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Thursday, July 2, 2009

*New* BB11 Commercials + MUCH MORE!!

Gooood morning, Big Brother 11 Blog fans!! How are ya'll doing this morning? Well, I got a ton of things to show you today & instead of doing individual posts, I'm just going to give it to ya'll in one big post. lol ;-)

First up, we have a series of *new* BB11 commercials...

As I mentioned yesterday, the "cliques" for the High School themed BB season are going to be:

Popular| Brainiacs | Athletes | Off-beats

Each week, houseguests will be competing to stay out of this room...

...(aka "the jungle room"..why is it called that? I have no clue. Looks nothing like a jungle. lol) But Allison Grodner did give us all more details about the 'secret room'...

"This season we’re going to be revealing to the houseguests, instead of your traditional food competition, we have a ‘Have and Have Not’ competition,” she said. “There will be a group, that if they lose this competition, will be subject to the worse living conditions that we’ve probably had in Big Brother. That will include living in this really sparse, horribly cold, cold room. And having to take cold showers and, of course, subject to that week’s food restriction. This is like living on a block of ice in the middle of a room under bright lights that never turn off.

Whoaaa!! That's going to be a brutal room that definitely will cause irritability and sleep deprivation..which will be great for starting fights & drama on the feeds!! lol :-D

In other news, if you have seen the 3 videos from Media Day (posted here), then you know there was 1 missing video..the Eviction video. Well here it is!

In other news...

Since Housecalls is gone this season, Ross Mathews of 'Inside Dish' (from 'The Insider') will now be the official "show" (as Ross said lol) of Big Brother. When HG's are evicted, they're going across the street from the BB studio lot to talk to Ross on his show every Friday! You'll be able to call in & email all your questions..just like Housecalls. If you're thinking to yourself "Ross who??", well you might remember Ross from Jay Leno, he was "Ross the Intern" for a long time. He's hilarious & I love him! lol :D

Anyways, here's a video of Ross Mathews interviewing the guys of Big Brother Season 11:

Casey seems like he's going to be very funny, I'm already totally diggin Jeff & his laid back/down to earth attitude, and I don't think I'm going to like Braden very much. :P lol He seems too cocky. Ughh. Russell seems like he's going to be interesting to watch on the live feeds with all of his women chasing/playing. lol

Tomorrow, Ross interviews all the ladies & of course I will post it here on the blog for you to enjoy! In fact, I'll be posting every video of Ross interviewing the HG'severy Friday when someone gets evicted. :)

And last, but not least...

WLBB posted an interview with Allison Grodner (executive producer of BB) that gives us a bunch of details on this season of Big Brother.

“This is still, I want to stress, an individual game,” Grodner said. “But what we’ve created is a system is a system in which you want to vie to be in the in-crowd. If your group, if your clique, is in the in-crowd for the week by winning Head of Household… then it ensures your safety for that week because you cannot nominate a member of your own clique. But ultimately… when you vote, you’re voting as an individual. So if it’s a member of your own clique and you haven’t ‘clicked,’ so to speak, you can still kick them out."

Also the Food Comps for this season are going to be called "Have or Have Not" Comps (as I mentioned above) and us viewers will be able to vote on the food restrictions for those named ‘have nots' starting Week 2 of BB.

On the topic of the 13th HG, Allison just said that it's going to be "a really fun twist and it will be revealed on premiere night." (..though rumors are still going around that the 13th HG will be revealed on July 7th, 2 days before the premiere.)

...and that's the end of this very, very long & super-informative post! ;)

And don't forget, you only have 7 more days to get the live feeds for just $30 for the whole season!!! After July 9th, they go back to being $15/month. Save yourself a ton of cash & sign up now!

Stay tuned...

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