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Friday, July 10, 2009

Overnight Report

Goooood morning, BB fans! :-D I'm awake, had breakfast, and now I'm ready to do the overnight report for ya'll.

Lydia & Chima are on the block (nominated for eviction) and Lydia is scared out of her mind & with good appears that Chima has the votes to stay at this point. She spent a good part of last night using her best flirting skills on the guys..and even Natalie by making a "I wanna see you naked in the hot tub" comment to her. She laid on the flirting a little too thick, in my opinion and it's probably gonna bite her on the ass.

At one point last night, around 11pm BBT, Lydia turned her charm on to full throttle and laid it on Jessie. They held hands, hugged, gave each other goo-goo eyes, etc. It was see. lol I think if it was anybody else but Jessie, they would have seen right through Lydia's tactics. But..again, it's Jessie and I think he fell for it. lol :-P

11:20pm BBT:
Lydia cried about being on the block, Jessie/Ronnie/Russell each hugged her. Jessie & Lydia then went to the workout room togther. Lydia says she wants to (basically) team up with Jessie. They both pinky swear not to put each other up. (First alliance of BB11?? Or fake? Hmm!)

11:40pm BBT:
In an effort to get Jessie to look at Chima as the better one to get out of the house, she tells him that Chima said she was about to walk out of the door because she's on slop and in the cold bedroom. Jessie's ears perked up a bit. That caught his a attention a bit.

12:00am BBT:
Kevin makes a move. Kevin tried to tell Jessie he should look to the "Oddballs" for an alliance outside his clique. Jessie tells Kevin he thinks he's gone if the Athletes don't win HOH next week. Kevin told Jessie that he needs somebody besides the Athletes and he should look toward teaming up with Kevin/Casey/Lydia for a 4 person alliance. Jessie says he had to make a decision, and the Offbeat clique did do well in the food competition.

It's pretty clear at this point that Natalie is the one gunning for Lydia for eviction. Lydia thinks it's because Natalie likes Jessie is getting jealous.

Lydia & Jordan are definitely best friends in the house.

12:10am BBT:
Jessie announced that this season, HOH's will be twittering. Follow the HOH twitter updates @!

1:11am BBT:
Jeff, Jordan, and Lydia chatting in the bathroom.

Jeff: I've gotta get closer to Jessie.
Lydia says she's going to cuddle with Jessie and says that Jordan is going to cuddle with Jeff and they'll all wake up early and get back to their own beds before anybody knows what's going on.

Jeff: Ok....
Jeff says he needs to get closer to Jess.
Lydia: Yes you do! I want to see Natalie and Laura out. They are good game players. They are super conniving.
Jeff: I can get on Jessie's good side. He seems like a good guy I just never really talked to him.

(Seems that Lydia/Jordan/Jeff are a team...maybe not an alliance, but they have each others' backs.)

1:41 AM BBT
HOH Room

Jessie: "What am I supposed to do?!" (about Lydia staying or going). He looked confused.

There was so much game talk last night, it'll make ya dizzy! lol The hardest part is not knowing who is lying to who (since we haven't seen any Diary Room sessions yet..that'll be on Sunday). So until then, who knows who is backstabbing who. The only things clear is that Jordan/Lydia are playing together in the game & Lydia is playing Jessie like a violin. lol Other than that, who knows!

Today is the POV Comp!! It'll probably take place in the early afternoon (BBT). Of course I'll keep ya'll posted. Alright, let me start a new post for this morning in the BB house!

Stay tuned...

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