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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Evening in the BB House (+POV Winner SPOILER!!)

At 6:00pm BBT, the live feeds finally came back on!!

The Winner of the POV is:


WOW!! The feeds are bound to be on FIRE tonight!! :-D Alright, let's see what's going on in the BB house, shall we? :-D

6:14pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Ronnie does not look happy! lol

Ronnie wants to know if "the piece of information" that Laura said she'd tell on her way out the door, is bullshit or true. (I told you guys it would eat away at him!!!!! hahaha! ;-) )

6:20pm BBT:
Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michele (Ronnie just left the room)

They're cooking dinner...fajitas & pizza.

6:23pm BBT:
Red Room
"Team Jessie" (Ronnie/Natalie/Kevin/Lydia/Chima/Jessie)

Natalie won a slop pass, she is trying to tell BB that it should be for a cold shower/bed pass as well. Chima says "This $5,000 thing needs to stop." She wants BB to up the ante to $10,000. (I have noooo clue what the hell she's talking about yet.)

Apparently, the comp included quarters "pummelling" down and Casey's "white kicks" (his shoes) got scuffed up pretty good. I also heard something about a waterfall being in the comp.

6:32pm BBT:
Lydia/Kevin/Natalie/Chima roam into the kitchen. Lydia not even looking at anyone. Getting a drink.

No real talking going on. Just stuff like "Do you this?" or "Pass the..." (dinner talk).

6:44pm BBT:
The vibe is very weird as everyone eats. They are all making somewhat of an attempt to talk, but there's so much tension. I bet as soon as everyones done, HG's will huddle in their groups and start game talking.

Dinner is over. HG's move about the house.

7:00pm BBT:
Red Room
Jessie/Natalie...Jeff walks in.

Jessie: "So what yout think?"
Jeff: "What do I think? About what?"

Jessie: "What do you think Ronnie is gonna do?"
Jeff: "I don't have a fking CLUE!!"

7:15pm BBT:
Workout Room

Lydia wants Russell out. They all talk about telling Ronnie to backdoor Russell this week. Chima is totally on board with that idea. Kevin is scared that Russell will stay, join Team Jeff, and then have the numbers. Lydia says they wouldn't have the numbers, they'd only have 1 more person than them (Team Jessie).

7:19pm BBT:
Casey enters the Workout Room with Chima/Kevin/Lydia.

Kevin: "If you went up as the replacement nom, who would win (Casey or Laura)?"
Casey: "Uhhh....I don't know."

7:28pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

7:33pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

7:37pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Seems like either he's enjoying the peace & quiet of being alone outside, or he's wondering why he's outside alone. Not sure.

7:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie was talking to Jordan alone (before Jeff came up) and he briefly talked about putting up Russel as the re-nom. Jordan tried to sway him away from that, then Jeff entered.

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (+POV Comp!!)

****At 1:50pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! :-D This means the POV Comp has started!! Woo Hoo!!!! Scroll down for the latest updates!****

The house has been pretty calm, considering how big this POV Comp is today. Laura told Jordan & Jeff earlier in the Workout Room (where they've spent most of their day thus far together) that if she knows she's going home, she's gonna "stir up some shit", but only things that would benefit Jordan & Jeff.

As far as Ronnie & his web of lies/manipulation/backstabbing, it's definitely starting to catch up to him and his days in the BB house are numbered. Russell & Laura TOTALLY have him figured out...down to the details of his lies and how he's been pulling his act off (going from side to side, back & forth, creating tension, etc). Jordan & Jeff are now fully aware of Ronnie's actions and are very alert to much so, that they don't believe a word he says anymore, but they're not letting Ronnie see how much they're on to him...yet. ;-)

Ronnie told Lydia & Kevin earlier that he doesn't believe that Laura has a "piece of information." and then proceeded to call her a "bitch." Knowing Ronnie, I think he will keep thinking about what Laura said and wonder if that "piece of information" has to do with him. That guy is as nervous as they come and he over-analyzes everything to death as it is. I think it'll slowly eat away at him. lol :-P

12:47pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Russell tells Jordan that Ronnie is the person that is causing so much crap in the house.

