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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Update + Kevin's "technical" issue (UPDATED!)

Hey guys & dolls!! I just want to give ya'll a quick update on things that happened yesterday (Weds.) inside the BB house! :D

*Natalie said her proposal was "awkard" & "shocking". She didn't know how to react, but was really happy. She wasn't even sure if she was allowed to kiss him or what to say to him.

*Natalie also said that production doesn't want her to win BB11.

And one more thing...

9:57pm BBT:
Kevin gets called into the Diary Room, but his mic isn't shut off. You can hear him walk in the Diary Room, open up a door, and then the beginning of a convo...

Woman: "Hey Kevin!"
Kevin: "Heeey!"
Woman: "The technical issue JUST came up, and..
Kevin: (giggle) "Okay."

*Mic volume fades down & eventually off.*

I'm not sure which "technical issue" the production woman was talking about. It was either the POV Comp last week (Kevo said he saw the questions before anybody else because of a technical error & that gave him extra time to think about the answers), or Tuesday night's endurance comp. (Kevin was turned to the side for most of the comp, when they were told to look "towards the pool" by Mike O. of production.)
There's also been talks about Natalie cheating as well for 2 reasons: (1)She was wearing a wrist band that connected her key to her hand...

...& (2) She was gripping the rope of they key at various times, not the key itself as instructed.

UPDATE: Someone posted this in the comments section & it makes sense. Please read! :)

"Some people have said that nat put the rubberbands around then end of her sleeve in order to keep the water from going down them, which does make sense. Also, if she put something around her key, it wouldn't have been to keep her from falling (because that would work with a rubberband)... I think it would be more so she didn't do something stupid, as in the past, and accidentally let go of her key. However, no one ever saw her remove the band and she did switch hands. Also the fact that her hand was around the rope (a whole different kind of cheating) almost proves there couldn't have been a rubberband, at least not the whole time."

Great point! :)

In other news...
The Final 3 got a practice set-up for Thursday's Live Show Part 2 HOH Comp (which is "physical"). Take a look! :D

It might be a "roll your ball into this circle for this answer" type of physical comp. We'll find out tonight at 8pm during the live show!! :D

Stay tuned...

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