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Monday, July 6, 2009

And the 1st HOH of BB11 is... (spoiler) *UPDATED*

Updated @ 4:34pm EST: if you already read this post, scroll down to the bottom to read what's new!

Once again, CornerOffice over at RealityBBQ has posted some VERY juicy info for all of us BB fans!!

Check it out:

"The first comp was endurance.

The Athletes seemed to have the best grip on the game over all. Not just the physical aspect but also the mental. They’re there to play.

At 11:30 the house had an HOH. You first met him in BB10 and he is sure to add a lot of drama to not only the house but to his clique as well.”

Well, being that Brian is the only rumored HG from season 10 to be MIA...and Brian is a "he", I think I'm gonna say that the first HOH is Brian. lol

(I'm not going to update the HG bar at the top until we all know 100% for sure that Brian won the HOH comp. Also, depending on how many BB alum are joining this season, I might have to re-design the whole HG bar, so bear with me until Thursday night. :) )

CornerOffice also gave some more details about the HG...

“As with every first night of Big Brother it was a love fest. Ronnie couldn’t hide his excitement.

During the “Getting to know you” in the living room, Laura and
Braden sat in the “you got screwed chairs”. Casey comes off as another Boogie, fedora and all. Jeff wore the Chicago city flag on his shirt. He definitely has an accent. Michele downplayed her personal info. Jordan is the new Jessica and everyone will love her.*

Watch out for Russell. He’s very chill and smart. Lydia and Laura were the first to talk game. It was very brief and they said it’s hard to team up when they don’t know what cliques they’ll be in. Then Jeff & Russell joined them up stairs to play chess.

When Casey was called into the DR the rest of the HG made fun of him a little. Braden rapped as well as a white surfer from the OC can."

Okay, so there's already a little bit of game talk, mingling, a new HOH from last season (that will definitely do whatever it takes to stay in the house this time!), and teasing....can you say DRAMAAAAA?! ;-) Of course, the first week of every BB starts with the usual "Oh hi! I'm [so-and-so]!" *polite smile*...then HG start letting down their guard, exposing personal details, talking crap behind everyones back...and all the other good stuff that makes BB a house full of awesome craziness! :-D

I can not WAIT until Thursday when the live feeds go live!! I wanna see & hear EVERYTHING that's going on in the house!! Ughh..come on Thursday, hurry the hell up!! ;-)

Heads up, guys & gals! Ya'll only have 2 MORE DAYS LEFT to get the feeds super cheap!!! $30 for the whole season! That's $0.33 cents per day! (Starting Thurs, the price goes back up, snag up the live feeds deal while you can!!!)

Now there's speculation that the guy from BB10 that won HOH is not Brian after all, it might be Jessie! Oh dear gawd no. I can't handle that man for another damn season! lol :P

This rumor is all thanks to BB10's Michelle's facebook page that says "Michelle is Rooting for JESSIE ..........HOH BABY WOOHOOO".

Stay tuned...

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