Russell: "He would tell us (Team Jessie) what you guys were saying, and then he'd go and tell you guys (Team Jeff) what we were saying. Nobody else can see it, but he's the one running the f'king show and nobody sees it."

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the POV Comp to start (should be very soon!)

1:34pm BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie just came in and told them that "gear" is being loaded into the storage room.

Laura: "Oh yayy!! We're getting outfits!!"

Talk turns to the POV Comp once Ronnie leaves.

Jeff: "We're just gonna have to see what happens."

1:42pm BBT:
Workout Room

Talk keeps switching from game related to non-game related.

1:50pm BBT:
Feeds went to trivia!!! The POV Comp has started!!

5:40pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia!!

While we're waiting...
Let me know who you want to win the POV and why!!
Comment below!! :-D

The HG's playing in the veto comp are:


(Keep refreshing!)

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB House (POV Players Picked)

The HG's are all awake, some are ready for the day (Laura)..some are not (Jordan), and some are still eating breakfast.

The live feeds were on stand-by mode when I first turned them on (they were picking POV Comp players), and when they came back on, I saw this...

10:39am BBT:
Workout Room

I was kinda shocked, considering their fight last night, but they were talking about how things change when there's a new HOH, and about communicating, and Russell (again) says how he hates that people talk game 24 hours a day and they should all take breaks once in a while. Lydia agrees. They both leave the room to roam around the house.

10:45am BBT:

The girls are telling him that his glasses make him look alot softer and they like them on him. He thanks them, then talk turns to where Russell has worked in the past. Light, friendly chatter.

The Veto players were picked and here's who is playing:
Ronnie (HOH), Laura (Nom'ed), Jeff (Nom'ed), Russell, Natalie, and Casey...
and Lydia just said she's gonna be the host (while talking to Ronnie/Kevin in the main bathroom)

Natalie's shoulder still hurts, so if it's a physical POV Comp, she might not be playing at her best.

11:00am BBT:
Light chatter throughout the house.

11:05am BBT:
Workout Room

Laura: "I'm gonna fight as hard as I can [for the veto]!!"

Laura then gives Jordan advice (in case Laura goes home this week). She tells Jordan that if "they" start yelling at her, to play like a puppy dog..and to *not* stand up to them. She also said to not trust a single word Ronnie tells her..he's a manipulator and a liar.

Laura: "If you get HOH next week, put him up or get whoever is the HOH to put him up. If I'm here and win HOH, he's going up!"

Laura knows this game very well (she played it off until recently) and she's been coaching Jordan since last night. Jordan doesn't know the game that well, so Laura is giving her every piece of advice she possibly can.

Side Note: While it's nice that Laura is coaching Jordan on how to really play the game well, it could bite her in the butt later on if Laura stays this week..Laura should have waited until after the Veto Comp & Ceremony before 'showing all of her cards' to Jordan.

Ronnie enters.

Laura told Ronnie that she has '1 more piece of information' that she'll tell Jordan and couple other people she can trust, as she's walking out the door (if she goes this week). She said that if she can't win, then a maybe she can at least help others to win. (I know last night Laura said she was gonna say something about Natalie having a boyfriend and how hard it must be for him to watch her cuddle up with Jessie all the time, but I'm not sure if this is the "piece of information" she's talking about or not...hmm!!!)

UPDATED @ 12:03pm BBT: Laura just told Jeff/Jordan that she doesn't have a piece of info, she just wanted to scare Ronnie. So if she ends up leaving, she's gonna whisper something like "get the puppet master out" to Jeff & Jordan. Jeff said that he'll make a "OMG" surprise face and then look at Ronnie, just to freak him out. lol

11:34am BBT:
Living Room

Lydia says she wants Natalie out because Lydia thinks Natalie is a "huge threat" because she'll make it to the end having her athlete teammates. Kevin tells Lydia that he's loyal with her (Lydia). (Not officially saying their in an alliance, but kinda does in so many words.)

