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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning/early afternoon BB fans!! :D Today is Sunday which doesn't mean crap as far as the live feeds go, does mean that we'll (hopefully??) get to see Pandora's Box on Tonight's show @ 8pm EST! w00t w00t! Is Natalie lying about getting proposed? My money is on "yes", but that's just me. lol ;-)

Alrighty, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll post it when I'm done! (Won't be too long, nothing major happened last night.)

A few days ago, Big Brother 'suggested' that they do a Fashion Show of all their new clothes that they won during their Clothes Luxury Comp. Last night, the Final 4 did just that!

10:00pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie was being kinda bossy to Kevin by telling him what to wear, and what not to wear. (Later on in the night, she even refused to introduce him in a new outfit until it was the way she wanted it to look.)

Natalie: "He went from gay boy, to straight boy."
Kevin: "Say I went from fabulous, to fabulous!"
Natalie: "No. I am not saying that."

**If you have the feeds, this is a *must see* on the Flashback Feeds!! I can't tell you how long it's been since I laughed this hard this whole season! lol Truly hilarious! Kevin was a pro at being a host and made their Fashion Show even that much more fabo!

10:22pm BBT:
The Fashion Show Begins!!

Kevin: "Ladies and gentle-MAN...are you ready for Big Brother's Fashion Show?"

(The girls scream "woo hoo's" and claps.)

Kevin: "First up, we have Natalie...a.k.a. 'Scrappy Do'. She went from Scrappy DON'T, to Scrappy DO!"

*Girls scream & clap.*

Kevin: "She went from Boyishly Busted, to Girly & GORGEOUS!"

The Scores:
Michele gave Nat an 8.
Jordo gave Nat a 10.

Kevin: "Next up, we have Michele, a.k.a. Dr. Delicious! She went from geek, to rocker chic!"

Kevin: "Work it! Work it! Bitch I'm gonna take these heels after you're done with'em!"

The Scores:
Natalie gave Michele a 10.
Jordo gave Michele a 10.

Jordan: "I'm giving Michele a 10 because she lost, how much did you lose? 20 pounds? And those pants look freakin' GREAT! They show off your booty, you look freakin' awesome and HOT!"

Natalie: "I'm also giving Michele a 10! She did lose some weight and she is looking GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!"

Kevin: "Next up, we have Jordan, a.k.a. Gucci!"

Kevin: "She went from a hot mess, to pretty in pink!"

Kevin: "Judges?"

The Scores:
Michele gave Jordan a 10.
Natalie gave Jordan a 10.

Michele: "Girl, you went from a hot mess to a HOTTIE! I would give you a PhD in hot!"

Natalie: "Jordan, you are definitley a 10 in my book! You went from a sweet innocent southern belle, to the naughty school teacher!"
Kevin: "Oooo!! Naughty girl! Naughty girl! You can convert me any day! I may just cross over for you!" (**lol)

Next up, is Kevin.
Kevin goes into the Red Room to get changed and Natalie refuses to introduce him until he takes the blue shirt off.

Kevin does it anyways and tells Natalie to start hosting.

Natalie: "Next up, we have our host Kevin, a.k.a. K-Fed!"

Kevin stops in mid-walk, horrified that she called him K-fed instead of K-Town. (FYI K-Fed is Britney Spears' ex-hubby. lol)

Natalie starts over & re-introduces Kevin as "K-Town".

Natalie: "He went from girly, to MANLY!!"
Kevin: "Oh, I gotta manly, right?" *starts walking very masculine.*

Kevin: *in deep voice to Jordan* "Can I get yo' digits? What."
Jordan: "Oooo!!!!"

Kevo then turns around and gives his ass a jiggle. lol

The Scores:
Jordo gave Kevin a 10.5!
Michele gave Kevin a 10. (Because a 10.5 isn't in the "rules". lol)

Round 2 starts shortly after Round 1 is over.
They then all picked clothes from each others old wardrobe to "evict" and placed them in the nomination chairs. lol :P

Back to the game...

1:42am BBT:
Hot Tub

Natalie told Jordo that she's 100% safe this week, but that they're not going to tell Michele until the last minute. Natalie then talks about her & Jordo's Final 2. Jordan says she's scared about the Final 3 HOH Comps and Natalie reminds her that she did better at endurance than herself (Nat) or Kevin.

The rest of the evening was quiet and full of random chit-chat. :)

And that's it for the Overnighter!

Stay tuned...

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