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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adam of BB9 arrested on drug charges!

Hello BB fans!! :D I've been away resting up after a long, looonnnggg season and I am finally refreshed! (Only took a month! lol ;-) )

If you haven't already heard, Adam of BB9 was arrested on drug charges. The first to report this was, here's the info:

Adam "Baller" Jasinski won "Big Brother" in 2008 -- and now he'll be sharing living space with even more strangers behind bars...because cops say he used his $500,000 winnings to fund a drug dealing business.

According to FOX 25, Jasinski was busted Saturday night by the DEA with 2,000 oxycodone pills during an attempted drug deal in North Reading, MA. Jasinki was thrown in jail and charged with possession of oxycodone pills with intent to distribute.

Cops say Jasinski admitted to funding his illegal venture with his $500,000 winnings from the show. He'll remain in police custody until his next hearing on Thursday.

Adam faces up to 20 years in the slammer and a $1 million fine.

UPDATE: Big Brother was definitely watching when Jasinski got busted -- the person he was allegedly trying to sell the pills to was a government witness who was wearing a wire.

Cops say Jasinski pulled a pill-stuffed sock from his pants and handed them over -- and that's when they swooped in for the bust.


In all honesty, this doesn't suprise me. Adam was a fishy guy (at least to me, anyways) from the start. His shifty eyes, his jittery behavior...he just seemed like a shady cat to me. Oh well. ::shrugs:: Sucks to be him. Don't drop the soap, Adam! :P

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ebay Auctions + More Info!!

Good afternoon, BB fans! :D Today I have a bunch of random things to tell ya'll about. From ebay auctions, to the latest BB11 news. So sit back & enjoy! ;-)

I'll start with Twitter.

Jeff fans, rejoice! He is *finally* on Twitter!!! :D w00t w00t!!

...and so is Natalie!

Oddly enough, so is Lydia's stuffed unicorn, Dae Yum Yum:

Speaking of Lydia, her & Russell went out on (I believe it was) Sunday night on Sept. 27th & they filmed their lil adventure:

And speaking of Russell, him & Michele are doing a live chat tomorrow (Thursday Oct. 1st) at 6pm BBT (9pm EST) on Superpass!

In other Twitter news, Kevin announced that he had dinner with his boyfriends parents. (If I remember correctly, Kevin's boyfriends parents didn't know that their son was gay.) Here's what he said:

Today, Lydia posted via Twitter that herself & Kevo will be hanging out sometime soon:

In non-houseguests news, Julie Chen had her baby boy on Sept. 24th!! They named him Charlie. Congrats, Julie & Les!! :D

Now let's move on to....Ebay!!!

You can now bid on items from the BB11 house! Items include a mens HOH robe, a womens HOH robe, a red buddah, and even the chess board & pieces that was mostly used by Natalie & Jessie.

Check out Big Brother 11 House Items on Ebay

Okie dokie, that's it for now! :D Keep checking back for more info over the next couple of days!!

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jordan & Jeff's Superpass Chat

This past Thursday was Jeff & Jordan's Chat on Superpass (aka the live feeds). If you missed it & you're a feeds subscriber, you can watch the replay! (As I type this, they only have Part 1 of 2 up).

Here are the highlights:

Chelsia from BB9 was the host.

Jeff & Jordan sat a table nearby on stage as Chelsia asked them questions from the fans in the Superpass Chat Room.

They also took questions from the audience about 30 minutes into the interview.

"Have either of you had job offers while in L.A.? Can we see you guys on TV in the future?"

Jeff: "We talked to a lot of people but no offers yet. We'll settle down when we get home and talk to people and see what happens."

*Jordan said that her mom LOVES Jeff.
*Jeff & Jordan, when asked about visiting each other in their hometowns, said that Jeff is gonna visit her real soon (couple of weeks) in Charlotte, NC and then
she'll wait a week and fly to go see him in Chicago.
*Jeff is still smoking, but mostly just when drinks now.
*Jordan is planning to go back to college for Dental Hygiene.

