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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mystery HG, a former HG?? Hmm!!

Steven, from BB10 (one of my favorite HG's ever!!), posted a blog entry early this morning and I want to share it with ya'll...

It reads...

"This just a short blog, I only have a minute

I have to say I am not impressed with the houseguests. Hopefully they will be more interesting in person then they are in their Bio's. Also Robyn, I am so disappointed that you brought back another stereotypical Bitchy Fag, I really thought BB had moved past that, I think everyone is really, really over that character!

Mystery Houseguest, LOL... Recycled theme means Recycled Housguest, how boring is that!! And by the way, why is it that my friends such as Jessica BB8, Sheila BB9 and Brian BB10 have mysteriously disappeared??? If you guys read this contact me I am worried, it is as if you have taken somewhere that has no communication with the outside world????

I was hoping BB would make it long enough to have an another All Stars that I could possibly try out for, but with this lack of originality and bringing back those same boring personality types, this will surely be the last year."

Interesting theory about having a recycled houseguest! If Jessica, Sheila, or Brian 'get the chance' to get back into the house, I will not be a happy camper. Sheila from BB9 got on my nerves with all her complaining, Jessica from BB8 didn't do much on the show except fall in love with Eric, and Brian is annoying to me as well. He's been trying so hard to hold on to his 15 minutes of fame since the moment he left the BB10 house (he was the 1st to go that season). I hope this is just a bunch of bullcrap and nothing more. Blahh. :P Either way the live feeds are bound to be very, very interesting!!!!

What are your thoughts? Opinions? Leave it in the comment section below!! only have 8 more days to get the live feeds @ $30 for the whole season!!!

Stay tuned...

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