11:40am BBT:
Ronnie/Jordan (Laura not present at the time)
Workout Room

Ronnie told Jordan that if Laura doesn't win the veto today, then she is "most definitely going home".

Laura returns to the Workout Room w/ Ronnie & Jordan. All 4 feeds on them. Chat is non-game related at the moment.

12:11pm BBT:
Workout Room

Laura & Jordan are doing their makeup.
Laura got called to the Diary Room @ 12:13pm BBT.
Ronnie just entered & told them that the Veto Comp is "starting soon". Jeff wants to know what they have to wear (for the comp) and Ronnie said production didn't say yet. Jeff said "Then we still have time, dude."

Stay tuned...

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Overnight Report

Gooood morning, blog fans! :-D I have my coffee in hand and ready to serve ya'll the Overnight Report! Alright, let's get to it.

9:30pm BBT:
Storage Room

Russell asked to talk to Jordan and they both went into the storage room. Sometime during the food comp, Jordan made a "I hate Russell" comment and that seemed to really bother him. He asked her why she hates him so much, she tells him she can't stand "the other side" of the house because they are really rude and she figured he was just like them...especially because he never hangs out with/talks to her or "Team Jeff". They patch things up & gave each other a very sincere hug...

...and this is when I could feel a little shift in the house...this is about when Russell appeared to switched to "Team Jeff".

9:45pm BBT

Natalie ran up to the HOH room to get Jessie and brought her out into the hallway/chess area outside of the HOH room. She tells him that she heard Russell & Jordan in the Storage Room and that they were "making deals" with each other (totally lying to Jessie) and that she doesn't trust Russell AT ALL anymore.

Shortly after that, Russell goes outside to "Team Jeff" (Casey/Jeff/Jordan/Laura) to tell them they have beer & wine, then asks everyone if they would like some. Casey/Jeff want wine, Jordan/Laura can't have any because they're on slop, so Russell goes in and grabs everyone's drinks. He comes back out and hands Jeff his wine, Jeff says "thank you", and from there..things are pretty much patched between the both of them.

Russell also tells them they need to get Ronnie & Natalie out of there. The others chime in and add Jessie's name to the list.

Russell then goes on to say that he's sick & tired of "them" (Team Jessie) CONSTANTLY talking game 24 hours a day. There's never any downtime to enjoy each other or the experience of being in the house, and it's driving Russell insane.

Russell finishes his beer & heads inside to throw his can away, and then there's a little fight between Russell/Lydia...

11:04pm BBT:
Lydia/Russell Fight

Natalie/Michele are at the dinning room table talking. Natalie going another "I'll tell you what I'm thinking, straight up!" speech.

Lydia was in the main bathroom talking to Kevin, Jessie, & Chima.

Russell: "Are we all still talking game at 11 o'clock at night?"

Lydia looks shocked, mixed with a surprised smile.
Russell goes back outside.

Chima: "Is [Russell] on steroids?"

That's pretty much the gist of what went down last night.
Russell spent most of the night with Team Jeff outside, laughing, talking, having a good time.

Time to make a new post for the morning report! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+ NOMINATION SPOILER!!)


6:35pm BBT:

Russell & Natalie were alone (playing chess) and Russell brought up the idea of getting Ronnie out of the house as soon as they can. Natalie didn't agree & said that Ronnie is still on their side and it's not the right time to get rid of him (right now).

7:00pm BBT:
Storage Room

Russell is telling Jessie that Ronnie's playing everyone in the house and he doesn't trust him, and he wants to get rid of him whenever they can. Jessie tells him the same thing Natalie told him...that the timing is wrong right now but he does see that Ronnie is playing everyone.

Jessie: "We still have 10 weeks left!"
Russell: "Ya I know, I just wanted to make sure you knew what he's doing."
Jessie: "Oh ya, I know. It's so obvious!"

(If you don't have the live feeds, I would recommend you get them. There's been constant drama in the house and I think it's gonna get even more intense after tonight's nominations!)

7:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan is worried that she's going on the block, Laura said that she thinks it's gonna be her (Laura) and Jeff.