"Are you two in love?"

They both said no but they care for each other a lot & are "together". Taking it one step at a time.

*Jeff said he missed Jordan "alot" while in the Jury House.

Talk then turned to about how Jeff & Jordan just got done taping for the soap opera "The Bold & The Beautiful". Jordan said she was in an 80's prom outfit. Jeff said he kinda looked like a pirate, but it was an 80's look, complete with shiny tight pants and a tight vest. They each only had a couple of lines. It will air Oct. 27th.

*When asked if they would attend Natalie's wedding, Jeff said he has no problems with any HG's (even talks to Russ & said he's "really cool"), and Jeff said he'd go if invited.

*Jordan said she would need a 2 year break before doing all-stars. "It's alot harder than it looks!" Jeff said maybe in 6 months he'd be ready & he'd be honored to even be asked to do it.

*Jordan's going back to work.
*Jeff is also going back to his job as well.

*Jeff thanked the fans (again) for the Coupe D'etat & the $25,000 for America's Favorite. He also said he wouldn't have got as far in the game without the fans.


"What are you gonna do with the money?"

Jordan said she's gonna buy a house for her mom & her brother, and get Bears tickets for Jeff. She then said "Or lasik eye surgery" because his eyes are "really" bad.

Jordan: "Like when we were flying here, I was like 'OOO!! Did you see that Lake down there? And he was like "I can't see!!"
Jeff: "I couldn't see because I was in the other seat & couldn't look out the window!"

(Audience laughs.)

At 1 hour into the interview, they switched things up and played a "Battle of the Sexes" game.

2 males & 2 females from the audience went on stage to join Jeff & Jordan.

Part 1 of the 2 hour Jeff & Jordan chat ended at 1 hour 12 mins. (Jeff was winning at this point.) I haven't see Part 2 yet, but once it's up, I'll let ya'll know! :D

I loved seeing those 2 together again. They are so funny together!!

During the chat session, an audience member asked Jeff to reenact him watering the garden with his shirt off. lol He didn't, and said he'd leave that "up to Jessie" (to show off his chest.)

But I won't let ya'll down! ;-) Here are some of my personal favorite pictures of Jeff:

...and I saved the best for last:

Yummmmm!!! ;-)

Okie dokie, that's it for now!!

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tomorrow: Jordan & Jeff *LIVE* Chat

Hello BB fans! :D It's been 8 days since BB11 ended, but that doesn't mean that the blog is done for the season yet! ;-) (Don't worry, I'll let ya'll know when I switch over to the BB12 blog!) But until the info stops coming in, I'm gonna keep on blogging! :D

Alrighty, let's start this post off with...

Tomorrow on the live feeds, you can watch Jeff & Jordan answer *your* chat room questions!! Chat room? Whaaa? The Live Feeds chat room, not the chat room here on the blog. ;-) So mark it down:

Jordan & Jeff Live Chat

Thursday @ 6pm-8pm BBT

(9pm-11pm EST)

In other news...

Lydia & Jessie have been spending a lot of time together after BB ended, but that ended yesterday. Lydia drove Jessie to the airport & Jessie flew home. I'm sure they'll continue to be good friends regardless of location.

Speaking of Lydia, she just listed a bunch of stuff for sale on Ebay! Her listings include her Captain Unitard outfit (which currently has a bid of $250 as of the moment I'm typing this).

Plus she's selling a bunch of other articles of clothing (including a bikini, spandex pants, etc) and even some of her feather hair pieces.

Are you wanting a signed picture of your favorite houseguest? Those are up now as well!

View all Big Brother 11 Auctions on Ebay!!

Let's see, what else....

