal. Basically, Kevin is trying to make sure Natalie doesn't enter the Final 2 at all.

After Kevin left, Michele told Jordan that Kevo was "just trying to bait us" into talking smack about Natalie so that he could run back & tell her. (Truthfully, I don't think he was.)

*Michele said she's worried that the Jury House will see Natalie's speech during yesterday's Nomination Ceremony and how that will be bad for her. (Natalie called her a backstabber, liar, etc etc.)

*At 11:50pm BBT, Kevin goes to Natalie and tells her that he told Jordo/Michele "Out of all the people in the house, I would never take Natalie to the end, the Nominations speech proves that we're not in a Final 2 together, so they totally don't think we're together". (But he never told her how he totally threw her under the bus.)

Natalie tells Kevin that she told Jordan that she would perfer to see Michele go to the Jury House this week, rather than Kevin. Kevin told Natalie that he's worried about the POV comp (which he now has to play for himself since Natalie can't play.)

*At 12:09am BBT, Jordan tried to show Natalie how to put in a tampon.

Jordan, bless her heart, was very patient and detailed in showing Natalie how to do it.

*1:10am BBT: Did Natalie slip up & say she talked to Jessie? Hmm!

Natalie: "The only vote I had in the jury house was Jessie's and I don't even think I have that anymore because I talked to him today, my boyfriend today.." (Jordo talks over her about Lydia's vote.)

During this convo, Jordan told Natalie what Kevo said about "Don't take Natalie to the Final 2 because she has the votes".

Natalie: "But we're all saying that about each other, ya know?" (laughing)

*Around 2am BBT, Jordan/Michele/Natalie had a long sex talk. From losing their viginity, to Michele being bisexual. Michele admits that even though she's bisexual, she's never had sex with a girl, but always wanted to.

*Michele & Jordan encouraged each other that they "can do this" (win POV) and get to the Final 3 together.

And that's it for the Overnighter! :P Starting a new post at the top shortly!

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+Nominations)

At 7:03pm BBT, the live feeds went to fishies & they haven't come back (as of 7:50pm BBT). It could be that they're doing the Nomination Ceremony, but who knows. It's mystery night in the BB house. lol :P

Currently on the live feeds...

7:50pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds....

Okay, the Nomination Ceremony has taken place!!

Jordan: "Were those speeches planned? Because..they were..good."

8:10pm BBT:
Backyard Patio Area

Kevin & Natalie are playing their roles: they are saying they never had a Final 2 deal, only a Final 4 deal. (This is a pre-planned convo. Now they're acting it out.)

Michele: "I wasn't offended by anything you said."
Natalie: "You did to me (Michele), I had to do to you. It's an eye for an eye."

Nominated for Eviction are:

Michele & Kevin

(No shocker there.)

The good news is that Michele doesn't even seem the least big phased by Natalie's speech that she practiced over & over again.

Michele: "Well, let's do the fashion show!"

**Last night, BB "suggested" that they do a fashion show with their new clothes.

Kevin & Natalie go into the Storage Room to do a high-five.

They think their plan to mask their Final 2 is working. Natalie tells Kevin that he has to win POV since she can't play in it anymore.

9:28pm BBT:
Living Room Couches (wow...that's the first time I typed that this season! lol)

Natalie brings up her proposal for the millionth time.

Natalie: "So you guys thought I was lying??"
Jordan: "Yeah, because..."

**I'll spare ya'll the unnecessary details.

Natalie said her boyfriend told her she has alot of "haters". (**I'm still not buying the 'I'm engaged' story.)

Kevin is in the Diary Room. The others are waiting for him so that they can do their fashion show. (The red towels is their homemade runway.)

Still waiting on Kevin, the HG's get hungry & decide to eat something. As Michele went into the other room, Natalie confirmed with Jordan that they still have a Final 2 deal and Jordan says "yes" and thanked Natalie for not nom'ing her today.

Kevin now out of the Diary Room.

**Friendly Reminder: BB After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central!!

Jordo/Michele/Kevo are talking about 'smells down there'. (I refuse to post details on this! lol :P)

Okie dokie, guys & dolls...I'm outta here for the night!! :D I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter as usual! Also, I registered so that it's easier for ya'll to access the blog, so feel free to just type it in to get to the blog! ;-) G'dnight!!!