At 7:11pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! The Nomination Ceremony has begun!!

8:20pm BBT:
The feeds are back!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Laura & Jeff

(No big shocker there.)

Russell questioned Ronnie on why his key was last. Ronnie said he did it to throw other people off.

The house is surprisingly calm. Lydia isn't feeling well (she was ill right before nominations), and Chima said she's "too tired to fight tonight". I'm guessing that's why the house is calm. lol :P

8:36pm BBT:
Cold Steel Room

Laura thinks she's gonna go home. They both discuss getting each others' numbers and make plans to visit each other in their home states after the show is over.

They said they wanted to go outside, but they're still on lockdown (from the food comp earlier..production is still cleaning things up). So they both go to the Workout Room.

8:40pm BBT:
Workout Room

Laura said she's ready to go home (Jordan said she is, too.) Laura said if she doesn't win the POV, she's not gonna campaign. But she did say that if she gets "Houseguest Choice" (while picking veto comp players), that she'd pick Jordan.

8:50pm BBT:
Living Room

"It was nice to see another human today! person." (re: BB10's Dan)
Michele: "And it was a boy!" (big smile & giggle)

**Side Note: Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2 has started! ;-)

Laura & Jordan are still talking in the Workout Room. Laura is talking like she's going home. She's telling Jordan that she's a bikini model. (The HG's know she models, but not what exactly.)

9:07pm BBT:
HOH Room
"Team Jessie" (minus Russell)

Chima won a movie preview (I believe tonight) from today's food comp.

Chima: "Yay..I get to sit here & pretend I like the movie." (she doesn't like Katherine Heigl, the star of the movie she's seeing.)

Ronnie says that if he can, he's gonna pick Jessie to play for the POV. Natalie is practically jumping out of her chair telling Ronnie...

Natalie: "Pick me! I'll fight for it!!"

9:13pm BBT:

Ronnie just told everyone in the HOH room that Jeff can never remember names and that he (Ronnie) over-heard Jeff saying "...and what's his name..the gay." Everyone gasps. Natalie gets out of her seat ready to start some sh*t.

Chima: "That's like saying 'The black girl'."

(Either Ronnie is laying his ass off, or he's telling the truth & trying to start a fight.)

Everyone is talking crap about everyone on Team Jeff. From making fun of them, to just talking bad about them.

(If you have the live feeds, turn'em on. Russell & Jordan are talking very calmly, and they're hashing things out. In the backyard, Casey is saying that he's pretty much down with "Team Jessie"...depending on who wins the POV, I think think this week could turn around for the better!!)

Alright guys & gals, I'm off for the night! :) I'm gonna go watch BB After Dark on Showtime until 2am. As always, I will be back in the morning with the Overnight Report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED!!)

The live feeds switched to trivia shortly before 12pm BBT. This means that the "Have/Have Nots" Food Comp is underway!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll let ya know who won what! ;-)

3:43pm BBT:
Still trivia on all 4 feeds...

(Wow, this is taking a looooong time!! :P)

In the meantime, I wanted to address something...
yes, I have heard the rumors about Casey & Jessie knowing each other (I just kept getting sidetracked with the live feeds & everything else that I haven't had the time to post it yet, so thank you to the fans for the emails! I appreciate them! :D )

Apparently, Casey was the DJ at some function (wrestling?) that Jessie was at. They both acknowledged that they remembered each other 2 days ago on the feeds while in the backyard. I find this VERY interesting! Also, Jessie & Russell were also at a function together as well because they were talking about a guy they both knew (this was about 4 days ago) while lifting weights together in the backyard. That's all the details I know (fans, if you know more, please post'em in the comment section!!) I'm not sure if all of that info is going to be released on the show or not, but it is definitely worth knowing! Very interesting! ;-)

4:09pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The populars (Laura & Jordan) lost the Have/Have Not (food) comp. They're on slop, cold showers, and will be sleeping in the cold steel room.

Chima, Kevin in Kitchen:
Chima thought they were going to have to wear unitards. States she loves H&M.

