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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kevin says "Thank You" + more!!!

Hey BB fans! :D Hope your Tuesday is going well! Are you ready for another update? Enjoy them while they last (less & less info is coming in recently). :( Okie dokie, let's get to it! ;-)

First thing I have for ya'll is a video that Kevin made & posted on YouTube. It's a 'Thank You' video:

(Yes Kevo, you were fabulous! lol ;-) )

Kevin is already back to his pre-BB life. He went back to work yesterday.

In other news, Russell left Vegas yesterday (Monday). Here's a pic he posted on his Twitter page:

(Russell, Michele, Jeff & Jordan.)

If you still have the live feeds (like I do), then don't miss out on Jeff & Jordan's webcam/chat session this Thursday Sept. 24th @ 6pm-8pm BBT (that's 9pm-11pm EST)!! I believe they'll be in Seattle for the webchat. Here's a screenshot of the live feeds announcement:

(Click on it to enlarge.)

Yesterday, I posted an interview with Natalie. In that interview, she said that Jessie switched his vote (to Jordan) because he was in love with Natalie & she kept rejecting him. What's Jessie's side of the story? Why did he *really* give his vote to Jordan instead of Natalie? Here's a had nothing to do with love. ;-)

"She dug her own grave, dug her own hole and jumped in it," Jessie said. "She wanted to piggyback off everybody else to success and then win afterwards."

It was simply her strategy that Jessie couldn't accept, which is why his respect stays with Jordan. "To me I can respect a winner - Jordan won twice," he explained. "That's pretty much why I voted for Jordan."

To read the whole interview, go to!

Speaking of Jessie...

Lydia & Jessie are still having fun spending a lot of time together. :) Here's some things from Jessie's Twitter Page:

"Wait what's that Lydia an entire day at the happiest place on Earth! LET'S DO IT! Disneyland here we come!" -Jessie

Here they are at Lego Land:

And here's a couple more pics:

And one more thing before this post comes to an end...

Ronnie has been very positive about his whole Big Brother experience and I'm glad to see that negativity didn't follow him outside the BB house. (It is just a game, after all. And they are all merely players.)

Source: Ronnie's Twitter

Okay, so don't forget...Thursday night is the Jeff/Jordan chat on the feeds! ;-)
Enjoy your Tuesday, everybody!! :D

Stay tuned...

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