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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Brother 11 Starts TOMORROW!!!! :-D

BB fans across the land, rejoice! This season of Big Brother starts tomorrow night at 8pm EST!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!! :-D I am sooo excited & SOOO READY! Bring it on! ;-)

RealityWanted posted more HG interview videos (I believe 10 of the 12 have been uploaded, as far as I can tell.) So definitely check those out if you're interested. My favorite interview was the one with Lydia. She seems very grounded and knows exactly how to play the game at first (laying low, not being too strong of a player, etc). Check it out!

I cannot wait to watch her in action!! I think she's gonna be a dangerous gal in the game for sure! ;-)

In other BB news, Julie Chen will be on the Craig Ferguson show tonight. This is a yearly thing for Chen, she always goes on the show right before a new season starts to do a little promotion and give her opinion about some houseguests, and what fans will be most interested in seeing for the season. The shows starts at 12:35am EST tonight on (of course) CBS. If you miss the show, don't worry..I'll have the video for ya the minute it becomes available and I'll post it right here on the blog! :)

Moving on...


The "Early Bird Special" ends tonight (not sure the exact time), so if you are going to get the feeds, get'em now!! The price goes back up starting tomorrow. You'll be able to see the feeds go live tomorrow night right after the premiere of BB11 is over.

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Remember, this season RealPlayer has a *new* feature that allows you to go 'back in time' to ANY day and ANY time to see what you have missed while you were away from your computer!

Here's a shot of the 'back in time' feature:

Hurry up & snag this deal before it's gone!! (That means you, procrastinators! lol ;-) ) You literally only have hours to get it!!!

Okay BB fans!! That's it for now! Are you excited for tomorrow? :D I know I am!!! Oh, and if you're a feed watcher, make sure you go stock up on some snacks tonight or tomorrow! (My personal favs are pretzels & baby carrots! hehe ;-)

Stay tuned...

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