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Monday, June 29, 2009

More BB11 House Details

Okay, even though videos were posted of the BB11 house earlier today (see post below for the 3 videos), I still wanted to share some written details about the house from Fancast who was inside the house:

The House:

Has an Oriental motif with shades of environmentalism thrown in.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen’s reddish interior is decorated with Buddha statues, while a large red door hangs above and clings to the wall by the patio entrance. There are numerous separate recycling bins - for bottles, paper or plastic - and interestingly, upon our arrival we noticed there was no trash can, leading us to devise our own out of a small kitchen basket. A large industrial-strength composter sits intimidatingly in the counter, but we were not allowed to use it. There is also a miniature, portable herb garden located on the window sill, which also leads me to wonder if there will be an organic garden somewhere in the house? In keeping with the greening of Big Brother, we ate with disposable bamboo plates and cutlery, said to be environmentally friendly since they contain no chemicals, are organic, and completely biodegradable. There are bottles of sake propped up on the wall. And yes they are real and full!

Note: the media day 'cast' drank some of the sake, before being yelled at by Big Brother that it was a prop. It was real, but a prop. lol This makes me wonder if HG's will do the same! Hmmmm! :P

The Bathroom:

This is an open space with walls made out of what appears to be parts of large industrial bins (the type you see at airports, train stations, or large construction sites). There is a spacious, comfortable black resting couch in the corner. But who wants to lounge around while your friend is peeing just a few feet away? The TP in the bathroom itself is also environmentally friendly (because it says so in the package!). The shower is large, and the door is transparent, save for a stripe around the middle, so that folks walking by aren’t force to look at your naughty bits. A bit too risqué for me to take a shower in there, but that didn’t stop one BB veteran housemate from cutting loose and showering away. There are cubby holes all around the mirror by the sink with towels and from what I can recall, the sink itself is made out of a dark cement-like material.

***YOU HEARD IT, GUYS & GALS!! Transparent shower doors! ;-) Watch the HG's take showers on only on the live feeds! lol :P ***

The HOH Room:

By far the most beautiful room in the house, the Head of Household room contains a large bed, with the wall behind the headboard consisting of a very lightly trickling waterfall. There’s also a round spinning couch, a flat-screen TV on the wall were you might secretly peer into other rooms (the spy screen); A CD player, a bowl of candies and toiletries, a Hef-like bathrobe; and a spacious bathroom to die for - with a bathtub as well as a shower (hmm, not very water-wise, if you ask me). To get to this room, you take the orange-colored spiral staircase from the first floor. There is also a small lounge area directly outside of this room, with a chess set.

The Spa Room:

This is an additional room with a large comfortable couch/bed and two stationary bicycles that power light bulbs when you ride them - and the faster you ride these, the brighter the light bulbs get. One half of the room is made out of giant bubble wrap and the other out of old recycled bottles, cans and cardboard. One piece of personal advice to the new BB cast? Try to curb your neurotic desire to pop the bubbles to pass the time.

The Pool Room:

There’s a bedroom designed to look like it is under a pool. The four beds are covered with plastic pool beds, and the walls are painted to look like the inside of a pool. There’s also a fake underwater pool slide leading into the room, from nowhere in particular, and rubber duckies and pool toys as random decorations.

The “Red” Bedroom:

Not much to see in this bedroom for 4 people, but the walls seem to be made out of some recycled product. The beds are red and black, and quite small.

The Backyard:

Not much seems to have changed here, except walls are adorned with pictures of wind-powered turbines. The washer and dryer remain, and so does the jacuzzi, the pool, lounge chairs, hammock and a pool table. The patio furniture is similar to last season’s but differ in terms of coloring.

Okie dokie, bb fans! That's all I got for ya right now, but I'm sure there's going to be plenty of things popping up very, very soon! So stick around! :-D

UPDATED: just released the professional pictures of the Big Brother 11 house! Check it out!

Stay tuned...

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