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Friday, September 18, 2009

Videos, info, & more BB11 goodies! ;-)

I took yesterday off to have an R&R day to myself. After the long season, I totally needed it! lol :P But I'm back to bring you some more BB11 goodies! :D Are ya ready??!

We'll start with...

The winner of BB11 Jordan getting interviewed by Ross Mathews:

Next up, The Bonnie Hunt show! Jeff was supposed to do the show alone (obviously this was before Jordan won BB11 lol) so the two of them went on the show together. Here's a 38 second clip courtesy of!

It was taped 1 day after the Finale, so they haven't had much time to discuss the whole Hawaii Trip thing, but it still sounds like Jordan is a on a "short list" of people to take. :P

Jordan's Backyard Interview is now up, so if you haven't seen it, check it out!

Here's Kevin's Backyard Interview:

Jordan & Jeff on the Early Show w/ Julie Chen:

Alrighty ya'll, I'll bring you more info as it comes in!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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