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Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's Big Brother News

Happy Monday, BB fans!! :D Oh, who am I kidding..Monday's suck. lol :P Well, as each day passes by, the less BB11 info that is coming in & that means that BB11 is truly coming to complete end very shortly. Booo! :( (There's usually 2 weeks post-BB season of info, interviews, pics, and videos.) But I do have some new stuff for ya'll to sink your teeth into today! ;-)

While most HG's have left Vegas, it seems that Russell & Michele are still enjoying their time there partying it up! :D

(Pic was taken at the Palms on Saturday night & is courtesy of Russell's Twitter Page)

In other news, it seems that Jessie & Lydia are still spending a ton of time together. Here's a peek at their twitter banter:

Also, Lydia & Kevin are keeping connected via Twitter. Yesterday, Lydia told Kevo that she misses him.

Speaking of Twitter, here are the BB11 Houseguests Twitter Accounts:
*Lydia's Twitter
*Kevin's Twitter
*Laura's Twitter
*Casey's Twitter
*Michele's Twitter
*Ronnie's Twitter
*Russell's Twitter
*Jessie's Twitter
*Chima's Twitter

(Jeff, Jordan, Braden & Natalie are not on Twitter as of yet. There are FAKE Twitter accounts, but none of them are real.)

Okay, I have 2 more things for ya'll before this post is done:

1) Julie Chen blogged about BB11 & it's worth the read!

Here's a little snippet of the blog:

"Wait! It’s over? It’s done? Yes, my Big Brother friends, the season has come to an end. Phooey. Granted, I’ve got some stuff going on (Baby ChenTot is on his way…well, soon!), but it’s always a bit sad when I say the final goodnight at the end of each season. Sigh…what a season it was!"

You can read the rest of her blog entry on!

(By the way, I love that she has such a good sense of humor & can call herself "Chenbot"! Awesome! lol)

And lastly, here's an interview with Natalie from

Natalie's Interview w/ Reality TV

Have a Happy Monday, everyone! :D

Stay tuned...

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