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Monday, June 29, 2009

How many houseguest this season?

I'll tell ya what, I have never been more confused on the number of a houseguests for a Big Brother season as I am this season! lol

Guess #1: CBS released several commercial for BB that clearly state "12 Houseguests", and they have a banner on the CBS website that has 12 spots for cast pics. One would assume that there would be 12 houseguests based just off of that info alone.

Guess #2: Pictures just released today on show 13 plate settings & chairs at the dinning room table. Does this mean there will be 13 houseguests?

Guess #3: The memory wall in the BB11 house shows 14 spots for a possible 14 houseguests. Last year, there was an extra spot on the wall all season so that doesn't really surprise me that there's extra spots on the wall this season as well.

So, what do ya'll think? How many houseguests do you think there will be this season? :P

Stay tuned...

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