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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night Show on CBS

Happy Sunday, BB fans!! :D Tonight's show is at 8pm EST/7pm Central & it's going to be a Highlights Episode with "never before seen footage" (according to Julie Chen).

Meet me back here at the blog to mingle in the chat room as we watch the show! :D I'll also be moderating comments for those of you who aren't much for chatting.

In other news...
Jeff fans, rejoice! You will see him again very shortly! :D He'll be on the Bonnie Hunt show on Sept. 18th (this Friday), so check your local listings!

The Bonnie Hunt Show

Alright ya'll, see ya back here on the blog tonight around 7:30pm EST!!

**At 4:30pm BBT, Kevo told Nat that he's not taking her to Final 2! If you have the feeds, spark'em up! (I'm sure Natalie isn't done being pissed just yet. lol) She's acting very happy/friendly, almost too friendly, which leads me to believe that she probably has something up her sleeve and she has 1 1/2 days to use her trick. We'll see what she does! ;-)

Wow...can ya'll believe that there's only 2 days left of BB11? It's been a very interesting summer of crazy, fun, wild, smart, not-so-smart (lol), witty houseguests! We've seen tears...we've heard laughs...we've seen begging & pleading, and promises get broken. It's been very, very interesting!! Tonight's episode made me re-live the whole season in 1 hour and kinda makes me sad that BB11 is coming to end. But, like I announced the other day, BB12 will be happening next Summer! :D w00t w00t!!!

Speaking of BB12, wanna apply to be a BB12 housguest? :D
Click here to go to & download the application!

Alrighty guys & dolls, I'll be back tomorrow to recap everything that went down between Kevin & Natalie. ;-) See ya'll then!!!

Stay tuned...

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