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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Currently on the Live Feeds.. (updated @ 7:34pm EST)

Wow, does it feel good to say that again!! Haven't been able to tell you guys what's on the live feeds since last summer! ;-)

So, currently on the live feeds Quad Cam is this lovely standby message...

Updated @ 7:34pm EST:
To view the cameras right now, click on the camera views (right side of the blog). The Quad Cam is the one with the standby message. I forgot to tell ya'll that earlier! lol :-P

The feeds go live in 2 days (Thurs) right after the BB11 premiere at 8pm EST. That's when the real fun begins! You'll be able to see everything that is going on the house anytime your little heart desires. Away from the desk for a while? No problem! This year, RealPlayer added a much-needed feature that allows you to go 'back in time' to ANY specific day & time to watch you've missed!!

Here's a shot of the 'back in time' feature:

How cool is that?! :-D If you haven't subscribed to the live feeds before, this is *the* year to do it!!!

Moving on, nothing happened while I was sleeping, so I don't have any news to report (wow, that's a first!!) But what I can report is what all of us BB fans can expect & when, and also run through what has already happened. I call it "The Timeline". Check it out! ;-)

What has already happened:
*July 1st: 12 HG's were revealed, plus there's at least 1 "mystery" guest.
*July 1st: Mystery guest(s) are rumored to be a former HG from a previous season.
*July 1st: We saw the house tour w/ Julie Chen.
*July 1st: We learned of a 3rd bedroom that will have a "nasty surprise" for the HG's.
*July 1st: Found out that the HG's will be in 4 groups that represent a clique from High School: Brainiacs/Athletes/Popular/Off-beats
*July 1st: Ross Mathews will be hosting a Housecalls-like show every Friday w/ that weeks evicted HG.
*July 5th: HG's moved into the BB11 house.
*July 6th: The HG's were placed into cliques.
*July 6th: The first HOH of the BB11 season was crowned. The HOH is rumored to be a former male HG from BB10 (Brian & Jessie from BB10 have both been rumored to the lucky guy).

...and what will be happening:
*July 8th: Last chance to get the live feeds for just $10/month (which is $30 for the whole 3-month season!!)
*July 9th: Big Brother 11 premiers on CBS at 8pm EST!!!
*July 9th: The live feeds go live after the CBS episode airs!!
*July 16th: BB11's first live eviction!

Wow, I cannot beleive how much stuff has already happened!!

Okay, now I need to go to the store & re-stock my pantry, enjoy the summer weather while I can, and make sure everything is ready for BB11 to start on Thursday! (...and say goodbye to my family & friends as well! lol)

Ughhh...I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D It's almost here, guys!!!!

Pss...tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get the live feeds for CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is it, guys & gals! Don't wait another minute!!

Stay tuned...

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