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Monday, June 8, 2009

Evel Dick & Janelle: RealPlayer Weekly Shows

Evel Dick (Winner of BB8) posted yet another blog entry on his myspace blog This time, he talked about what we can expect from him this season & how Janelle (former BB houseguest that he's totally in with) fits into his plans.

Since the blog post is realllly long, I'll give ya the cliffnotes:

*he will be doing a weekly webcast for Real Player again this year (also where you can watch the house cameras). RealPlayer gave Dick his own tab, making it easy for you guys & gals to switch back & forth from the house cameras to his live broadcast.

*he has some fun guests & past houseguests lined up for this season.

*he'll be doing a weekly webcast with Janelle to fill the void left by the Cancellation of Housecalls. (yayyyy!! :D ) It'll be a Call-In show for the fans. w00t!!

*Evel Dick & Janelle will be doing a back & forth commentary blog. He'll blog, she'll comment, he'll comment back, and then Janelle will give her final comments. (Did ya get that? It's a little confusing. lol)

*Dick is working on putting together a Wrap Party for the end of this BB season, and fans will be able to attend..for a price, of course.

To read details about all of this, check out his blog post here.

I'm anxious to see how his webcasts go. I didn't really dig them last year, but I think it was mostly due to all the unorganized chaos of his show (first year doing the live broadcast). So he had some problems and ran into some bumps in the road, but hopefully everything is more organized this time around. I'm also happy that he's trying to somewhat fill in the gap for Housecalls (which was canceled, in case you haven't heard yet.) I'll be sure to do a short review on his webcast as soon as BB starts, that way I can let ya'll know what it's like.

What do ya'll think? Does Evel Dick doing weekly webcasts with Janelle interest you? Speak your mind by commenting below! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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