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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Overnight Report

Goooood morning, everyone! :-D

I'm awake & gathering the O.R., so hang tight & I'll be back with all the juicy details of last nights events. ;-)

(Should be done around 11:45pm EST)

It seems that Michele & Ronnie are working together (secret alliance?) and they talked about making the votes 5 to 5. This would make Jessie have to choose, and that would put a target on his back I'm sure (even in the smallest way). At 2:22am BBT last night, Ronnie & Michele said they would want to gun after Casey after Lydia is gone.

Ronnie (to Michele): If one of us wins HOH next week, we decide who goes up, we're five votes (Ronnie/Michele/Russell/Natalie/Laura), we decide who goes home. If I had my way, next week a pawn strategy is off the table. We want to vote for the house. What I would do honestly is I would put Kevin and Casey up. It makes sense, we can say we voted your teammate out, you're gunning for us.

Michele: M: I just wanted to see if we were the same page Casey, he's a troublemaker. (HUHHH???)

Natalie appears to have a crush on Jessie and is rather jealous of Lydia's friendship with him. She gives her nasty stares, talks behind her back, and last night things blew up between the two girls.

2:29am BBT:
Lydia & Jessie were up in the HOH together and Lydia told him that she can't believe that she's letting "a little 18 year old" run his HOH week for him.

2:34am BBT:
Natalie goes up to the HoH to bust in on Lydia and Jessie. Lydia and Natalie start arguing. Natalie admits to Lydia that she wanted her put up on the block because Natalie heard she was going to come after her.

L to N: "I know you wanted me up, I don't know why! "
N: "I wanted you up because I heard you were after me!"
L: "..And you don't come to talk to me? I tried to build bridges but you don't even look me in the eye. That's disrespect!"
N: "Why don't you tell me this? I apologize if I was being disrespectful. I'm sorry you felt that way."
L: "Who did you hear that from?"
N: "I don't want to start shit."
L: "Who did you hear that from?"
N: "If someone told you someone wanted you out wouldn't you want them up?"
L: "I would go to them!"
N: "I'm not confrontational. Did you say that?"
L: "Yeah because you won't look me in the eye!"
N: "So you admit it?"
L: "Because you're being an ass to me the whole time. Why would I be cool if you talk shit?"
N: "How did I talk shit?"
L: "None of you in the kitchen did not call me hos and sluts?"
N: "I swear on my life I would never say that to anybody. They are mistaken [if they told you that]...If you didn't hear it from my mouth you can't say that I said that."
Jessie: "She didn't You know who said that."
N: "I laughed and I said that I was messed up for laughing. I never talked shit about you, or your friends, or anybody in the house. I wanted you up because you were gunning after me. I never said I wanted anyone of your friends, I only said you. I said Lydia because she's coming after me and I want to beat her to the punch!"

Talk turns to Jeff and how he's been outcasted.

Lydia says that they alienate Jeff. Jessie and Natalie say he alienates himself.

They talk/argue for awhile longer.
Jessie threw out all kinds of possible things that Lydia could want (take her down, put someone else up...join their alliance to make it a 6 person alliance of Jessie/Natalie/Russell/Jeff/Lydia/Jordan) but Lydia didn't say what she wanted.

3:01am BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie to Lydia: "I could be going home next week! I could be out! But I will be fighting like hell to stay, and fighting to win things just like I fought to try to win the POV. So if you're on my side (aka alliance), then you know you're going to have me..a fighter..on your side! Why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?"

Lydia leaves the room after the lenghtly convo is done, Jessie & Natalie talk for a minute, then Russell joins them in the HOH room.

The convo is super long and super detailed, so I'm just going to get to the bottom line..Russell is going to use the POV to save Lydia. But, that can change any moment as we all sadly know. (NOTE: If you wanna watch the convo between Russell/Natalie/Jessie, go to 4am on the flashback schedule on the live feeds.)

Natalie: (to Jessie) "If [Lydia] screws me [after we take her off the block], it will be hell!"

Alright, bb fans..that's it for the Overnight Report! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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