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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on Media Day + BB Rumors!!!

Good morning BB fans!! Today is the first day of Summer so I hope ya'll have plans to get outside and soak up some of those summer sunshine rays! :-D Also, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you great daddies out there!

Alright, let's get to the good stuff: the BB rumors & updates!!!

Okay, Allison Grodner did a radio interview the other day and she gave us BB fans some juicy info to savor. If you don't have time to listen to the radio interview, then just read the cliffnotes:

*Cast is finalized now
*There *is* a twist this season & it's "unique".
*This season will be "different" & "incredibly relatable". (hmm!!)
*There's gonna be "something else happening on premiere night that’s unprecedented that will be alot of fun!" (ooooOOO!!!! :D )
*The BB11 house is a "modern house". It's a "green" house that is eco-friendly.

The interesting thing is that Allison made a joke about Chen-bots baby being the "14th houseguest", but BB confirmed via their website AND newest commercial that there's going to be 12 HG's. So this has me even MORE confused!!! lol Damn you, Allison! :-P

As far as Media Day rumors go, unfortunately none of the press that took part in the 12-hour run through last Friday can talk about it until June 29th. Booooo! :( However, rumors are circulating that the decor of the house is more forest-like than "modern" as Allison Grodner had said...complete with (fake?) grass in the house as carpet, a forest scenery painted on the back wall out in the backyard, green flooring in the bathroom, etc etc. But since it's just a rumor, I'll leave it at that, but it's always fun wondering which rumor(s) are true & which ones aren't. ;-) hehe

At last but not least, the Early Bird Special for the live feeds is still going on!!! It's $30 for 3 months. That is the cheapest I have EVER seen the feeds, guys!! If you haven't signed up yet, go ahead & do it now. If you get'em today, you WILL be covered for the whole BB season!! I had alot of you email me & ask me that question, so I wanted to clear that up for all of you wonderful blog fans. :) So go ahead & snag up the AWESOME deal!!

3-Month Live Feeds Season Package @ 25% Off (Exp: July 9th)
(Only $29.99 for the whole season!!!!! :-D )

Don't forget, this season there's a new feature that will allow you to go 'back in time' to view the feeds any day & at any specific time!!

Okay guys & dolls, that's it for now! BB11 starts July 9th, which is just a short 18 days away now!! Are you ready to be addicted? ;-)

Stay tuned...

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