Stay tuned...

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Mid-Afternoon in the BB House (+Pandora's Box)

The Nomination Ceremony should be taking place around 5pm BBT. Natalie has an "epic" speech prepared that includesripping Michele apart verbally & some fake insults towards Kevin. (Kevin is aware of her speech.) Hopefully Michele doesn't take anything Natalie says to heart & is strong enough to fend off her insults.

Currently on the live feeds...

Michele & Jordan are getting camera-ready for the Nomination Ceremony.

**Sidenote: Natalie & Kevin were in the Main Bathroom not too long ago and Natalie told them (including Kevin, as if he didn't know already) that the Nomination Ceremony is gonna be a doozy.

At 4:18pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! I do believe we have a Nomination Ceremony starting! ;-)

While we wait...

Here's the commercial for this weeks Pandora's Box "twist":

Thoughts? Opinions? Leave'em in a comment below! :D

5:41pm BBT:
Trivia still on the feeds...

**Hmmm...nominations are taking a long time. What's up, BB?!

**We all know that Michele & Kevin are going up, but until it's official, I won't post the Noms.

Nominated for Eviction are:

** & **

Kevin: "You still have to win veto! Because now she has this mystery power, is what this is."
Jordan: "Yeah I don't think it would good at all."
Michele: "If I was HOH I wouldn't have opened it."


Natalie just came out of the Diary Room.

Michele: "Are we having nominations today?"


Natalie: "Please do not ask me anything more about Pandora's Box. I'm just asking you to not ask ME about it. It's my personal request."
Kevin: "Whhhat?"
Natalie: "I'm not up for talking about it!"

Natalie: "There's always a bad side to Pandora's box." (She does NOT sound happy!)

Natalie just said she does NOT get to play in tomorrow's veto!!

Apparantly, a baby (a man dressed as a baby) went around the house. Natalie looks PISSED!!!

Jordan: "I wish I knew what it was! Because she (Nat) is like "It's real bad, it's reeaal bad." and I think she's lying."

6:00pm BBT:
Natalie just went into the Diary Room (she was not called in, she just went in.)

Kevin is spraying air freshner around the house because it stinks. (Not sure what happened to make it stink so bad, though.)

Natalie is out of the Diary Room now.

Natalie: "Dude, how could he smell so bad? Did he spray shit on him(self) to make him smell that bad??)

6:00pm BBT:

Apparantly Natalie is going around telling people that she lost the $500,000 but Kevin isn't buying it because he KNOWS she'd be busting out windows. He's telling her that WHATEVER the "mystery power" is that she has, she needs to tell people SOMETHING.

Kevin: "Just make something up! Like you won a vacation or some shit. Tell them anything! Because right now, they're thinking you have something like the Coup d'etat and they're not gonna want to take you to Final 2. And to be honest, I don't think I want to, either!"

Natalie is telling Kevin "the truth" of what happened. She's saying that her boyfriend was in Pandora's box and proposed to her. (Anybody else think this is total bullshit?) And now she can't play in POV because she picked to see her boyfriend.

Natalie: "Should I go tell everybody that?"
Kevin: "Yeah."
Natalie: "Alright."

Natalie is now telling Michele & Jordan "the truth" and that her earlier story was a "prank". Michele & Jordan are seemingly falling for it.

Jordan: "Is this the truth???"
Natalie: "I swear on my life!"

She tells them she got to spend 20 minutes with her boyfriend & that he proposed.

Jordan: "But it didn't look like you were crying??!"
Natalie: "Because I didn't cry! Why would I cry over that?" (omg.)

**I am sooo not buying this.

Jordan: "If it's TRUE, then that's awesome!"

Natalie said he gave her a "twisty tie" for a ring (there's a story behind that & she has told it over & over again since week 2 of being in the house. It's inside joke between her & her boyfriend.)

Natalie's gums are flappin' a mile a minute.

Kevin doesn't seem to buying it, either.

