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Monday, June 29, 2009

Here is your 1st look at the BB house!

This picture was just released today...

I blew up the pic in photoshop for a better view...

The top row looks like a bunch of recycled soda cans, the middle row is made from cardboard tubes, and the bottom row is made from plastic bottles. This is definitely going with the whole "going green" theme for the house that Allison Grodner herself told us it would be!

Also leaked out today are house details from WLBB:

The kitchen is oriental themed with a lot of bamboo and buddah statues. A lot of orange and red colours. The spiral staircase is now orange too!

The spa room now has an exercise bike, that turns on a light bulb the more you pedal! One wall is bubble wrap & the other wall is made out of bottles .

The main bathroom looked the same, aside from industrial decorated walls. (NO motion censored taps and NO urinals)

The main bedroom, right off the living room, is also red with tall headboards, no designated theme that she could see.

The second and third bedrooms had a pool theme to it that makes you feel like you’re under water. The boarder of the walls are cement looking, while the bottom half is blue. The decor features floaties and other fun water things to make you feel like you’re at the pool.

The living room features purple couches and green nomination chairs. The walls are different colours of plywood. The living room also features a huge bowl of keys… but we don’t know what they’re for it. The main wall has a lot of plants on it as well.

Heading in the other direction… the HOH room wall is made of glass, so it looks like you’re looking outside and the bathroom has a surfer feel.

Outside features a pool table, a washer & dryer, hammock, pool & a new mural!

At 6am California time, the gag order was released (supposidly), so I'm wondering when the press that was in the BB house for Media Day will start leaking more details, and pictures/videos *should* start being released any minute now...keep checking back!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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