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Friday, July 10, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated)

The POV players have been picked (see post below), and the POV Comp should be sometime very soon.

At 12:20pm BBT, some game talk was had in the HOH between Ronnie/Natalie/Chima on the live feeds. They're talking if so-and-so wins the POV, then they could put up so-and-so, etc etc. They're running through all kinds of scenarios. They're even talking about what they could do for next week.

Natalie is kinda irritating. She's very...firm in her ways, I guess is the best way to describe her. She's very "No..we're doing this. No, you're going to do that." That is REALLY going to bite her in the butt later on (maybe even sooner than later.)

12:29pm BBT:
Now they're talking about how they can get rid of more than half of the house. lol Wow.

"If I win HOH, you can use my shower..I don't care!"-Natalie

Clearly, these 3 are in an alliance. (Ronnie/Chima/Natalie)

12:35pm BBT:
They are all anti-Lydia. Chima just called Lydia a "bitch". Ronnie sounds like a high school girl...talking so much shit on Lydia. "And yesterday, she was like...and I couldn't believe it!" (it's rather funny. lol)

12:46pm BBT:
Chima went to the bathroom. Ronnie/Natalie talked aboout how Jeff "needs to go next" (assuming Lydia is already out of the game.) Natalie then leaves the HOH room and goes downstairs to join everybody in the kitchen area. Ronnie/Chima are still in HOH.

1:31pm BBT:
Lydia & Jordan are in the pool room talking about who they can/can't trust. They go through scenarios of "what ifs" (too many to list).

Updated @ 3:48pm BBT:
There hasn't been anything really worth talking about that happened in the house since my last update. The HG's are just talking mindless chatter. It's really hard to see what is truly going on with everyone...I don't know who is fooling who, who are in an alliance together (truly), and things like that. I can't wait to see the Diary Room sessions on Sunday's episode so that we all can have a little bit more insight!

Still waiting on the POV Comp to start (any hour now!) After that, things are bound to get really interesting on the feeds!

Stay tuned...

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