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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Brother Live Feeds-Early Bird Special!

Hey everyone! :-D Happy Thursday! The HG's (all 12 of them) will be moving into the house sometime around July 3rd, then the premiere of BB11 on July 9th, and then the big brother live internet feeds go LIVE right after the show!! :-D And with all the changes that have been to the live feeds this season, this is DEFINITELY the year to get'em!!

Here's the Early Bird Special link:

3-Month Live Feeds Season Package @ 25% Off (Exp: July 9th)
(Only $29.99 for the whole season!!)

If you want the Month-by-Month option, click here and scroll to the bottom-left where it says "Monthly Option $14.99".

Personally, I would sign up anytime between now & July 8th. This way you have plenty of time to set up the feeds on your computer and make sure everything is running smoothly!

Anyone that can do simple math can see that it's *totally* worth it to get the 3-Month Season Package! It comes down to only $10/per month. $10 bucks!! You can't beat that, guys! :-D Last season, the lowest they ever offered was $13/month, so this is really one sweet deal for this season!!!

If you never bought the feeds before because you're always at work or in school and didn't have the time, well this year that all changes!! As I mentioned in in this post, this year there will be a feature on the live feeds that allows you to go 'back in time' and witness the action that you missed.

How will you know if there's something worth watching? Because I'll tell you, of course! ;-) I'll let ya know what day/time of when things happen, allowing you to go back and watch it for yourself! I'm tellin ya, this is the year to get the live feeds!!

More news to come, so make sure to stick around!!

Stay tuned...

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