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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! :D It's Monday and that means today will be the last day of wondering if Kevin will take Michele or Jordan to the Final 3. Honestly, I can' wait until tomorrow's live show because it's killing me not knowing what's *really* going on inside Kevin's head. But if I had to guess, I would say that Kevin will probably take Jordan to the Final 3 since Michele is a good competitor and Jordan isn't.

Last night, Natalie again repeated her speech to Michele (I covered that yesterday) for the Veto Ceremony. Her speech is basically going to say that she's the one that took Michele out (even though Kevin is the sole vote this week), plus some Michele bashing to her face.

Speaking of Michele, she still doesn't know either way if she's safe or not because Nat & Kev still haven't told her. However, Natalie did tell Jordo that she's 100% safe last night but instructed Jordan to not say anything to Michele.

In other news...

10:00pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Jordan threw Michele under the bus to Natalie by saying that Michele would win if she was in the Final 2. Natalie told Jordan that she can beat Kevin in the mental HOH comp & they work out a plan...

Natalie: "Your best shot is not questions, it's endurance. Kevin already said that he will hang (in the endurance comp) and he'll pee his pants, he'll poop on himseld, he'll you need to go into that competition with the same mindset! If you fall, then you need to (tell yourself) that you're giving up a half of a million dollars! Beat him in endurance, I'll throw it (to you), and I'll go head to head with him in the question comp."
Jordan: "Don't make it obvious (that you're throwing the endurance comp)."
Natalie: "I won't! I'll wait like 30 minutes after he drops before I drop."

That looks like it's about all that happened last night that is worth mentioning. Naturally, Nat/Kev went over who has who's vote in the Jury House, what Jessie will say/think about Natalie being engaged, and some daily Michele bashing. Nothing we haven't all heard before.

Okie dokie, I'm gonna start a morning/early afternoon post at the top in just a little bit!

Stay tuned...

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