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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Before I start the Evening Post, I wanted to go over a couple of things from tonight's episode.

1) Was it just me, or did Natalie look like she didn't even care that she got engaged?
2) The commercials for Pandora's Box this week said "The Jury House is packing the surprise and it won't be pretty!" I saw *nothing* Jury House related in tonight's episode, leaving me even MORE confused!!
3) Julie said last Thursday that Pandora's Box would be "game changing". Tonight, the BB announcer said it was "life changing" (for Natalie).

Unless there's more to come with this Pandora's Box thing (which has been a total bust so far), then this is the most useless "twist" BB has ever done. lol But who knows, maybe there's more to it...I can't see BB advertising that the Jury House would be "packing the surprise" and then not following through with that. I guess we'll just have to wait until Tuesday to see if there's anything more or not.

And one last thing:
Heads up!! Tuesday is the *Live* Endurance Comp!!! It's Part 1 (of 3) in the Final HOH Comp! CBS will show only about 10 minutes of it on the air, and then you need the Live Feeds in order to view the rest! :D

Okay, I'm gonna go see what we missed this afternoon & early evening (I've been informed there was some game talk as tonight's show aired on the East Coast). I'll be back in a few to start tonight's Evening Post! ;-)

Also, if you haven't yet done so, go vote for your FAVORITE PLAYER!! :D

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*At 5:35pm BBT, Kevo/Michele were talking alone. Kev told Michele that he's going to think about his decision and not rush to a decision (of who to vote out this week.) Michele then started to campaign. Kevin told Michele that Nat is trying to get info from both Michele & Jordo. Kevin told Michele he's sorry that has to make her sweat it out for the next couple of days, but he needs time to think. (This is a lie because Kev/Nat are making Michele "sweat it out" for the next couple of days just for fun.) Kevin then told Michele that he's mad that Jeff never approached him to try to stay.

*At 6:25pm BBT, Kev told Nat about his convo with Michele. She got a little mad but Kevin told her it was all bullcrap.

**It is so hard to see truthfully where Kevin's head is at, as far as who to evict this week. I could go back & forth, but until Tuesday, we won't know for sure.

Currently on the live feeds...

7:21pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Kevin is outside alone, seemingly in deep thought.

On feeds 1 & 2, Jordo is sleeping in the Red Room.

7:39pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Natalie is telling Kevo that she wants to tell Jordan that Michele was talking crap about her (Jord).

8:00pm BBT:
Kev/Nat still by the hot tub. Scheming as usual. Kevin is questioning Natalie on a lot of things (like why she threw the 'Smores the Merrier' comp.) Natalie trying to cover her tracks (not sure if Kev is buying anything Nat says.)

Natalie is practicing her speech to Michele. She plans on saying 'You did this, you did that', blah blah blah.

Natalie: "So Michele, just remember that I'm the one sending you home!" (she's saying this to Kev.)

Jordan just joined Kev/Nat.

Game talk stops. The current topic is dry feet. lol :P

Natalie is filing the dead skin off of Kevin's feet.

Kevin: "Feels like you're sawing my foot off!"

Talk turns to how Kevin was such a good host during their Fashion Show last night.
Jordan: "You did SO GOOD as a host! I couldn't do that...think of things that fast and say them." (Kev's really good at improv.)

8:35pm BBT:
Jord/Nat/Kev still by the hot tub talking. Nat is telling that she doesn't think she has Jessie's vote, especially after he finds out that she's engaged. Natalie tells them how Jessie wanted to move to Arizona to be close to her. Kevin's response was "Eww!" (lol)

Jordan thinks she has Jessie's vote because of their friendship.

Natalie says that she's not going to talk bad about Jessie because he was good to her. He helped her shoulder get better, he would get her water when she wanted it, etc etc.

Kevin: "He was nice to you because he likes you."
Natalie: "He will make some girl very happy someday."

**Friendly Reminder: BB After Dark on Showtime starts at 12pm EST/11pm Central! :)

Talk turns to Lydia. Kevin is telling them how she complained about him being mean to her, even called him "abusive", and Kevo would tell her to stay away from him..then 30 minutes later, she'd go back to him.

Okie dokie, guys & dolls..I am outta here for the night! ;-) I'll be up watching BB After Dark on Showtime2, so feel free to still leave comments in the comment section below! Also, I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter!

Stay tuned...

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