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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Awesome changes to the live feeds this season!

Well boys & girls, I have some exciting news!! :D

I got an email just a little bit ago from RealPlayer saying that they will be having an "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL" (25% Off) for those fans that order the live feeds a little bit early in advance (hence the name "early bird" hehe ;-) ) The minute the offer comes out, I will be posting it right here on the blog to ensure you BB11 blog fans get first shot at the huge discount!!

As if that wasn't enough good news, there's more!!

This season, RealPlayer's Superpass (where you can view the Big Brother house cameras) has made some awesome changes!

1) There will be a *new* feature that will allow you to go "back in time" to any specific previous time & day of the BB11 feeds and view it. Ex: Remember how Ollie had that huge blowup last season where he was destroying the house? Well, if something like that happens again and you're stuck at work or school, just go home & go "back in time" to that particular incident! This will be, by far, my most favorite update that Real Player could have ever possibly done & I am SO HAPPY about it!! :-D

2) Instead of bouncing around from camera to camera, you will now be able to see what's happening on all cameras at the same time! What you'll see is a big screen of the camera you're currently watching & at the bottom of that screen, you will see all 4 cameras & what is currently going on. This way you can listen to whisper-conversations on Camera 1 (for example) but still watch what is happening on all the other cameras at the same time! Up until now, this was impossible. We had the Quad Cam option, but the audio for all 4 cameras were going at the same time, making it impossible to decode who's saying what. lol (Don't worry, the Quad camera will still be an option for you Quad lovers out there! ;-) )

Pretty cool changes, huh?! :-D

Okay, that's it for now! Like I said, the minute that the 25% "EARLY BIRD SPECIAL" for the live feeds go live, I will surely post it right here on the blog, so make sure to keep checking back!!! It could happen as early as next week! ;-)

Only 29 more days and counting until BB11 starts!! w00t w00t!!!

Stay tuned...

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