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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

So after an uneventful morning, I decided to take an hour break to do some offline things. I come back to find out that Russell & Jeff had a HUGE blow-out!!

(Warning: Jeff fans, you're not going to like this.)

Last night, when Jeff & Lydia were talking and Jeff was going off about Russell "puffing out his chest" (acting cocky after winning the POV), he kept calling Russell a "f**king f****t!" I dismissed this the first coupl of times..people can get so heated at times that they say things they don't mean. But he said it about 20+ times since he's been in the house that I personally heard. I don't like that word and I think it's highly disrespectful.

Well, the "f" word was thrown around yet again during today's arguement with Russell (not that I'm a fan of Russell's, either.)

11:29am BBT:
Russell asked a question (didn't hear it), and Jeff said he (Russell) would get "knocked out".

Russ: "Do it!"
Jeff says he knows they can't have violence in the house.

Russ accuses Jeff of floating through the game.

Jeff: "Dude, it's week one? What the hell are you talking about??"

Jeff called Russ an "idiot" and a "dork" and that Russell is making himself look like an idiot.

Jeff tells Russell he would him out if he could.

Next on Jeff's list of fighting with, is Natalie.

Jeff: "I dont want to be on this team anymore, take me off!"

Natalie said he's on her team, Jeff says they have the same shirt but they aren't on the same team. Natalie said that Jeff doesn't talk to her & she started yelling that she only talks to Jessie, not Russell.

Jeff says when he tries to talk to Jess, Natalie speaks for him.

(This continues back & forth.)

Jeff got upset because he says he feels his team has shut him out and he doesn't know why.

Just as Chima walks out, Natalie says they put Chima up because he said so. Jeff flips and says..

Jeff: "I had no part in any decisions and you try to put it all on me!"

Natalie really started yelling at this point about how she only said she wanted one person on the block, and that person was Lydia.

Jeff asked again what he did to be outcasted from eveyone.

Jeff: "It is what it is. I am who I am in this house."

Jeff tells Natalie that she walks around "this shit" (the house) like she owns it. (Side Note: I agree with that.)

Natalie called Jeff out for not "getting blood on his hands" for the nominations. Jeff's response is...

Jeff: "Hows this for blood, I don't like you and I don't like Russ!"

12:54pm BBT:
The HG's are all buzzing about the fights now & going over who said what.

1:25pm BBT
The house is calm again. Talk returns to general chit-chat. All is well in world again. (For now. lol ;-) )

Stay tuned...

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