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Sunday, June 28, 2009

*SPOILER* on the TWIST!!!!!!


CornerOffice on RealityBBQ has posted again!! This time, he/she posted the following...

There will be four “Cliques”:





Also, I was told that Monday @ 6am, all the press that were in the BB11 house on Media Day can talk about their experiences!! And in case you missed my earlier post, today was the rumored day for all the BB11 houseguests to be sequestered!

In the "Rumor Mill" department, I have heard some new rumors for ya'll to digest....(1) previous HG's could appear in the house (such as Sheila from BB9, that just posted on her myspace blog that she's going on a "3 month vacation")...and...(2) that CornerOffice is really Allison Grodner (I've thought this since last season..if you think about it, all the clues are there and it'd be the most perfect marketing gimick for die-hard BB fans!!)

Of course, the minute I hear anything else I will be sure to post it!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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