Jordan & Laura in Doom Room: Jordan & Laura crying saying "these people, we're just getting railroaded" Jeff comes in and comforts saying "it's worth it, they'll be portrayed bad on tv". Laura said "I've never cried this much". Jeff said his answer was wrong...something about underwear and outfits.

Ronnie said "Laura is going up & out!", and also said he's putting up Laura & Jeff today for nominations.

Lydia mentioned that Dan was there (I'm guessing to host).

4:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie & Russell

..then feeds go to stand-by mode again. (Ughh!!)

4:27pm BBT:
Feeds still on stand-by...

4:29pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

4:30pm BBT:
Pool Room

Casey is telling Jessie that Russell has made final 2 deals with everyone...

Switching feeds to Chima & Michele fighting!

4:32pm BBT:
Red Room
Natalie/Chima/Michele (and now Jessie)

Chima went off on Michele about beds...
Chima: "I was in here first this is my bed".

Michelle saying put a nametag on it so everyone knows.
Chima saying she doesn't need to put her name tag "on sh*t!"

Natalie (sounding like a brat): "Well, we're gonna be in here up late, so you're not gonna be able to sleep anyways!"

Chima is now on a "I hate Jeff! I want him GONE!" rant. (not sure what happened, I was watching another feed...)

4:44pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Jeff/Jordan/Laura (taking a shower)

Jordan said something about Casey switching sides (to Jessie's side of the house).
Jordan: "I should just nominate myself to go home." (she really looks like she gives up.)

4:48pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie: "What do you think about Russell?"

Chima is trying to talk him out of the possibility of putting up Russell.
Ronnie: "What about Jeff & Laura?"
Chima: "That works!"

Ronnie tells Chima that he doesn't wanna regret who he puts up..he's really thinking what is best in the long run for him. Chima is still really trying to get him put up Jeff/Laura.

Ronnie tells Chima to get Jessie. Jessie enters. Chima leaves.

Chima re-enters.

Ronnie is still talking about putting up Laura/Jeff. Now practicing a possible speech for the nomination ceremony. He's gonna say "Its nothing personal, you guys are great competitors..." blah blah. Jessie tells him he doesn't have to justify his actions in a speech.

Jessie said to put Jordan's key first because "..that says something!"

5:16pm BBT:

Ohh geez...those 2 are talking about who to take out, when, who should be the 1st to the jury house, and who they want for the Final 4. (lol Umm hello! It's only Week 2!!)

Chima leaves, Ronnie goes to the bathroom. He tells Chima to send up Casey.

5:20pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Ronnie is talking to Casey like they're in a Final 2 agreement (????). Ronnie tells Casey he can trust him. Casey said Natalie gets on his last nerve.

Casey: "I'm so fking tired of her...acting like she controls things." (He continues to throw Natalie under the bus.)

Ronnie tells Casey he's putting Laura up.

Ronnie: "I am considering us (Casey/Ronnie) as being in an alliance."
Casey: "Mmm hmm." (he then flatters him a little bit.)

Ronnie: "I KNOW Jeff will NOT go home. I KNOW...Jeff will NOT go home!"

Ronnie keeps talking about how he wants to protect Jordan and make sure she's safe, and that Laura can potentially "sink" them (Casey/Ronnie).

Now Casey is throwing Russell under the bus and saying that Ronnie might wanna think about pulling Jeff down if he (Ronnie) wins POV, because Jeff could be an asset to them (physically).

5:31pm BBT:
Outside HOH (around Chess board)
Chima/Jessie/Natalie/etc..basically "Team Jessie" lol

Natalie is, again, going off about the beds.

Michelle, who is in the kitchen, says something (I can't hear her, her mic isn't being picked up).

Natalie: "You're not even in this conversation!"

5:33pm BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie: "I promised, promised, PROMISED, my family I would play strategically and not personally."

He goes on say that he doesn't want people that play by "emotions" to be in the house. (Ronnie isn't really getting to the point...hearing him talk is torture. lol I just wanna scream "GET TO THE FRICKIN' POINT ALREADY!!" lol)

Okay, he asked Michele to support his decision, and she said she will.

