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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newest BB11 Info

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying your Sunday! :D It's the 1st Sunday in nearly 3 months that is BB free...and it sucks! lol :P I'm having Big Brother withdrawals already. Ughh!!

Last night, the feeds showed another live Vegas party for the BB houseguests but once again, the quality was very poor. The picture & sound were horrible, if I'm being honest. As far as previous houseguests, I haven't heard of (nor seen) Natalie or Kevin at any of the parties. In fact, as of 12pm BBT today, Kevin was grocery shopping. lol :)

Source: Kevin's Twitter Page

Wonder why they opted not to go. Hmm. Also not at any of the parties was Evel Dick. Wanna know why? Well, I'll let his Myspace Blog Post do the explaining...

"The person putting the party on, I worked with last season getting HG's there, gave her my contact and connection at The Paris Hotel, along with other contacts in order to help promote the event she was putting on.

Anyhow, the "Charity Event" she is putting on this season, I was involved with from the start...Even the fact of it being called a "Charity" event was my doing. And it was because I was sickened by what I had found out about passed charities I had done things for, where the smallest amount possible, by law, was actually going to help people and the rest was going into huge salaries for the people running them.

One of the reasons I bailed on this event was because you can call anything a charity event, as long as something goes to charity, but there is no % standard. So, you can put on an event where you pull in 100K, then claim all expenses, salaries and any other over head blah, blah, blah..... and the amount after all costs, loopholes and assholes....donate $500 to let's say.... The Charity for people who should be battered, solely because they are idiots foundation.... And you can tag it a charity, because the very minimum is donated(minus any costs etc...) to a charity that is again making sure that most goes to salaries and the minimum of the events minimum goes to the people you think it is all going to..... did you follow all that?

Well you can put on a million dollar Charity event, and when it is all said and could end up that the real people it is supposed to go to end up getting $100.

Ask Nikki what % is going to these 5 charities, if they are real charities at all. I don't know, I didn't get as far as to look into them. When we got to that point is when she tried to rush everything passed me and I had told her I wanted to pick ONE charity that people would know, instead... never heard of any of them and why so many? When she says she is not making money on the event anyhow... And you can get sponsorships, which is just money from big companies so they can advertize their product at the event, and say that is not part of the receipts or ticket sales for the event and put that money in your pocket without giving a dime of those thousands of dollars to any charity at all.

She left a couple passed HG's stranded in Vegas. I understand why she wasn't happy with them, but fucking with their tickets and... well, it wasn't right how it all panned out. She used my connection in Vegas and still owes them close to 10K which is why she would continually push the location she is doing it at this year on me, and when I would mention we needed to speak to them at Paris, she again would try to rush things by me...

Finally I had had enough and found out how much the charities were getting, found out she owed money from last year still and how she used me and my other contacts and just told her to go choke on a cock, that I was done and out.....

So, that is why I am not there, for everyone asking."

Source: Evel Dick's Myspace Blog
(Click the link above to read the rest of his post!)

Moving on...

Jeff & Jordan will be doing more interviews & press, and then going back to their own hometowns this Friday. The question of Hawaii & them dating outside the BB world is yet to be ansered. ;-) As soon as I know the word on either of them, I'll be sure to post it!

Okie dokie, that's it for now! :D Enjoy your Sunday, BB fans!!!

Stay tuned...

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