Natalie: "We even talked about Jessie and he said that he doesn't blame Jessie for falling in love with me, how could he not!"
Kevin: "He wasn't in love, though."
Natalie: "Well..."

**Natalie reminds me of a teenager that got busted for coming home super late & is giving wayyyy too many details to try to make their lie/excuses even more believable.

They all go outside.

Natalie: "Dude, I'm engaged!!"
Jordan: "Mm hmm." (**lol)

Michele: "That roach lady was stinky."

Natalie is still talking...and talking....

6:49pm BBT:
Natalie is telling her story for the 3rd time in a row now.

7:03pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

**Possible nomination ceremony going on. Feeds still on fishies!!

Stay tuned...

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Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

At 9:30am BBT, the HG's were woken up but they didn't get up until around 10am.

The only thing we missed today was Natalie telling Kevin what her speech might be for today's Nomination Ceremony:

Natalie: "Kevin I nominated you for strategic reasons, Michele I nominated you for personal reasons. Or something like that."

And just moments ago, the Final 4 got their Final 4 dinning table! A real symbol of how far they have truly come.

Currently on the live feeds...

Michele is eating at their new table. (It's so tiny!)

11:38am BBT:

Natalie is talking...which means she's lying again. :P She's telling Jordo that she's been "honest" to her 100% the whole game, she's sticking to her word (of putting up Kevin today), and making her believe they're still in a Final 2 deal together. Jordan says she's still gonna fight hard for the POV.

Jordan: "Does Kevin know (he's going up)?"
Natalie: "No!"
Jordan: "..because he was acting weird."

Natalie is saying how happy she is to be HOH and she's in the Final 3. Talk then turns to Michele.

Natalie: "Michele is goin' home (this week)! I want her gone!"
Jordan: "Oh, I know!"
Natalie: "And I kinda want Michele gone before Kevin, really."

Jordan, again, says she's gonna fight hard for the POV. (**Good girl.)

All feeds are now on Kevin laying out in the sun.

All is quiet.

Jordo is tanning.

Natalie is in the HOH room, doing nothing.

12:33pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie is going over her 10 minute speech for today's speech during the nomination ceremony. She plans on ripping Michele apart verbally by saying that she's the reason that Chima threw her mic in the hot tub (umm WHAT?!?!!), and dissing her religion as a Christian & how she's been acting.

Natalie: "Michele, I feel that you're a backstabbing liar and that the way you played this game is unethical, and I don't feel like you deserve to be here. Michele, what you did to Chima was the ultimate betrayal, and it's despicable what you've done to her. Michele, 4 weeks ago, I almost wanted to go home & it was because of you. You betrayed Chima . Michele you say you dedicated your life to Christian values, well...due to your actions, you threw those Christian values away. I'm also a Christian, Michele. And if there's one thing I learned as a Christian, is to not make a deal with the devil. And Michele, you offered me a deal a couple days ago (to save Jeff and go to Final 3). Well Michele, obviously I declined your deal, because if I would have made a deal with you, it would have been me making a deal with Satan herself. And yes this is a game, and yes you have to lie, but you don't need to sell your soul to the devil in order to win this game. And if the only way to win this game is by selling my soul my devil, well then I guess I'm not gonna win Michele."

Kevin said he's gonna do the whole "hey I understand you nominating me, it's okay" speech that everybody does after nominations. Then he'll go to Michele and trash talk Natalie but won't go overboard on it.

Natalie: "I'm doing this to avenge Chima!"

1:11pm BBT:
Natalie still going on & on.

Natalie: "I want vengence for Chima! I want to be the one to take Michele out!"

Switching feeds to...

1:22pm BBT:

Both gals are in the pool talking about love and how "you just *know*" when you meet 'the one'.

Michele & Jordan are saying that they're gonna give it their best to win the POV.

2:20pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Michele/Jordan in the pool.

Random chit-chatter. From Kev/Nat probably thinking they're scheming outside (when they're really tanning), to who they think would vote for who in the Jury House, to memories of Jeff.

3:16pm BBT:
Natalie is again practicing her speech in front of Kevin, dressed in her HOH robe and Kevin's orange crown, and sunglasses. (She plans on wearing this during her nomination speech.)

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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