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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Endurance Comp: (Continued...)

Continuing from the previous post...

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Kevin: "That was some COLD ASS RAIN!!!"

8:41pm BBT:
Natalie almost slipped off!

Natalie: "OooOOOO!"

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The Final 3 are *still* going strong!!

8:53pm BBT:
Natalie almost fell...big time!! Both feet were actually off of the log, but she managed to get back on quickly because she was hanging by her key with both hands.

9:03pm BBT:
All 3 still hanging on...

Natalie checks up on everyone by asking how they're doing.

Jordan/Kevin both say good.

Natalie is telling production to get the log moving again so because it helps her keep the blood circulating. (Just a few mins ago, she told production "OKay, that's enough!" during the snow blizzard.)

They all share a power bar. Kevin puts the remaining back in his pocket.

Kevin: "Saving that for breakfast!"

(He plans on being up there allll night long!)
Natalie: "You guys can just fall! ..and compete tomorrow. I'm not goin' anywhere!"
Kevin: "This is mine, wench."

Kevin said his rain is "ice cold rain". Natalie said "someone" just chucked ice at her. (LOL)

9:21pm BBT:
Natalie just got Jordan's attention and said something, but I couldn't hear it over the wind & rain.

All 3 HG's still standing...

The Final 3 still hanging on tight!!

Natalie is trying to get the others to fall.

Kevin: "I'm going until the sun rises, wench!"
Natalie: "Well, I'm going longer than that, so.."
Kevin: "Well then I'll drop when the sun rises then."

**They've been up there for 3 hours now!

Jordan is complaining to Natalie that she's cold & her hands hurt.
Natalie: (to her fiance) "Hunny, I know you're watching..I love you & miss you!"

10:05pm BBT:
Still holding on strong!

10:06pm BBT:
Leaves & wind are hitting the HG's and flying around like crazy. The log is not moving at the moment. (All a part of the torture! ;-))

10:15pm BBT:

Jordan: "Who wants to play Rock, Paper, Scissors? I'm getting coooooolllllld."
Natalie: "I'm sure there's some nice warm towels over there."

10:18pm BBT:
Natalie is trying to convince Jordan to fall.
Natalie: "There's still 2 more comps left!"

10:22pm BBT:
Kevin is shivering as ice-cold rain comes down.
Natalie is looking rather cold as well. She just did a session of heavy breathing.

JORDAN FELL @ 10:26pm BBT!!!

The log, which was in a stop position, started back up & caught Jordan off guard.

Kevin: "It's down to me & you, wench."
Natalie: "I can go all night!"

Kevin started to eat more of his power bar.

10:29pm BBT:
Kevin almost fell when BB started the log back up again.

Jordan is inside at the moment.

10:30pm BBT:
Natalie & Kevin make a deal. Natalie will drop in 10 minutes, but there's doubt between the both of them. They're bickering back & forth.

Natalie: "We need to do it before she comes back out." (The log isn't moving.)

Natalie: "All I gotta do is beat her tomorrow, and then it's done! $50,000 for sure! And you know "they" are gonna try to get in your head!" (They=Production)
Kevin: "They already tried and it didn't work with Michele."

Kevin reminds Natalie how much time is left before she's supposed to drop.

Kevin: "6 minutes, bitch!" (laughs)
Natalie: "If Russ and Jeff were here (for this comp)..."
Kevin: "I still have another 2 hours left in me."

**FYI: Jordan is still inside, taking a shower.

10:47pm BBT:
It's been 10 minutes and Natalie still hasn't dropped yet. Kevin almost fell.

10:51pm BBT:
Natalie dropped on purpose.

Kevin walked off a minute later. lol

All are inside now.
Natalie: "This biz-natch beat me."

Stay tuned...

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