This weeks episode of 'The Soup' on E! featured a 2 minute segment on Jordan which was funny. (Mean, but funny. lol) Host Joel McHale said that it was the most undeserving final 2 ever. He then went on to make references about her intelligence: he said a squirrel is smarter than her & that the show is rigged because there's no way that she could have filled out the BB application by herself. (Ouch! lol) He then went on to congratulate her!!...for winning something other than a wet t-shirt contest. I tried to find the video/clip of it (I saw it on tv this morning) but I couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry! :(

And if you're not sick of reading articles by now, here's one more! ;-)

Big Brother 11: The After Party
(Jeff says he's glad his key was picked as the winning vote for Jordan.)

And one last thing...

Jordo is now on Twitter!! YAYYY!! :D

Okie dokie, guys & dolls! That's it for now! :D

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kevin says "Thank You" + more!!!

Hey BB fans! :D Hope your Tuesday is going well! Are you ready for another update? Enjoy them while they last (less & less info is coming in recently). :( Okie dokie, let's get to it! ;-)

First thing I have for ya'll is a video that Kevin made & posted on YouTube. It's a 'Thank You' video:

(Yes Kevo, you were fabulous! lol ;-) )

Kevin is already back to his pre-BB life. He went back to work yesterday.

In other news, Russell left Vegas yesterday (Monday). Here's a pic he posted on his Twitter page:

(Russell, Michele, Jeff & Jordan.)

If you still have the live feeds (like I do), then don't miss out on Jeff & Jordan's webcam/chat session this Thursday Sept. 24th @ 6pm-8pm BBT (that's 9pm-11pm EST)!! I believe they'll be in Seattle for the webchat. Here's a screenshot of the live feeds announcement:

(Click on it to enlarge.)

Yesterday, I posted an interview with Natalie. In that interview, she said that Jessie switched his vote (to Jordan) because he was in love with Natalie & she kept rejecting him. What's Jessie's side of the story? Why did he *really* give his vote to Jordan instead of Natalie? Here's a had nothing to do with love. ;-)

"She dug her own grave, dug her own hole and jumped in it," Jessie said. "She wanted to piggyback off everybody else to success and then win afterwards."

It was simply her strategy that Jessie couldn't accept, which is why his respect stays with Jordan. "To me I can respect a winner - Jordan won twice," he explained. "That's pretty much why I voted for Jordan."

To read the whole interview, go to!

Speaking of Jessie...

Lydia & Jessie are still having fun spending a lot of time together. :) Here's some things from Jessie's Twitter Page:

"Wait what's that Lydia an entire day at the happiest place on Earth! LET'S DO IT! Disneyland here we come!" -Jessie

Here they are at Lego Land:

And here's a couple more pics:

And one more thing before this post comes to an end...

Ronnie has been very positive about his whole Big Brother experience and I'm glad to see that negativity didn't follow him outside the BB house. (It is just a game, after all. And they are all merely players.)

Source: Ronnie's Twitter

Okay, so don't forget...Thursday night is the Jeff/Jordan chat on the feeds! ;-)
Enjoy your Tuesday, everybody!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's Big Brother News

Happy Monday, BB fans!! :D Oh, who am I kidding..Monday's suck. lol :P Well, as each day passes by, the less BB11 info that is coming in & that means that BB11 is truly coming to complete end very shortly. Booo! :( (There's usually 2 weeks post-BB season of info, interviews, pics, and videos.) But I do have some new stuff for ya'll to sink your teeth into today! ;-)

While most HG's have left Vegas, it seems that Russell & Michele are still enjoying their time there partying it up! :D

(Pic was taken at the Palms on Saturday night & is courtesy of Russell's Twitter Page)

In other news, it seems that Jessie & Lydia are still spending a ton of time together. Here's a peek at their twitter banter:

Also, Lydia & Kevin are keeping connected via Twitter. Yesterday, Lydia told Kevo that she misses him.

