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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Big Brother 11 Commercial

Here's another BB11 commercial for ya'll to see. This one says it's going to be "Better than ever!" and with "bigger secrets". Hmmm!!! ;-) Bigger secrets?!! Ohhh, CBS..why must you tease!!

Do you think this is just a commercial like every other season? Or do you think there's some meaning behind what they're saying (ex: bigger secrets)? Also, did anyone else notice how there's 16 cast spots? Last I heard, there was only going to be 10 HG's. And I remember Allison Grodner saying that she didn't like "too many" houseguests in the house like in BB9 because it was just simply "too much". Too much editing, too many convos to keep track of, and just too much all the way around.

Jeez, my mind is already starting to run wild with thoughts & we still have 5 weeks to go before the premiere! LOL :-P

Stay tuned...

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