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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Announcements

Happy Friday everyone!! :D As of today, there's only 4 days left until Finale night. If nothing changes from last night, then it seems that Natalie's game has ended. Kevin has said not only in his Diary Room sessions for the past 2 weeks that he wants Natalie out, but he also told Jordan last night that he does indeed want her out & has ever since Pandora's Box and that his mind "is made up".

On top of that, every time that Natalie has asked Kevin for reassurance, Kevin would say stuff like "Oh, stop it." and then quickly change the subject to totally avoid her questioning.

In other news...
America is the 7th Juror and it's up to ya'll to vote for who you would like to see win Big Brother 11! :D Have you voted yet?? ;-)

America's Vote

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Stay tuned...

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