Michele: "So you're not backdooring anyone then?"
Ronnie: "No no no no..there's a backdoor OPTION...Russell. (*smirks*)"
Ronnie: "...don't tell anyone I told you that!"

6:02pm BBT:
The house is calm. I'm gonna take a break, I'm having Ronnie-overload. lol :P I'll be back shortly with a new "Evening in the BB House" post! :)

Stay tuned...

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Morning in the BB House

Before I get to the morning report, I wanted to bring up what a fan of the blog wrote in the comment section: they said that Casey eliminating Jeff (instead of Ronnie) from yesterdays HOH comp was the biggest mistake Casey could have made. I couldn't agree more!! I remember watching it and saying "What???" out loud when Casey made that move. Did anyone of ya'll do the same thing? Leave a comment below & let me know what your thoughts on this are!! :)

The morning report starts off with Ronnie talking to Jordan, Jeff, and Laura up in his HOH room.

9:24am BBT:
Jordan & Laura are telling Ronnie that Russell is only kissing his ass because he's the HOH and that he went around calling him (Ronnie) "Captain Lurk-a-lot" (which is true). They are trying their hardest to throw Russell under the bus as far as they can! lol But Ronnie keeps bringing up Casey's name (obviously still planning on nominating him today at this point.)

Ronnie then switches to saying that he thinks it was Michele. (He did this last night as well...he told "Team Jessie" that he though it was Michele....and then he tried to blame Casey for it to "Team Jeff".) This is perfect for Ronnie because he can't put up Michele due to the fact that she's in his clique.

9:55am BBT:
HOH Room
Casey joins Jeff/Ronnie/Jordan/Laura

Ronnie tells them that he thinks the only option is to "backdoor Russell". (Notice that he didn't say NOMINATE...he said backdoor...this would mean that he could put up 2 of Team Jeff's people and use the "backdoor Russell" as the reason.)

Casey & Jeff try really hard to convince Ronnie to put one of Team Jessie's crew as a pawn, and not one of theirs.

10:35am BBT:
HOH Room

Ronnie tells them EVERYTHING...that Team Jeff was trying to throw Russell under the bus. Ronnie also tells them that they let go trying to figure out who the rat is & that they're just trying to stay alive in the game.

11:26am BBT:
Red Room

Jeff is saying that he's done talking to people (about game). He's just gonna see what happens and when the time comes, he'll put on his gloves and say "Let's dance." (lol)

In the main bathroom, Team Jessie (as I'm calling them) are giggly and very happy/comfortable. They're sharing stories and jokes...conversation is light & fun.

11:33am BBT:
Red Room

Ronnie just joined Team Jeff in the Red Room..but then he left to go feed the fish in the HOH room.

Casey said that theres nothing any of them can do but wait & see what Ronnie does with the nominations today.

Natalie & Jessie walk into the red room to lay down.

Jeff/Jordan are now quiet..Jeff is looking tired/disgusted/irritated.

11:44am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Chima: "Jeff is fu**ing worthless and stupid! He deserves to go."
Russell: "He's just here to be on tv."
Chima: "If I win HOH next week, he's going home."

11:46am BBT:
Kitchen Area

They're talking about today's Food Comp (aka "Have/Have Not" Comp).

Casey: "It'll be funny if it's a running comp. Like a run down, run back..Id moonwalk down that bitch." (they all laugh)

Jeff: "You're willing to go on slop for a week? I like your style." (laughs)

11:54am BBT:
We got TRIVIA on the feeds!! (The "Have/Have Nots" Comp is going on).

Stay tuned...

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Overnight Report

Hello BB11 blog fans!! :-D Hopefully your day is off to a great start. I'm off to a slow start (I promise things will be better starting Sunday morning when the hubby goes back to work from his 1 week vacation lol).

Today we'll have Nominations on the live feeds and no matter who is voted, there is bound to be MAJOR drama!!! Ronnie is playing both sides of the house..hardcore! So when he has to do nominations, he will clearly expose himself as a HUGE liar, and the fireworks will begin!

