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Monday, June 29, 2009

Media Day Videos: Big Brother 11 House


A HUGE "thank you" goes out to bsideblog who posted the update on twitter!!

Check out the vids:

(there is no part 4, in case you're wondering. lol)

The house looks more industrial than "green", but I am totally diggin the pool room! How funky was that!?! :-D BB took out the sauna and replaced it with 2 excersise bikes...blah. Not liking that. There were so many good convos in that sauna and now it's going to be hard to whispter-talk while out of breath. lol :P Also, they're not showing the 3rd bedroom because it's currently locked. What's behind there?? Hmm!! Let the guesses & rumors begin! ;-) lol

What are your thoughts on the new BB house?? Comment below! :-D only have 10 more days to get the live feeds super cheap!!!!! ($30 for the WHOLE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Stay tuned...

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