Speaking of Twitter, here are the BB11 Houseguests Twitter Accounts:
*Lydia's Twitter
*Kevin's Twitter
*Laura's Twitter
*Casey's Twitter
*Michele's Twitter
*Ronnie's Twitter
*Russell's Twitter
*Jessie's Twitter
*Chima's Twitter

(Jeff, Jordan, Braden & Natalie are not on Twitter as of yet. There are FAKE Twitter accounts, but none of them are real.)

Okay, I have 2 more things for ya'll before this post is done:

1) Julie Chen blogged about BB11 & it's worth the read!

Here's a little snippet of the blog:

"Wait! It’s over? It’s done? Yes, my Big Brother friends, the season has come to an end. Phooey. Granted, I’ve got some stuff going on (Baby ChenTot is on his way…well, soon!), but it’s always a bit sad when I say the final goodnight at the end of each season. Sigh…what a season it was!"

You can read the rest of her blog entry on!

(By the way, I love that she has such a good sense of humor & can call herself "Chenbot"! Awesome! lol)

And lastly, here's an interview with Natalie from

Natalie's Interview w/ Reality TV

Have a Happy Monday, everyone! :D

Stay tuned...

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeff & Jordan confirmed: They're "Together"!!!

Like I said in an earlier post, the Vegas party was streamed live on the feeds last night (I didn't watch them personally since I had a prior engagement). Well during the night, James Rhine from BB6 interviewed Jordan & Jeff...

Jordan grabbed the mic from James and said "We are..TOGETHER." As far as the Hawaii trip goes, Jeff said that they'll spend this week together traveling to different press things & interviews and if they're not sick of each other by the time he goes to Hawaii, then he'll take her. lol :P

Jordan was also reading what people in the chat room were typing at the time she was being interviewd by James and she was so happy to read comments of love & support. She then (again) thanked everybody for voting for her (America's Vote).

More info to come as I get it!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Newest BB11 Info

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying your Sunday! :D It's the 1st Sunday in nearly 3 months that is BB free...and it sucks! lol :P I'm having Big Brother withdrawals already. Ughh!!

Last night, the feeds showed another live Vegas party for the BB houseguests but once again, the quality was very poor. The picture & sound were horrible, if I'm being honest. As far as previous houseguests, I haven't heard of (nor seen) Natalie or Kevin at any of the parties. In fact, as of 12pm BBT today, Kevin was grocery shopping. lol :)

Source: Kevin's Twitter Page

Wonder why they opted not to go. Hmm. Also not at any of the parties was Evel Dick. Wanna know why? Well, I'll let his Myspace Blog Post do the explaining...

"The person putting the party on, I worked with last season getting HG's there, gave her my contact and connection at The Paris Hotel, along with other contacts in order to help promote the event she was putting on.

Anyhow, the "Charity Event" she is putting on this season, I was involved with from the start...Even the fact of it being called a "Charity" event was my doing. And it was because I was sickened by what I had found out about passed charities I had done things for, where the smallest amount possible, by law, was actually going to help people and the rest was going into huge salaries for the people running them.

One of the reasons I bailed on this event was because you can call anything a charity event, as long as something goes to charity, but there is no % standard. So, you can put on an event where you pull in 100K, then claim all expenses, salaries and any other over head blah, blah, blah..... and the amount after all costs, loopholes and assholes....donate $500 to let's say.... The Charity for people who should be battered, solely because they are idiots foundation.... And you can tag it a charity, because the very minimum is donated(minus any costs etc...) to a charity that is again making sure that most goes to salaries and the minimum of the events minimum goes to the people you think it is all going to..... did you follow all that?

Well you can put on a million dollar Charity event, and when it is all said and could end up that the real people it is supposed to go to end up getting $100.

Ask Nikki what % is going to these 5 charities, if they are real charities at all. I don't know, I didn't get as far as to look into them. When we got to that point is when she tried to rush everything passed me and I had told her I wanted to pick ONE charity that people would know, instead... never heard of any of them and why so many? When she says she is not making money on the event anyhow... And you can get sponsorships, which is just money from big companies so they can advertize their product at the event, and say that is not part of the receipts or ticket sales for the event and put that money in your pocket without giving a dime of those thousands of dollars to any charity at all.

