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Sunday, June 28, 2009

More "twist" info + Commercial + Chen on Ferguson

Gooooood morning/afternoon BB fans across the land!! :-D Hopefully your day is going awesome so far! Before I get to all of the juicy new info, I want to remind ya'll that you only have 11 days left to get the live feeds discount! Need more info? click here!

Alright, now it's time to get down to the juicy stuff! ;-)

I posted last Tuesday, CornerOffice is someone over at RealityBBQ that has been leaking spoilers pre-BB seasons and he's been 100% correct since BB8, so his words mean alot! Here is the post:

"First up, we have a theme throughout the house this year – called “The Have and The Have-Not’s”. You should be able to get the general idea regarding what that’s about from the name.

Now to much talked about High School theme that has caused various rumors to spread out over the internet. Here is how it will work:

Big Brother has cast people who they believe represent some typical high school stereotypes. However, it will not be Big Brother pairing them up. Once they enter the house, they will be told to form the cliques themselves – Big Brother will not force them together like Big Brother 9. In other words, Big Brother could have cast someone that they see as a Jock but the houseguests could decide that they are a “geek” instead.

Once these cliques are formed, they will play as teams for a while, but they will eventually split off into individuals and play the Big Brother Game by themselves."

I gotta say, I'm not diggin the "pairing up" thing. I HATED it in BB9, so I'm not happy to hear that it's probably going to happen again this season. I guess the good news is that they won't be paired up for the entire season. EHh who knows, maybe this will create a crap load of drama in the house to make me like the pairing-up thing this year! lol We'll see. :P

In other BB11 news, Julie Chen is scheduled to appear on the Craig Ferguson show on July 8th (the day before BB11 premiers). So set your tivo's & DVR's! :)

And last, but not least, there's ANOTHER bb11 commercial out there, this one has Julie Chen in it and what appears to be the *new* front of the house!

I took a screencap of the front of the house & made it a little bit more clear but I can't really see anything but trees. lol

Since today is Sunday June 28th (the rumored day that the HG's are being sequestered), I am expecting a ton of info to be released if not today, then tomorrow! So bookmark the blog if you haven't done so already, because things are about to get crazy! Are you ready? ;-)

Stay tuned...

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