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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Holy Moly!! Jordan won and that proves that this season is indeed not ovahhhh!! ;-) Naturally, Natalie tried to make excuses of why/how she lost to Jordan. (It's a big pill swallow, aye Natalie? You lost to a girl you constantly called a "dumb bitch".)

The feeds have been rather interesting to watch ever since tonight's episode ended. Here are some cliffnotes, then I'll dive right on into the Evening Post.

*Natalie told Kevin that she will not give her jury vote to whoever evicts her.
*She told Kevin that her fate is solely in his hands.
*Kevin doesn't want to talk badly about anything/anyone because now America is voting and he doesn't want the feed watchers to see. (Obviously he knows we've been watching, but I think this was his way of shutting Natalie up.)
*Natalie told Kevo that if he takes Jordan, she will win against him.
*As Kevin is in the Diary Room, Natalie told Jordan that Kevo will be up her (Jordans) ass the next few days.
*Jordan told Natalie she'd take her over Kevin to the Final 2. (Lie or truth? Hmm!)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:41pm BBT:
Red Room

Jordan told Natalie that she's taking her to the Final 2 (but I think she's lying to her.)

6:44pm BBT:
Red Room
Jordan/Kevin (Nat is in Diary Room)

Kevin said his mind is MADE UP to get Natalie out and his mind has been made up since Pandora's Box! Kevin spills every scenario that Nat has pissed off Kevin (he sounds very, very serious in wanting Natalie out!!)

**Geez, all 3 of them have been talking at the speed of light tonight!! So hard to transcribe! lol

Jordan went through every single possible vote for herself, Natalie, and Kevin. She shows Kevin that it's better if they (Jordan/Kevo) take each other to the end.

Kevin: "My mind is made up (to take you to the Final 2) and it's been made up for a very long time! Ever since Pandora's box, actually."

6:51pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...

While we wait for the feeds to come back...

It seems that no matter who wins Part 3, Natalie is out of the game! Kevin has made it very clear he will NOT be taking her to the Final 2. Jordan told Kevin that she won't take Natalie to the Final 2 either because she can't win against Natalie because "all of her friends are in the jury house".

I do believe Natalie's game just ended tonight! ;-)

8:12pm BBT:
Trivia still on the feeds!

The HG's are enjoying their Final 3 dinner! :)

(I believe it's Sushi.)

Okay guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! I'm watching BB After Dark (currently Kevin & Nat are talking about past HG's & Jordan is in the Diary Room.) See ya'll back here tomorrow! :D

Stay tuned...

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