Alright, let's get right to the Overnight Report, shall we? ;-)

Ronnie spent the whole night lying his ass off and trying to point fingers at anyone but him for being the "rat" in the house (for voting Braden out, when he said he would vote to keep him to the Jeff/Jordan/etc side of the house). Alot of this was already covered in my previous 2 "Evening" posts, so if you haven't seen those yet, check'em out when ya can.

Jeff mentioned earlier in the night when he was in the backyard, talking with Jordan and Laura, that he feels bad from Braden but he's gonna "get killed" for making the racist remark to Kevin (re: calling him a "beaner").

Ronnie's accusations on Casey last night (as mentioned in my previous post below) was nothing short of creating a reason to put him today (this is my guess, and I think it's a pretty damn good guess. lol)

Ronnie mentioned that he's "thinking" of putting up Laura & Casey. Me, I think he's gonna put them up because (1) Laura is on this "I'm gonna find the rat & expose him!" kick...and..(2) Ronnie needs a person to be blamed for being "the rat" of the house, and he's gonna tell everyone it was Casey to take the target off of his back. (..or at least try to.)

As for an alliance name, Jessie/Russell/Chima/Lydia/Kevin/Natalie/(Ronnie?) are now calling themselves the "Natural Born Killers". Lydia stressed the natural part of the name, due to the fact that none of them have implants..they're all "natural".

When everyone was going to bed, there was a little bit of drama over who gets what bed. Kevin walked into the main bathroom where Jordan & Laura were and asked them if they would give up their beds. They weren't happy it, but didn't show it until Kevin left the bathroom. So, Jordan/Laura shared a bed in the Red Room, and Lydia/Jessie shared a bed also in the Red Room. They were flirting all night and Laura/Jordan looked at them in disgust and made funny gestures (like putting a finger to their temple and simulating firing a gun. lol)

That's about it for the overnight report!! Now let's see what the HG's are up this morning! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Late Evening in the BB House

Well, it looks like Ronnie is one step closer to exposing himself as a rat!

8:47pm BBT:

Casey came outside from the house and said something to Laura (his mic didn't pick up on it) and all of a sudden, Ronnie started his "You're the rat!" accusations. Ronnie is such a bad liar that he actually outed himself by his actions. lol

Ronnie: "The person who points the fingers, is usually the one who did it!"

Casey: "You think I did it? Let me see here, Ron..people in the house think I'm a racist (re: Chima's speech), I lost friends, I made enemies, and I sided with the wrong side of the house, and I even told Chima I voted her to get evicted...and I'm the rat? What the f'k would I gain from that???"

Ronnie acts pissed off (horrible acting, by the way) and goes into the house, slamming the glass door behind him. Casey laughed. ( did I. lol)

Laura: "He did it. He so did it."
Jordan: "Oh, ya!!"

9:11pm BBT:
There was just a big fight between Laura and Natalie.

The argument grew more & more intense...Kevin & Jordan join in. The bottom line was that Natalie was saying Laura lied to them and went against them, and that the "rat" is someone on "their side". Laura said whoever the rat is doing exactly what they want..causing fights amongst each other. Natalie said that the rat is "very obvious" but she wouldn't say who she thinks it is.

The Jessie/Russell side are calling the other side (Jordan/Jeff, etc) "racists" for voting for Braden to stay (who called Kevin a racial slur a few days ago).

9:31pm BBT:
Jordan: (looking at a house camera) "America! Jessie is the biggest DOUCHEBAG EVER!!! He looks at himself 24 hours a day. He is the f** of America!"

Michele: "Hey, I don't like that word..okay?" (she gets up and starts to leave. "I'm bi(sexual). I'm not hating on you, I'm just saying...I don't like that word."

Jordan: "Oh...sorry." (she looks sincerely sorry, like she didn't know what she was saying.)

9:44pm BBT:
Alright ya'll, I'm outta here. I'm gonna watch Big Brother After fingers are gonna fall off from typing so much today. lol :P I'll be back in the morning with a (probably long) Overnight Report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

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