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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Brother 11: Episode 1 (WARNING: Spoilers!)

**West Coasters: This blog post contains spoilers! If you don't wanna know what happened, then come back later!**

Good evening, BB fans! :-D I will be posting highlights (more like cliffnotes) from tonights 1st BB11 episode right here in this post, so keep refreshing once the show starts!

The chat room is open, so go ahead & pop on in! No registration needed. Just click & chat away. ;-)

Episode 1 Highlights:

Show starts @ 8:00pm/EST
Julie starts off talking about the cliques. Now a quick house tour of the house.
**Side Note: What the hell is Julie wearing??? lol :-P

Showing the HG's getting their BB keys. Getting to know the HG's a bit. I already don't like Braden. lol I really like Jeff and Lydia so far.

HG's are going into the house in groups of 4's. Ronnie was WAYYYY excited! lol It was cool to see him so a kid in the candy store. :) (Side Note: I think Lydia & Jeff would look adorable together!!!)

Jeff is sleeping in the pool room with 3 girls. 2 girls are sharing 1 bed (the house didn't have enough beds). Oh gawd...Chima is already annoying me. Her laugh..her laugh..ughh. Hope my opinion changes. :P

Natalie LIED about her age..she said she's 18 years old (she's 24 yrs old). Kevin (in the Diary Room) said he can totally tell she's not 18. lol

All the ladies love Jeff and think he's super hot. hahaha!! :-D I agree! ;-) Jordan reminds me of Jessica from BB8. Braden hit on Lydia during the 'get to know each other' session in the living room.

"Coming up, we're going to send in a 13th houseguest and it's someone you already know!" -Julie Chen


Julie told them they're gonna be in cliques. HG's are speculating where they might be & where they want to be, and also what would put them in those groups (ex: played football, etc)

Kevin: "My blood pressure is going up, Julie!"

4 people behind a screen (former HG's, I'm guessing) were just shown. Julie said "Which one of these people will be the 13th houseguest?" (One of them TOTALLY looked like Jessie..very muscular!)


Back @ 8:27pm EST

The HG's go into the backyard..there's a game set up. They're going to learn what "clique" they fall into. (It's a "locker room" set)

Side Note: Natalie is digging herself a hole...she keeps down-playing why she might be in the athletic group.

Julie is telling them that this is the first HOH of BB11!!

8:30pm EST:
It's an endurance comp called "The Wedgie". lol They need to hold onto their dangling toilet seat.

"Noone in the backyard will be the HOH." (HG's are confused)

They just showed the 4 former HG's behind the screen again..I can tell ya that Jessica from BB8 is probably one of them and Jessie is DEFINITLEY the one of the end! He just flexed his muscles. lol


The 4 Former HG's are...

*Cowboy from BB5
*Jessica from BB8
*Brian BB10
*Jessie BB10

(Jessie is still egotistical. lol)

"Whichever clique wins the HOH that you belong to, will mean that you will become the first HOH!" -Julie (ex: if the athletes win, Jessie would be HOH.)

Hahahahaha!!! The wedgie comp is hilarious!! :-D The HG's all said it hurt like hell. lol Basically, the heavier the HG, the more painful it is (especially for the guys for obvious reasons. lol) First person to drop is Michelle (Brains Clique). Then Ronnie (also Brains). Chima is the last Brains clique HG left...everyone else is still holding on.

"Time for the super wedgie!" - Julie Chen (too detailed for me to type out...)

Lydia dropped out. Then Jordan. Then Kevin. This leaves Casey the only Off-beat left. Jeff drops. Time for another super wedgie!! Chima dropped!..this mans Brian from BB10 is out. Brian says goodbye & leaves. Casey drops. This means Cowboy from BB5 is out.

It's now up to Jessie & Jessica's cliques.

**COMMERCIAL @ 8:47pm EST**

8:51pm EST
Laura drops..later says in the diary room she did it on purpose so that there wouldn't be a target on her back this early in the game (good thinking!)

Braden drops...which means...


Sunday night @ 8pm EST is the next episode. (Lydia, Chima, and Casey didn't look happy about Jessie coming into the house. Kevin looked scared. lol)

End of Episode.

(The live feeds will most likely go live after it airs on the West Coast..hang tight, guys!)

Okay....what are your thoughts on Jessie being the HOH?

Stay tuned...

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