She left a couple passed HG's stranded in Vegas. I understand why she wasn't happy with them, but fucking with their tickets and... well, it wasn't right how it all panned out. She used my connection in Vegas and still owes them close to 10K which is why she would continually push the location she is doing it at this year on me, and when I would mention we needed to speak to them at Paris, she again would try to rush things by me...

Finally I had had enough and found out how much the charities were getting, found out she owed money from last year still and how she used me and my other contacts and just told her to go choke on a cock, that I was done and out.....

So, that is why I am not there, for everyone asking."

Source: Evel Dick's Myspace Blog
(Click the link above to read the rest of his post!)

Moving on...

Jeff & Jordan will be doing more interviews & press, and then going back to their own hometowns this Friday. The question of Hawaii & them dating outside the BB world is yet to be ansered. ;-) As soon as I know the word on either of them, I'll be sure to post it!

Okie dokie, that's it for now! :D Enjoy your Sunday, BB fans!!!

Stay tuned...

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vegas Party Bash + more!!

Last night @ 7pm BBT, the Wrap Party in Vegas was shown on the live feeds! Did you miss it? Don't worry. The picture quality was so bad that it's not even worth viewing if it does indeed get archived. People tried to fix the lighting but it was just simply to darn dark.

Thankfully, Steven from BB10 was on twitter uploading some pics he took with his cell phone. lol :) Yayyy!!

Here are some pics, courtesy of Steven of BB10 on Twitter

(That's Keesha/Howie/Jordan)

And here's an intersting tweet from Steven...

This next pic is of Jordan & Jeff, courtesy of BigBrotherLeak on Twitter:

Some notes worthy of mentioning last night from the Wrap Party in Vegas:
*Sheila (BB9) gave Crazy James (BB9) a lap dance. lol
*Jordan talked into the live cam & thanked everyone for voting for her. :)
*Jeff talked into the camera & said hi and thanked everyone as well.

In other BB11 news, Kevin gave an interview to! If you would like to read it, click here!! :)

Alrighty ladies & gents, that's it for now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Videos, info, & more BB11 goodies! ;-)

I took yesterday off to have an R&R day to myself. After the long season, I totally needed it! lol :P But I'm back to bring you some more BB11 goodies! :D Are ya ready??!

We'll start with...

The winner of BB11 Jordan getting interviewed by Ross Mathews:

Next up, The Bonnie Hunt show! Jeff was supposed to do the show alone (obviously this was before Jordan won BB11 lol) so the two of them went on the show together. Here's a 38 second clip courtesy of!

It was taped 1 day after the Finale, so they haven't had much time to discuss the whole Hawaii Trip thing, but it still sounds like Jordan is a on a "short list" of people to take. :P

Jordan's Backyard Interview is now up, so if you haven't seen it, check it out!

Here's Kevin's Backyard Interview:

Jordan & Jeff on the Early Show w/ Julie Chen:

Alrighty ya'll, I'll bring you more info as it comes in!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backyard Interviews + MORE!!!

Good morning, BB fans!! :D I hope ya'll are ready to see some videos because I got plenty of them for you to enjoy! ;-)

We'll first start with Julie Chen interviewing Jordan, the winner of Big Brother Season 11:

Watch CBS Videos Online

Next we'll move on to the Backyard Interviews!!
Since I know there's a ton of Jeff fans (I mean, come on...he did win favorite houseguest! ;-) ), I'll start with him:




If you would like to see Backyard Interviews from Braden, Laura, Ronnie, Lydia, and Jessie, then click here to view the CBS Youtube Channel!! (Also click that link if you would like to watch Jordan being crowned the winner of BB11.)

**Did you miss last night's show all together & would like to watch it? Click Here to watch the 2 hour BB11 Finale!!

More videos to come as they become available! :D

Stay tuned...

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