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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Overnighter

Hey BB fans! :D It's Saturday and that means...well..nothing in the BB house. lol :P The Finale 3 will stay there until the Finale on Tuesday night. The feeds have been boring (and so has Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime). Yesterday, the HG's slept until 3pm and then the rest of the day was very uneventful. Natalie did some more cooking (she's been trying to learn how to cook for her man). BB gave them some games to play with, and there was very little game talk. There's nothing game wise to really talk about at this point in the game.

The HG's even commented on how boring it is in the house now & talked about how boring it was during BB9 to watch Ryan & Adam in the house for 5 days by themselves. Sadly, that's the point we're at. Big Brother is just a short 3 days away from being over. :( But don't fret, because BB12 is about 10 months away! lol :P (Lawdy, that's a long time! Ughh.)

Alrighty, I'm gonna go over some things that happened yesterday that are worth mentioning & then I'm gonna let ya'll enjoy your Saturday!

9:40pm BBT:
Red Room

Kev doesn't like constantly reassuring Nat that everything is fine & he's thinking about telling her on Monday. He's scared that if he tells her on Tuesday night, that she'll "cause a terror". If he tells her earlier, he'll have time to calm her down and be like "look, I had no choice."

Jordan: "I think she keeps asking because she kinda knows...don't ya think?"
Kevin: "I think she keeps asking because she knows it's totally up to us now. She has no...nothing!"
Jordan: "Mm hmm."
Kevin: "That means..if you stick (to the plan)...we both won at least $50,000!"
Jordan: "I know! But I'm scared you're gonna flip."
Kevin: "I'm NOT! I'm scared YOU'RE gonna flip."

The both reassure each other that they won't flip and it's a done deal. Natalie's out. They both "know" that Natalie would win over both of them.

Kevin: "I just wanna tell (Natalie),'s logical (to not take you for Final 2)."

9:55pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie threw Kevin under the bus by (lying) to Jordan. She told Jordan that Kevin & Nat haven't talked game since before Thursday and that she hasn't asked Kevin at all about taking her to the Final 2. (We all know she has asked him over & over again.)

Jordan: "He told me that you've been asking him."
Natalie: "He's a liar! That's what he does. He lies."

**Note: Natalie asked Jordan for the hundreth time if she (Jord) was taking her (Nat) to Final 2. Jordan said yes but she's just
playing it off.

1:16am BBT:
Natalie admitted to cheating during the Otev POV Comp by helping Kevin find bananas. Jordan said BB were reviewing tapes to disqualify both of them (Kev/Nat) but that it didn't matter because they lost anyways.

That's it for the Overnighter portion on this post. :)

Also, don't forget, America is the 7th Juror (thanks to Chima getting expelled)! If you still need to vote, here's the link:

America's Vote

Tomorrow (Sunday), us BB fans get to see a Highlights Episode at 8pm EST/7pm Central with "never before seen footage". (But if you're a loyal feeds watcher, you've probably already seen all the footage. :P ) Then on Tuesday, we have the 2 hour finale! :D

Okay guys & dolls, go enjoy your Saturday & if there's anything to post (news on the HG's or anything BB related), I will surely post it!! :D

Stay tuned...

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