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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody!! :D Boy oh boy do we have a long day ahead of ourselves! Tonight is the *LIVE* show where we will see the (taped) POV Comp, Live Veto Ceremony, Live Eviction and then Part 1 (of 3) of the Live Final HOH Comp...which will be endurance! :D w00t w00t!!

If you wanna watch tonight's endurance comp, there's only 1 way to see them:

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Last night, there was a lot of scheming & paranoia in the BB house, all circling around who Kevin will pick to take to the Final 3. Natalie is paranoid that Kevin will go against her wishes & keep Michele. And in case you're wondering, I think Michele actually does have a shot at staying. A small shot, but still a shot!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll be back to post it! ;-)

11:05pm BBT:
Pool Room

Per Natalie's request, Kevin goes & talks to Jordan to try to get her to throw Part 1 of the Final HoH Comp & in return, Kevin would take her to the Final 2.

Kevin walked into the Pool Room & whispers "Where's Michele?", Jordan says the Diary Room. Kevin sits down & their convo begins.

Kevin: "Do you have a Final 2 deal with Natalie?"
Jordan: "'s more like a look out for each other type of thing."

Jordan tells him that if she stayed this week, she knows that Nat/Kev would take each other to the end, and that if Michele stayed, it'd be the same thing.

They move their convo into the Workout Room. (Natalie is in the dinning room playing cards by herself, letting Kevin have the convo with Jordo.)

11:12pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jordan tries to convince Kevin that his odds are better if he kept her instead of Michele. Jordan thinks they (Kev/Jord) are "equal" and would have a 50/50 shot in Final 2. Kevin (lies?) to Jordan and says that he'd pick Jordan over Natalie to take to the Final 2.

Jordan: "(Natalie) is confident..she keeps saying 'I'm gonna win this, I'm gonna win this.' She knows if she's in the Final 2, she's gonna win!"
Kevin: "You have to understand though, the reason why I'm so close to Natalie right now is because if she wins (the Final HOH Comps)...right now I can't be like 'Peace out, bitch!'."

They end their convo and Kevin goes up to the HOH room.

Kevin: (to himself) "My brain hurts."

12:05am BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie is in the Diary Room, so Michele takes the opportunity to talk to Kevin.

Michele: "Listen, she's not going to take you to the Final 2 because she wants the $500,000. She's going to take whoever the 3rd person is (Jord or Michele). If you take her, you're going to lose. You're going to get $50,000. You can either have 2 people fighting for you against Natalie, or you can just hope that you get into the Final 2 (with either Jordan or Michele)."

Kevin: "Mmm hmm. What I'm nervous about is that you wouldn't pick me (over Natalie)."
Michele: "Okay, umm..I hate Natalie!" (laughs)

Michele tells him everything that he needs to hear (and sounds like she's being 100% honest as well). She tells him that Natalie is giving Kevo advice (to keep Jordan, get out Michele) because that only benefits her. At this point, you can actually see the wheels starting to spin inside Kevin's mind.

Kevin is worried that Natalie will be super pissed off at him for "going against her wishes", because when Kevin was HOH, he got out Jeff instead of Michele (which is who Natalie wanted). But Nat "respected" Kevin's wishes as HOH and now she's expecting the favor to be returned. Michele tells him to not let Nat being pissed come in the way of his shot at the money.

Their convo wraps up & Michele pitches one last hit....

Michele tells Kevin that she will take him to the Final 2, no bullshit. She tells him she will fight to get them both to the Final 2 and then whoever wins from there, wins. She'd be happy with the $50,000. Kevin said he has a big decision to make.

Michele goes downstairs, as Natalie enters the HOH room.

Natalie tells Kevo that he was just called into the Diary Room.
Kevin: "Well, plans changed." (about getting Michele out). **he's joking.**
Natalie: "If you fu*k me, Kevin...UGHH!!!"

Kevin leaves HOH to go into the Diary Room.
Natalie, just walking in on Michele/Kev talking & not being able to ask Kevin about his convo due to him being called into the Diary Room right away, makes Natalie very irriatable. She walked aimlessly around the HOH room and even grunted like some sort of beast.

She then heads downstairs.

An hour later, Kevin is done with his Diary Room session.

1:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin: "I sweat to God, Natalie..I have a headache & it's HUGE!" *rubs temples*
Natalie: "Alright, start spillin' it, I dun care about your headache."

Kevin tells her about his whole convo with Jordan. He then tells her about Michele's convo.

At 1:47am BBT, Kevin tells Nat that production tried to get Kevin to keep Michele (instead of Jordan) and that he feels he was "raped" in the D.R.

Kevin: "I just got raped in the D.R., I need some support! Nothin' is changing. Stop trippin. Now, are you entertaining thoughts they told you about?"
Natalie: "No! I shut'em down immediately!"

Kevin tells Natalie that he'll tell Michele she's going home in the morning.

**The real question: is Kevin just keeping Natalie happy for the night & keep Michele? Or will be stick with the plan to get out Michele & keep Jordan. We shall see!!

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! :D Starting a new post shortly at the top.

Stay tuned...

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