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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tomorrow: Jordan & Jeff *LIVE* Chat

Hello BB fans! :D It's been 8 days since BB11 ended, but that doesn't mean that the blog is done for the season yet! ;-) (Don't worry, I'll let ya'll know when I switch over to the BB12 blog!) But until the info stops coming in, I'm gonna keep on blogging! :D

Alrighty, let's start this post off with...

Tomorrow on the live feeds, you can watch Jeff & Jordan answer *your* chat room questions!! Chat room? Whaaa? The Live Feeds chat room, not the chat room here on the blog. ;-) So mark it down:

Jordan & Jeff Live Chat

Thursday @ 6pm-8pm BBT

(9pm-11pm EST)

In other news...

Lydia & Jessie have been spending a lot of time together after BB ended, but that ended yesterday. Lydia drove Jessie to the airport & Jessie flew home. I'm sure they'll continue to be good friends regardless of location.

Speaking of Lydia, she just listed a bunch of stuff for sale on Ebay! Her listings include her Captain Unitard outfit (which currently has a bid of $250 as of the moment I'm typing this).

Plus she's selling a bunch of other articles of clothing (including a bikini, spandex pants, etc) and even some of her feather hair pieces.

Are you wanting a signed picture of your favorite houseguest? Those are up now as well!

View all Big Brother 11 Auctions on Ebay!!

Let's see, what else....

This weeks episode of 'The Soup' on E! featured a 2 minute segment on Jordan which was funny. (Mean, but funny. lol) Host Joel McHale said that it was the most undeserving final 2 ever. He then went on to make references about her intelligence: he said a squirrel is smarter than her & that the show is rigged because there's no way that she could have filled out the BB application by herself. (Ouch! lol) He then went on to congratulate her!!...for winning something other than a wet t-shirt contest. I tried to find the video/clip of it (I saw it on tv this morning) but I couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry! :(

And if you're not sick of reading articles by now, here's one more! ;-)

Big Brother 11: The After Party
(Jeff says he's glad his key was picked as the winning vote for Jordan.)

And one last thing...

Jordo is now on Twitter!! YAYYY!! :D

Okie dokie, guys & dolls! That's it for now! :D

Stay tuned...

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